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I see a common theme on this website....complaining and finger pointing. Some of you are the biggest drama queens. Here are some things I am seeing:

1. Complaining about the sheriff: Well the people of Saline County voted for him. If you dont like him, then dont vote for him. You have that right. Just because you dont like him or dont think he is doing a great job doesnt mean the rest of Saline County feels that way. I am pretty sure the election results will show what the voting population's opinion of our current sherriff is.

2. You attack people like Evan Prickett because he gives his opinion on topics. Guess what, when you complain, you are giving your opinion too. You attack him because "he isnt who he says he is". Guess what? My name isnt Jane Doe, but I also would bet your name isnt what your screen name is either. Why would I give my real name if you are going to do crazy stuff like go to the clerk's office and pull my voter registration?? Why wouldnt you burn my house down while you were at it? Who does that?? Who cares who he is? He is simply stating his opinion and giving you facts based on data. You have that right too. If you want to say his facts are wrong, fine, but while your at it, make sure you give the rest of us links to where you got your data from. He does.

3.You say Saline County is corrupt, crime ridden and needs cleaned up. Really folks, have you ever left Saline County? There is a much larger world out there, you should go visit it. You want to see crime? Go to Pulaski County. They have way more crime than ours. You say we are the meth capital of the world. I find that really hard to believe. Yes, meth is a problem here but its far from making us the meth capital of the world. You dont like the way things are here, then move. You have that right. Nobody is forcing you to live here.

4. You rant about unsolved murders here. Guess what folks, there are unsolved murders everywhere. Its a sad world we live in. Go visit the crime lab and ask them how many unsolved murders there are. I would be willing to bet Saline County fails in comparision to other counties.

5. You complain about our police officers. Really?? Are you a cop? Have you ever been a cop? If you havent been, you have NO IDEA what they put up with, go through, etc.  Its the most underpaid, thankless job next to a teacher in my opinion. I am not a cop, never been one, have no desire to be one. I just have enough respect not to complain and rant about things I have no personal experience doing.

6. Several of you seem to be stuck in the past. Well its the past. You cant change it and its time to move on.

7. Politics, politics, politics. It is ALL over this site. If I wanted to see a bunch of politics, I would watch tv.

8. You say that facts posted on here are wrong because you have talked to eyewitnesses who were there, or you heard from your cousin's best friend's brother's so and so that ____ happened. Well guess what? That is hearsay. Unless you were there and witnessed it with your own two eyes, then who is to say facts posted on here from reputable sources are wrong?

9. You complain that $ was stolen from the sherriff's office so automatically the current sherriff needs to be investigated for letting it happen. Guess what? There are theives everywhere. Saying that the current sherriff needs investigated is about as proposterous as saying you need investigated and need to prove yourself innocent if a criminal breaks into your home and steals from you while you werent home.

People these are just a few of the topics I have been seeing on here. Do you have the right to your opinion, yes. State it and move on. To sit here and constantly complain about things isnt getting you anywhere. You dont like how Saline County is ran, go fill out the paper work, run for office and stand on your soap box and tell the world how you are going to fix it. You dont like who is running for office, then dont vote for them. You dont like the fact that people like Evan Prickett refute your posts and give facts based on data, then ignore him. You dont agree with the facts he posts, go find your own facts and post them to prove his wrong. Dont just say he is wrong without data to back it up. Dont attack him either just because you dont agree with him. You dont like our police officers, go to police department, apply for a job, become a cop and do something about it. Everyone has the right to their opinion and this site should be a great place to interact with other residents of Saline County. Instead this is one big soap opera. I am sure this will get under several people's skin, but I would bet $ that I am not the only person on this site that is tired of all the drama.

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How about people comment/post about things that better the community and population as a whole. Slandering, attacking and beating a dead horse isn't helping anyone. This site was designed to bring people in the community together and instead it has done the opposite by a select few running rampant with accusations/attacks on people. Like I said in the post, if you don't like how things are being handled, run for office and do something about it. Until then, vote for whoever you feel will do the best job and leave it at that. You have the right to your opinion and beliefs but there is no need to cram it down everyone on this site's throats. As far as there being a bigger world than saline county, yes I realize there is a much bigger world outside of AR. I used Pulaski County as it is the county next to ours and is relatable.
Some people will never get it. They will continue to be aggressive and trash others because they don't have to see them face to face. I have been on this site for what four years now and people like that come and go. It will get worse as election time nears and then it will go away again.

You are right. Luckily though, sometimes they screw up and simultaneously post identical things on MySpace and Facebook not thinking anyone will realize it, ultimately giving themselves away. In this case, the discovery was quite ironic, but not surprising at all.


The power of knowledge. :)

Troll alert!!! Trolls have been seen in the area. Please do not feed the trolls as they will keep coming back for more food.

What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.  ~Jewish Proverb

It is truly sad what is passed for the truth without any thought to the consequences for the person spoken of. Regardless of political or personal beliefs, the repercussions of these rumors have actually taken a life of their own, far outweighing the actual "fact or action" they were based on, (and I mean loosely based on.)

During the last election cycle I watched a person use this site and a Facebook page to personally attack several officers and their actions while on duty concerning the arrest of a family member. These rumors and gossip were repeated and commented on by dozens of posters despite the written reports from three different agencies and dash cam footage showing the entire incident. The person continued to spread lies and rumors until the very day her family member actually pled guilty in court and admitted to his actions and that the accusations were false. Not a single person who commented on these rumors ever went to one of the agencies and asked for a copy of the reports or to see the video. When the suspect pled guilty, the gossiping individual deleted her account here but never once apologized for her statements or retracted them. This effected several good, honest officers who deal with typical Saline County gossip on a regular basis. It is truly amazing the work these guys (and women) do for such little pay and even less respect. I am truly blessed to have been transferred to Northwest Arkansas where over 400,000 people live in relative harmony and political contests are run based on experience and ideas. I have even seen political rivals drink coffee together before and after the election like civil human beings. Perhaps it's the Razorback games, Crystal Bridges or just the fact that people have other things to do besides gossip about each other.

Just food for thought....

There seems to be a pretty even split here about what kind of site and content is wanted. So, now what? Half want unicorns and rainbows and half want the ugly truth and brutal honesty. Shelli's comments suggest she favors the first half. So, the question is whether Shelli would prefer half of the members of this site to pack up and leave the other half to their drum circle.

What do you say Shelli?

I agree with you Rick, so I think someone should build a site under the name "THE TRUTH AND BRUTAL HONESTY OF MY SALINE COUNTY" . I understand there may be someone already working on this and I think another name could be "THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY IN SALINE COUNTY" with of course the good being that there are so many that want to turn their heads and act like it didn't happen, or quit beating a dead horse! I only pray that if they ever have to experience some of the bad personally we will then be able to tell them the same..Quit beating a dead horse!

~~Where focus goes, energy flows. And if you don't take the time to focus on what matters, then you're living a life of someone else's design~~

Please feel free to take the initiative and build that site.

I have no desire to do so, but thanks for your permission.

I wasn't speaking to you, Mr. Kirby.

Ok, sorry for the mix-up.
Ginger maybe you should consider running for office. The saying goes if you want something done about, and want it done right, then do it yourself. You can then state your causes and then when the general election occurs you will find out if the rest of Saline County feels the way you do by electing you into office. If you don't get elected, you could always distance yourself by moving to another county that doesn't have the issues you feel so strongly about.


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