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The Meanies Rocked Denton's Saturday Night (Video + Pics)


The storm stopped, the internet 

came back on and I finally
uploaded some pictures
and video from The Meanies show
at Denton's Back Porch 
in Benton, Arkansas
Saturday, April 30th, 2011...


The Meanies are:

  • Danny Milsap - lead vox, guitar
  • Alan Cost - guitar, keys, drums, vox
  • Matt Hayes - bass guitar, vox 
  • Darrell Yates - lead guitar, vox 
  • Sharpe Dunaway, percussion, vox 

See their website at


My Facebook stream shows the evening's timeline. Video + photos below too!

Shelli Russell

Who's going to see The Meanies at Denton's tonight? Holler at me!

Saturday at 5:18pm

Tanya Smith Hey I think I'm coming. May bring cousin laura, what's the cover

Saturday at 6:09pm

Angie Woods i am sitting here contemplating going. Yeah, I'll probably go! Doc will be there!

Saturday at 6:34pm

Shelli Russell Yayyy!! I don't know the cover 315-1717

 Doc too? Sweet! E'rrbody sit t'gethah!

Saturday at 6:48pm

Tanya Smith ‎$8

Saturday at 6:53pm


Allison de Bellefeuille Mack anyone else coming with?? Oh..and which exit is it?

Saturday at 6:08pm

Brent Jackson If you're talking about Denton's - take the Congo Rd exit and crossover the freeway. Take a right at the light on the other side of the bridge. After you turn, Denton's will be on your left.

Saturday at 6:34pm

Allison de Bellefeuille Mack Sweeeet. Thank you, Brent. :o) You going??

Saturday at 6:39pm

Shelli Russell Kristi is coming - bass player from that band at Spectators, Liquid Kitty. But u aren't off da hook!

Saturday at 6:41pm

Kathleen Jones Believe me, she is very much off da hook.

Saturday at 7:13pm

Shelli Russell Ya got a point there, Princess Kate. I can call you that because we now know the title isn't taken.

Saturday at 7:27pm

Kathleen Jones Sweet. I've gotten at least two people now to start calling me that. One day...

Saturday at 7:37pm

Brent Jackson Allison - No, I have my own gig tonight

Saturday at 7:37pm

Shelli Russell We were just waiting to be sure that other commoner chick wasn't going hog it.

Saturday at 7:40pm

Shelli Russell Al r u here yet? I haven't left the house actually. Juss checkin.

Saturday at 8:21pm


Shelli Russell

Heading to Denton's to see the Meanies, and it's apparently Doc's bday.

Saturday at 8:54pm

Wendi Fiser and Jennifer Evans like this.


Shelli attended The Meanies LIVE at Denton's Trotline in Benton April 30!


Shelli Russell

Donde es Casa de Waffle?

Yesterday at 12:51am

Michelle Grantham Fraley and Mike Komm like this.

Mike Komm lol..thinking something waffle house...ha...

Yesterday at 12:58am

Erik Reep Sausage melt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday at 12:58am

Tanya Smith Ooooo

Yesterday at 12:59am • Like •  1 person

Tanya Smith It was great seeing you. We need to do that again...or something similar

Yesterday at 12:59am

Christy Cox Fleeman Casa de Waffle es en Bryant. Es MUY bueno!

Yesterday at 1:02am • Like •  1 person

Shelli Russell Bueno it was.

Tanya - that WAS pretty cool. Yeah we don't have to wait for another Meanies show, that could be 6 months!

Yesterday at 2:55am

Charles Young Donde esta

Yesterday at 8:06am

Shelli Russell Gracias! Mi Espanol es malo.

Yesterday at 10:55am


Shelli Russell

Looking at prom kids. — at Waffle House Incorporated with Allison de Bellefeuille Mack.

Yesterday at 1:13am

Allison de Bellefeuille Mack and Madeline Long like this.

Tracy Lammons Lol my prom kid is sound asleep!

Yesterday at 1:15am

Shelli Russell We saw two prom couples, and I'm pretty sure one of the girls was Sleeping Beauty. She didn't have the tiara, but the dress was pink, poofy and hypnotically sparkly.

Yesterday at 2:58am • Like •  1 person


Shelli likes Waffle House and Waffle House Incorporated.

Shelli Russell was at Waffle House.

Yesterday at 1:08am

Sarah Hoover Which one did you go to? I went to Waffle House too!

Yesterday at 11:46am


Shelli Russell

Never got a good shot of Sharpe during the show, but this made a goodern after. Meanies rocked Denton's Saturday!

Yesterday at 3:25am


Michael Doc Davis

It was great seeing you!!!

Yesterday at 3:30am

Shelli Russell You too! Even though I couldn't hear half of what you said! 39 is still pretty young btw. U was born in the 60s, yo.

Yesterday at 3:39am

Shelli Russell ‎*I* was born in the 60s. "U" weren't. "I" stink at typing on my iPhone.

15 minutes ago



Catch the Meanies at these shows coming up:
Friday May 13 - 7pm at Buzz-B-Q N. Little Rock RV Park,

Saturday May 21 - 9pm at Front Street Grill, Dardanelle,




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