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Benton Police Investigating Influx of Property Crimes
November 18, 2011
   Detectives are currently working on numerous burglaries and breaking & entering crimes occurring in the city.  Within the past 30 days there have been 31 incidents that have occurred during this time frame, 22 of which were burglaries and 9 breaking & entering crimes.
   It is apparent that a majority of the burglaries are taking place during the daytime when there are fewer people home.  A majority of the breaking & Entering crimes are taking place at night, usually from unlocked vehicles. 
   It isn’t uncommon to see a rise in these types of property crimes during this time of the year.  To help protect you from the daytime burglaries we advise people to change up their normal routine because criminals will sometimes just wait until somebody leaves and then break into their home.  In some of the cases we’ve seen reported recently, the burglary is taking place soon after the resident leaves.  By changing up your routine you could possibly make it too difficult for a criminal to recognize a pattern of when you’re not home. 
   To help cut down on the breaking & entering crimes we are encouraging people to always lock their doors and not leave valuables in their car.  Last month we caught three suspects responsible for numerous breaking & entering crimes, and in all of those cases the vehicles were left unlocked.  If you are out and about and can’t take your valuables in with you then at least put them out of view, such as in the trunk, so they don’t entice a criminal to break in.  If you park your car outside at night then it’s recommended that you park it near a street light or motion light at your home. 
   Unfortunately, while most of us are out buying Christmas presents the thieves are working hard at stealing our gifts to fill their own wish list.  We are putting this information out to inform the public in an effort to make them aware of what’s going on and in an attempt to help us catch those responsible.  If you see something suspicious you’re encouraged to call 911 without hesitation.  By working together those responsible will be caught. 

   Detectives are diligently working on leads in the cases and we are encouraging anyone with information to please contact the Benton Police Department at 778-1171 or leave a tip at 315-TIPS.  To see where the crimes are taking place in the city you may go to      Benton Police Investigating Influx of Property Crimes

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Comment by Lauren Kuhlmann on November 24, 2011 at 4:09pm

They shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the pets. (As a volunteer, I consider it an honor to improve the conditions for the animals and make them more comfortable by helping out at the shelter.) I'd much rather see these punks work every weekend cleaning human the county jail. With a toothbrush!

Comment by Lauren Kuhlmann on November 23, 2011 at 11:01pm

I hope they bust the punks that burglarized the city animal shelter. Stealing from homeless pets is like stealing from children or little old ladies. It's disgusting and infuriating.

Comment by Donna Jones on November 19, 2011 at 10:37pm
WTG Benton Police Dept!
Comment by Bobby Shell on November 19, 2011 at 12:30pm

This is official from Lt. Russell....Posted on Facebook and I think put out to the media. 


On November 17th, at approximately 9:47 PM, officers responded to the Best Western (17036 I-30) on report of a robbery. 

    It was determined that a suspect entered the business and took money from the business.  The suspect physically pushed the clerk out of the way and took money from the register before fleeing the business.  No weapons were displayed during the incident and an undisclosed amount of money was taken. 

    The suspect was described as wearing a bluish/green hooded style jacket and leather gardening gloves.  It is believed the suspect was driving a white ‘crossover’ style vehicle, possibly a Chrysler PT Cruiser.  The suspect was a male, but further details on the suspect’s description are unknown at this time. 

    Detectives are diligently working leads in the case at this time.  We are asking that anyone with information regarding this incident please contact the Benton Police Department at 778-1171 or 315-TIPS.

Comment by Bobby Shell on November 19, 2011 at 12:27pm

They got it on camera, I can not post it since it is evidence, and no one was hurt.  Sorry I could not give any further details at this time.

Comment by Thelma Edwards Poole on November 19, 2011 at 9:51am

Do you have a surveillance camera?  Can you post a picture of the robber? I assume that no one was hurt?

Comment by Bobby Shell on November 18, 2011 at 3:39pm

We had a Robbery last night at Best Western on the North Service Road near Home Depot.  If anyone has any information please contact our TIPS line or 778-1171.  Thanks.

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