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Why do you keep coming back just to hate on everyone?

I'm getting pretty tired of trying to feed dogs that bite me. Here I am trying to stick up for the anonymous bloggers and I'm getting a barrage of folks who want to violate the site policy and then cry censorship or First Amendment.

Say whatever you want, but if it exists only to start a fight, you gotta leave. These are the same rules in my house. You don't have to leave just because I disagree with you. But you will be escorted out if you are rude, belligerent, argumentative etc. And it won't matter if you email or call me to insult me or beg me or something in between, these things don't influence me to allow you back. 

I don't guess you don't realize that this website is now my livelihood and you're not only taking down your own community when you do these things, you're wasting my valuable time. I'm trying to feed my family and pay for my home and car and utilities each month. When you sit behind the keyboard, scheming to take food out of my daughter's mouth in the name of some meaningless personal vendetta, you are about to make a bear very angry.

Do you see how I am holding my tongue here, anonymous people who spit at me? If you had done so, you might have retained your privileges that you clearly desire so very much, given that you keep making attempts to come back.

Bottom line: This site is for building up community- not tearing it down. Now I'll get back to work and I'll advise you to kindly think of ways to serve your community positively.

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Comment by Al Smith on March 10, 2012 at 4:30pm

Good for you Shellie;  I have NEVER wrote on any blog before but I believe in what you are doing to build our communities.  I think our two Cities as well as Saline county residents need to stick together and work together to become the best county in Arkansas. I was proud of Salem fighting to not be anexted by Benton, even though I reside in Benton. These are our neighbors and when we unite for a good cause we become stronger.  I believe we are only a Christain naation when we act like Christains and when we do the right thing to the least of these we do it unto Jesus.God bless our community.

Comment by The Shadow on March 10, 2012 at 11:05am

For the latest information on the controversy, visit here:

STEELE, HENLEY & MILLER: Now the world knows on

Comment by Ragingmountain on March 8, 2012 at 12:03pm


I just want to clear up a possible misconception. I do NOT hate anyone in Saline County. I am a member of this site because I CHOSE to become one.

Yes, I AM an outsider, a resident of New York State; NOT THE CITY ---- YUCK!!! Many of you have known this for quite some time, now. No Secret.

Yes, I DO strive to retain some degree of COMMON SENSE; being surrounded by the far more liberal philosophy that pervades the news media, and other opinion-forming social instruments. Thus, I DO like to check in with folks that have a different approach to living than me. It broadens my perspective as I don't want to become so full of myself that I become a “god” TO myself, in my own mind(such as it is??).

My last posting might have seemed muddled. Well, in general, it is in SUPPORT for Ms. Shelli, and the acknowledgment that the new “Mistress Sheriff” not only has arrived, but also forcibly taken possession of the “property.” Now, with more attention devoted to, and to “riding herd” on the contents of the posts, it is natural that those that want to hide under the mantra of: “Well, there's no law AGAINST it,” will now cease such mentality, and become more responsible in their postings.

My reference to Mr. Prickett, is that opinions are based in fact at some point, and thus expressed SHOULD be defended by facts, a/o a reference of some kind. Many of my previous postings are loaded with reference links. MY extension is that the source(s?) be UNBIASED, shown by a link that allows for the reader to check and verify for him / her self.

I am including this link for those of you that wish to do “homework:”

  The instigators from Bryant that had the subpoena served, are clear examples of people NOT really doing their due diligence, or just didn't have their lawyer do a good job of researching the subject, and coming up with a “No Go” conclusion. But, they have seemingly succeeded in having the discussion about the First Amendment removed from the Forum and Blogs postings.

So far, my conclusion of “Firing FOR Effect” is the proper call; to get a reaction, and some degree of prohibition. Achieved. The question remains as to why the white flag has not been run up the pole as of yet? When I posted it, with links, the info clearly showed that was not guilty of wrong-doing. But, I can't recall it as it is not found among the blogs, and forums I checked.

And yes, IS a premier social site, and will remain so, as long as there is the proper monitoring of posts. But, we ALL must work(one of THOSE four letter words we don't like) at making it so.

As for David Blaine:, and

Comment by Shelli Poole on March 7, 2012 at 11:43pm
I think the point here, Tim is about saying what needs to be said and being respectful at the same time.
Comment by Timothy Henke on March 7, 2012 at 11:15pm

you want first amendment rights; use your real names, cowards

Comment by Bluto4Alderman on March 7, 2012 at 4:32pm

Thanks Shelli! I think we call take for granted what you have given us. I hope this gets better.

Comment by The Shadow on March 7, 2012 at 3:45pm

As one of the most controversial members of this online community, even I have a shout out for Shelli Russell.  What she has done, admittedly, others could have done but didn't choose to.  She put her neck out and made it possible for everyone else to be able to be here and express their views.  Both she and I had a right to be able to do this WITHOUT elected officials taking special privileges and trying to use their political powers and position to ferret out the names of their self-appointed enemies for special punishment and punitive actions.

She hasn't just stood up for me, or for other anonymous posters on this site.  She's standing up for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  That elected officials can set themselves up as judge and jury to decide who does and does not have First Amendment rights, and that they can extend their abuses to harassing an innocent individual like Shelli is an outrage.

I'm asking everyone who appreciates her and what she has done, the raw courage and hard work she has displayed here, GET OUT YOUR CHECKBOOKS, be generous and support her with your dollars.  She needs everyone in Saline County to get behind her.

That's the best way you can say thank you.  Mine will be on the way along with yours soon.

Comment by Coop on March 7, 2012 at 12:05pm

Shelli - Thanks for all you do!  I know its frustrating at times but your efforts really are appreciated.  I enjoy this site.

Comment by Jennifer Harris on March 7, 2012 at 11:47am
YW. And I have no idea who David Blaine is.
Comment by Henry on March 7, 2012 at 11:37am

Thank you for your comment LilyBelle.  I believe he is an "intellectual," as you put it, in the same way that David Blaine is a "magician."  Mostly filled with sleight of hand and misdirection.  I'm not disputing that they aren't a nice person.  During our previous back and forth comments, they have never been anything but respectful and I hope I've been the same.  I'm not attacking them personally, just looking for clarification on their posts. 

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