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The following is a statement from Myka Bono Sample on her reason for running as a Republican:

I was born and raised in Saline County and I was raised as a Democrat. My dad worked for Alcoa and was a member of the Union so being a Democrat was all I knew.

About three years ago when I made a decision to run for Saline County Circuit in 2012. I started researching and praying for guidance so I went and bought a book on Ronald Reagan. I also spoke to several of my Republican friends who I value their opinions.

In November 2011, I got the privilege to go aboard the George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier with my son Aaron for 3 days. While on the Aircraft Carrier I also read a book on President Bush. I had many hours to search my soul and to pray for the guidance. I then realized that times have changed and I just did not have anything in common with the Democrat Party....Barack Obama also helped with that!
Seeing my son in the military and seeing what they go through everyday to protect this country really hit home. I wanted to think about the future of my kids and if God shall permit, I'm also thinking about my grandkids future.

Not too long ago, I got the privilege to listen to Lt. Governor Darr and listen to him speak of being raised as a Democrat and what his values are today as a Republican. Lt. Governor Darr's speech really touched me and I knew I had made the right decision. I have NEVER been part of any political party before and I am very proud to say that when I made a decision to join a party, I chose the Republican Party.

"I didn't leave the Democrat Party, it left me".....Ronald Reagan


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