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"Opening storm shelter at Sardis United Methodist Church if anyone needs shelter. West side lower end."
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At 12:04pm on December 26, 2010, Jennifer Martin said…
Congratulations on the new puppies!
At 5:24pm on January 29, 2010, TheElectricGopher said…
We're doin' good, every thing is iced over and gettin' white. I'm waitin' for May!!!!!!
At 5:30pm on November 18, 2009, TheElectricGopher said…
Thanks, this one makes me officially an old fart
At 10:56am on September 28, 2009, kevin lewis said…
Thanks for the info I just found out my Black Lab mix with Pit died last night so depending on how much i make this week i might try to come look at some puppies. Gotta go back to work looks to be a busy day delivering papers.
At 4:51am on September 28, 2009, kevin lewis said…
i will talk to my parents since that is where i would keep him until i move out of the city of haskell i dont like the leash laws there and i think chaining up a dog is cruel they need to run and get exercise and most beagles and hounds i have ever owned were good escape artist plus i dont want an animal i have to keep locked up like they are in jail and i would have to talk to my fiance about spending that much money for a dog, not that they are not worth it if they are healthy, just in our household we have bills and other things she might think are more of a priority. But if i dont get one i will let all my dog loving friends know about them, p.s. My dad says that they have too short of legs to hunt where we hunt which is the mountains west of clinton he even is thinking more of a walker hound so he could also run deer but beagles seem to run the deer in circles up there cause they are always behind just enough for the deer to hear them, It has alot of steep gullys and deer seem to get down them in a couple of jumps, but he always wanted another basset for a house pet and rabbit dog, they would be very well taken care of! Well gotta go just left the jail wrote 2 Bonds now got to go get ready for my other job, talk at you later be careful out there and godbless. Are they registered? Dosent matter to me if they are good dogs but some people i know perfer them to have papers. U think they could track racoons?
At 12:52am on September 27, 2009, kevin lewis said…
If you have basset hounds i would love one as a house dog at night and 8 acres to roam during the day with two other friendly dogs (but one is getting older and has health problems and affraid she wont be around much longer) and if you have beagles my father is down to one that he uses for rabbit hunting and squires he treats his dogs like kings and they love to hunt great exercise for them.
At 3:08pm on September 26, 2009, Shelli Poole said…
I'd like to do a get-together with MySaline members, but I'm "up to here" with plans for SalineOWeen!
At 1:30pm on September 26, 2009, kevin lewis said…
Thanks for the welcome, i will be commenting alot about what goes on around the county and county offices, I have grown up around the saline county sheriffs office and since 1995 i have been a process server authorized out of saline, hot spring, pulaski, and grant county circuit and district courts so i see a lot of things that the ordinary citizen doesnt, like how things work so much different here in saline county compared to the other counties i work in, Im also now a bail bondsman and i have heard that the pulaski county jail was the worst in the state, compared to the way our jail is ran the pulaski jail runs smooth.
At 9:06pm on September 22, 2009, Rick said…
Happy Birthday to us!
At 8:02pm on September 22, 2009, TheElectricGopher said…
Happy Birthday !!!!!!, we're doin' good. Sarah is visitin' her mom tonight but I'll tell her you said "hi" when she gets home.
At 10:59pm on September 18, 2009, Ellen Gregan said…
Things are good here, I hope they are with you, too. Congrats on the puppies!! I wish we could take one, but we have 3 cats already, I can't envision the destruction with a pup added into the mix. Have a great weekend and take care :-)
At 8:29am on September 16, 2009, Jennifer Martin said…
WOW! She should be proud!
At 3:16pm on September 15, 2009, Helen Jansson said…
Thank you for the comment.I am fine. Trucking along like i always do.
At 10:29am on September 15, 2009, Jennifer Martin said…
How ya doin' girlie?
At 3:31am on September 14, 2009, Shelli Poole said…
Regarding the update status... Just type in whatever's going on with you, and it will show up in the Latest Activity, and on your page. You can also put a link in there that you want to share with everyone. Have fun with it!
At 10:41pm on September 11, 2009, Annette Cook said…
Too cute I love new puppies!
At 3:13pm on September 11, 2009, Stephanie Dillavou said…
Thanks... look forward to conversing with everyone... Oh... Thanks for the birthday thoughts.... My only wish is to sleep in tomorrow!!!!
At 8:11pm on September 10, 2009, Shelli Poole said…
What is the part that you don't understand?

At 4:23pm on September 9, 2009, Bassets hill said…
Please look it my page?? Under my puppies are here there is some thing new do not understand this.
At 6:47pm on September 9, 2009, TheElectricGopher said…
We're doin' good. I'm gettin' to work 40 hour weeks (that's a GOOD thang). Sarah said "what's happenin' "
At 2:15pm on September 8, 2009, Jill M said…
Bassetts Hill,

Thanks for the welcome!

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