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Due to the recent attack by a viscious dog on a 15 year old boy in Saline County, the issue of animal control has been in the forefront of my mind. I live in Saline County and have been threatened by someone's pet who was running loose in my own carport. I have to wonder what would have happened if it had been my 4 yr. old grandson out there instead of me.

There are many pets running loose in my neighborhood, most of which are meaning no harm and are just following their natural instincts to roam and explore. Yes, sometimes they do present me with some aggravation: they dig in my flower beds and leave me little presents, they bark all night causing me to run out of the house at 3am screaming for them to hush, literally. I can't even open my windows to catch a little fresh night air filled with the sounds of the crickets to lull me to sleep on a cool spring night, not anymore. All of these things really do irritate me, but I can live with them and will not approach my neighbors so as to continue with the friendly, cooperative atmosphere on our road. However, I would not hesitate to shoot and kill a dog who posed a threat to me or my family or friends. I would shoot it right after I made it back inside my house, found the combination to the gun safe, figured out how to open it for only the second time this year, picked out a gun, found the matching ammunition, loaded the gun and made it back outside to face the angry viscious dog who generously waited for his impending doom. Does this sound like a reasonable plan of action? I guess I would have to stay permanently prepared for an attack if there were a mean dog stalking me or my neighborhood.

Saline County has a Viscious Dog Ordinance. It can be interpreted differently by anyone who reads it. I really don't think that's a good thing, but regardless it really makes no difference. You see, we have this ordinance which cannot be enforced because we have no people trained or tools to capture the viscious animals, no vehicle in which to transport them, and no place to take them to be held. So what we have to protect us from attacks is nothing. Why even have an ordinance at all?

Think about it. This boy now goes home to recover in the neighborhood where this dog who attacked him still lives. Will he pass by the dog as he limps to the bus stop in the mornings?

I would like to hear your stories of attacks by viscious dogs in Saline County. Whether to your pets, yourself, or others, it does not matter. I am curious as to how prevalent this problem is in our community. Who knows, maybe it will help us find a solution other than the nothing that we have.

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Comment by Dallas on March 4, 2010 at 7:03pm
Well Well Well Look and Read.. .. and ITS NOT A PITBULL Im so happy that nobody can BLAM this one on the Pitbulls.. ..

The daughter of Axe Men star Jesse Browning's was killed by their family dog on earlier this week.

Ashlynn Anderson, who was just four years old, was attacked on Sunday afternoon at the family home in Astoria, Oregon.

She was pronounced dead on arrival to Portland's Oregon Health and Science University Hospital.

"Everyone was there in minutes, but she was pretty severely mauled. By the time they got her to OHSU, she had lost too much blood," said Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

"This mom just happened to look out and saw the dog and the child laying there. Apparently, the dog just snapped."

Jesse, who's show Axe Man was shown on History Channel and later repeated by Five (although they retitled it Axe Men), owns two two Rottweilers, which were both removed and quarantined at a local animal shelter. They will be adopted or euthanized.
Comment by Shelli Poole on March 2, 2010 at 11:11am
They're not doing it with the one company in LR because that company did want the liability.
Comment by Eileen on March 2, 2010 at 8:55am
I am wondering what became of the efforts of Saline County in getting bids to contract out animal control services. I have heard nothing about it since they ran the very long initial story in the Benton Courier. Does anyone have any additional information about this? I do not receive the Courier so it is possible that I missed any follow-up information or story.
Comment by Shelli Poole on February 28, 2010 at 11:18pm
From what I've read here, if it's true that Pit Bulls have a reputation (undeserved or not) of being an aggressive breed, it makes sense that a certain amount of population believes in that perceived reputation. Therefore, if someone were to pick a certain breed of dog specifically to use in an aggressive manner - whether fighting, guarding and/or mistreating for other reasons - it makes sense that the person would lean toward picking a Pit Bull.
Comment by Pam Harcrow on February 28, 2010 at 7:57pm
Actually, many pit bulls were dumped in Saline County after Little Rock began requiring owners to register them, sterilize them, provide microchips, have a $100,000.00 liability bond (insurance) ,etc on them. A lot of pit bull owners could not or were not willing to do all these things in order to own a pit bull. This was told to my son when he encountered a stray that not only became very aggressive toward him, his wife, and their cats, but literally caused paint and body damage to his truck trying to get to him as he retreated inside. The city of Benton did assist him in providing a trap and catching this animal (he was in the city limits). (link provided)

Also, if you recall, a large dog fighting ring was broken up in East End a few years ago. (link provided)

I am not trying to paint pit bulls in a worse light than they are already in, but we do have some issues with them in this county (or so we have been told by Saline and Pulaski county animal authorities).

Finally, given my 'druthers, I'll take a toy poodle or chihuahua bite, please..... LOL
Comment by Elizabeth "Jade"Green on February 28, 2010 at 10:20am
My family lives in another county and people dump all manner of animals on their door step.. from Labs, poodles and even a pot belly pig! when My mom went outside one of these smaller dogs, we think it was a poodle mix charged her and tried to bite her. She was upset to say the least! She tried to call the county folks, NOT SALINE COUNTY btw, for a viscious dog, was told "Ma'am we can't do anything until it bites you..she told them she sure could then, they told her if the dog was killed SHE would be the one up on charges... WHAT? So it is not just a Saline county problem... THe dog tried to bite her two more times before she shot it... sad but had to be done. She keeps my sister's children during the week, she could not take a chance they would be bitten or attacked.
As to the pittbull vs other animals, I agree, it is all in how you raise an animal. I have seen pugs, chihuahua an other small dogs act more viscious than some pits.. HOWEVER, pit bull owners know going into getting this dog the stigma that is attached and should be extra careful with the dog to keep it properly put up. I DO NOT fault the officers for shooting this attacking animal! Ms. Batt I am sorry for your loss, but you knew it could happen. Jblevins, reallly? The no good Barnie Fifes were responding to a viscious animal call and you think they should have whistled for the dog to come get their treats??? GET REAL, I would not have called the cops, I would have shot the dog where it stood! I think the officers responded with appropriate force.. Do I love my dogs, you bet! They are like my kids, but just like kids, they need to be taught how to act and obvisously shooting an animal should be a last resort. I will shoot any dog that acts like he is going to bite me when he is on my property. If Ms. Batt had her dogs put up, this would not have happened. So, back to square one, it all comes back on responsible owners, Like Dave said, If I have to take care of my family and property, your dog will be shot and disposed of... no question on that! SAD SAD way to handle it but no one but YOU are responsible for your family's safety. City or County doesnt matter.. If the owner will not take care of the dog, some one else will..... Breed is irrelevant.....
JBlevins, if you have never rode with an officers, or done their job, you have no idea what they do all day, anymore than I can sit here and say that you are lazy and only concerned about your check in the bank. Be fair, we all find it easier to blame the cops, officials and others than try to do something ourselves. I agree something needs to be done! I am not bashing you or others who have lost pets due to lack of police or offical rules. We just need to keep on them until something is done... If they can't do it, we should! I have lost pets to bad animals myself so yes, I understand as well.. Ordinances are not worth what they are written on unless they are enforced, Saline county is a large county, what would have priority? You call with a viscious animal attack, they respond and you get mad when the dog is killed? I would applaud the officer is my kid was attacked.. I would be furious if they tried to pet the dog first and my kid was bleeding on my floor.. Like Dave, shoot first and worry bout the owners later, most times they don't even know or care the dog is out!
Comment by Dallas on February 28, 2010 at 9:57am
Not a thing will be done. untell one of the higher ups are biten.. .. And I wish everyone would just GET OFF the PITBULL's are BAD DOGS wagon.. .. Its all in how the dog is LOVED, CARED FOR, its not just that breed.. its ALL DOGS.. .. they are like People, YOU TREAT A PERSON LIKE CRAP THEY WILL STRIKE ONE DAY.. .. YOU TREAT ANY DOG LIKE CRAP THEY WILL STRIKE.. ..If you would go and look at the so called MEAN PitBulls they are around the TRASH CRACK Salen places.. .. And if you was to go and sit down with each dog there they would tell you that they are missed treated.. .. ITS CALLED WHIP AND BE WHIPPED.. ..

Info from Shory's Rescue seen on Animal Plant.. .. According to the American Temperament Test Society Inc., pit bulls were found to have a more friendly
temperament than Beagles, Chihuahuas or Toy Poodles!
Comment by JBlevins on February 18, 2010 at 9:12pm
I have many dogs that are dumped by there wonderful owners in my neighborhood and I guarantee you that the AUTHORITIES that earn a living off my HARD work could care less about anything but when there check hits the bank for doing nothing all day...Its an American way of life after all...Do nothing say nothing and expect nothing...Sorry about your Pit Bull Ms. Batt, but hey deputy Fife just had to shoot your dog cause he was threatened by his vicious actions...Who knows maybe next they will shoot me or you or anyone cause we are all fed up about all kinds of things going on in Saline County that are not right...Next we will discuss the road situation....
Comment by Curtis Wilson on February 18, 2010 at 10:43am
I know the problem is County wide. In fact , it is a problem in other counties surrounding Saline too. I am a citizen of Shannon Hills and a city official. (Treasurer) I have watched for 10 years while our mayors and City Council have struggled with the issue. It IS hard for a city to solve a problem that is much bigger than the city but I am readsy to try to do something as a citizen to try to make a dent in the problem. By the way, Shannon Hills has a very well written Ordinance against allowing animals to run loose, stray animals and vicious animals, but is totally helpless to enforce the cases where no owner can be located. (no place to take the strays...)
Comment by Lauren Kuhlmann on February 17, 2010 at 6:07pm
Mr. Gipson, I wanted you to see this info from the Department of Health regarding rabies signs/symptoms:

"The first sign of rabies in an animal is usually a change in behavior. Rabid animals may attack people or other animals for no reason, or they may lose their fear of people and seem unnaturally friendly. Staggering, convulsions, choking, frothing at the mouth and paralysis are often present. Skunks may be seen out in daylight, which is an unusual behavior for them, or they may get into a dog pen or under a house. Many animals have a marked change in voice pitch, such as a muted or off-key tone. An animal usually dies within one week of demonstrating signs of rabies. Not all rabid animals act in these ways, however, so you should avoid all wild animals----especially skunks, bats and stray cats and dogs."

Also please note that in the past 15 years there have been fewer than 30 rabid dogs confirmed by the ADH for the entire state. Zero were from Saline County.

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