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Progress Report: Killers Win -- Kevin Ives and Don Henry Lose Again

3 years ago Larry and I met with Bruce Pennington and detective Mike Frost. We had come across information about a witness who testified before the 1988 grand jury and had supposedly named the killers of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. We asked Pennington to question this witness and gave him what information we had on him including his mother's address and mapquest directions to her house in Saline County. I was asked to make a copy of my file on the case, so, just as I have for every sheriff that came before him, I made copies of my file,at my own expense, and took them to his office.

We have met with Pennington and Frost numerous times since then asking if they had talked to the witness. The answer has always been "No, we cannot find him". Two weeks ago I met with them again and asked what they had done to try to find this witness, and Frost replied that he runs him through ACIC regularly, but nothing comes up. He also claimed his narcs had not been able to locate him. I asked if had he tried to talk to his mother -- the answer was "no". I asked to see the case file to see what they HAD done. Frost told me he had "not had time to catalog the documents I had copied for him -- they were still in a pile in his office." He then assured me he REALLY wants to talk to this guy because his name had come up recently in another crime.

I asked how many witness interviews he has done -- "none, I have talked to one guy, but they just clam up if they know you are talking to them officially, so no, there are no documented interviews". Incredulous, I looked at Pennington to see how that information sat with him, Pennington stated Frost had been off for 2 months on medical leave, as if that made his excuses acceptable.

A few days after that meeting I was talking with a bail bondsman who hit a few strokes on the computer and told me this witness is on probation out of Pulaski County. I went to Pulaski County's PUBLIC website and located him in about 10 seconds. Obviously, Pennington and Frost have been lying about their efforts to find him. Is Pennington dirty, or lazy, or just lying -- I have my opinion as I'm sure many others do, but for Kevin and Don it doesn't even matter. The result is the same --Kevin and Don lose again.

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Comment by Donna Jones on August 24, 2012 at 10:37am

PROOF that Pennington & Frost dont give a rat's  a$$ about solving this case

Comment by Ginger Achor on February 15, 2012 at 9:14pm

Here's some more corruption to put in your pipe and smoke!!! Dirty politicians are known to tell you what you want to hear to get elected but to lie to a grieving mother that lost her son to the good ol' boys!

Comment by Jonathan Newcomb on December 4, 2011 at 9:07pm

Anyone that has been around knows who is responsible for these murders. Its a shame that so many of us have tolerated this around here for so long. With the exception of Dan Harmon, who I am sure still continues to benefit greatly from his underworld dealings, all the people involved in these murders have either been promoted to a higher office, murdered themselves, or simply allowed to ride off into the sunset and enjoy a "normal" life. I really shouldn't even say "with the exception of Dan Harmon" because he went to prison on a totally unrelated issue. If I were ever in trouble the last people I am calling are the Benton Police.

Comment by Debbie Ball on December 2, 2011 at 8:24am

Linda, I have followed this story since day 1 and I can say I fully support you in this investigation.  I have always felt there was something corrupt about this situation and feel that it continues on.  I didnt grow up in Saline County but since living here and talking to others who grew up here and about your sons murder, I have found that corruption in Saline County has been going on for a long time and still continues to this day.  Anyone who cant see it, probably knows about it and just wont admit it.  I figure you will have to take this into your own hands, just like you done with most of the investigation already.  I wouldnt even give the time of day to the ignorant people who dont understand and only have negative things to say.

Comment by Ron James on December 1, 2011 at 11:23am

      I was going to be quiet after my last post but I have got you people so far off the subject that I am proud of myself.Those that know me know full well I have very little compassion or tact.What I may have said about a mayor has nothing to do with this.I haven't accused Linda of conspiracy.I said she has tried to say all branches of law inforcement and past personnel are involved in a cover up.Not being # 1 means there are other cases that have come up sense this one.they aren't worked by the "take a number"method.They are worked as information becomes available.That is easy for me to understand.Lilly--look at what compassion in the government has done for equil rights.look what tact has got us in this nation,white people have showed compassion and not stood up for their rights till we are a minority in our own country.My views are as correct to me as Justin's views.Helen sorry I don't know you as well as you know me. The "Jeff" thing is just a MAN thing.Also I can assure you my being single is a personel choice,Justin I to am a believer,I am god fearing,and love the Lord.I DO NOT question the Lord,but I will question you as to where was the compassion when God killed hundreds of thousands???? you read what I write in the context of how it was written and you will understand my meaning.I again will try to end my part of this.You all keep up the good work,and remember if you have a problem with some one or something  call a law enforcement officer for help,or the prosicuting attorney if there is a legal matter.  

Comment by Jennifer Harris on November 30, 2011 at 9:13am

Justin Huett wrote, "Tact and compassion are concepts for the weak?? Good god man. They're concepts for HUMANITY."


Exactly, Justin.  Exactly.

Psalm 116:5  "The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion."

Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."


There was NOTHING WEAK about my Savior when He had compassion on the world - including me - and took our place on the cross.  It is the weakest of people that are the ones with no compassion, empathy, or consideration for their fellow man. 

Comment by Helen Jansson on November 30, 2011 at 7:34am

Ron James stated on another thread, "First off,we need a mayor who is not controled by big money in the city..."

 You accuse Linda of conspiracy theorizing yet do it yourself.  This is called talking out of both sides of your mouth and makes you lack credibility.  So what if Jeff H chooses to use that on the internet. It doesn't mean he's ashamed of his name. That's pretty juvenile poking at someone for something like that. 

I agree with Justin Huett.  It's no wonder you're single. 

Comment by Justin Huett on November 29, 2011 at 10:52pm
Tact and compassion are concepts for the weak?? Good god man. They're concepts for HUMANITY. With an attitude like that, I bet you're a real peach to be around.
Comment by Ron James on November 29, 2011 at 4:43pm

      This is exactly the reaction I expected.---Jeff H---First of all I have a last name and I am proud of it,and I wil stand up for it.Tact.Compassion both concepts of the weak.My only reason for posting here is to let you people know you are no longer # 1.There are others who have losses to be taken care of..How about you Jeff,Linda,and Donna,what if someone was shooying at you and you call the LAW,as we all would and they say (can't come until we sole this long time murder case). That is the image you'll project.One of you said that the Sheriff could be voted out by the same majority that elected him.That is true,but I believe (now I could be wrong)but I believe he was re-elected for a second term,if not he will be.Donna,you said you didn't believe that (under age children,out at night,carring a gun,hunting rabbits)was unlawful.Well sense you think so little of your law enforcers,you might call a game warden or your pastor.That is if you don't believe they are under the drug runners command.Yes ,all of those things are against the law.I do not believe that the need for justice is as big as the need for the law to right some personel wrongs.That would be my biggest problem if it were my child.I have wanted for years to say my piece and I have said it. I will not be back to explain why things are what they are.Don't think for a minute I am shy about voicing my thoughts,but in this I feel I have said enough.I am truely sorry for the Ive's and Henery's loss and I think this case will be solved   



Comment by Linda Ives on November 28, 2011 at 9:40pm
Well thank you so much for clearing everything up for me Mr. James, and may I please apologize for offending your sensitive self by calling out lazy, dirty, lying cops. Now let me clarify for you just what it is that I expect law enforcement to do -- pure and simple -- investigate the murder of my son. If that makes me "overboard" , then yes, I am overboard. Since when did protect and serve" exclude investigating murders? It would seem you are also saying that the murders are my fault and therefore I have no right to expect law enforcement to waste their precious time on this case. To that I can only say you have a tiny mind Ron James. You can stand up for lying cops all you want -- but, as you well know, Pennington can be thrown out of office by that same majority of voters that elected him sheriff. Me -- I'm going to stand up for my dead child till the day I die whether you or anyone else likes it or not.

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