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Modern Day Civil War right here in Saline County Arkansas

I have watched politics in Saline County for years and never have I seen it this bad.  Friend against friend and family members against other family members; not unlike the civil war.  We have a war going on right here in this county.  Hatred and for what, I ask?  A county position that in the larger scheme of things doesn't make or break the real issues this country and our county are facing.

People not going to vote for a certain candidate because they saw them talking/walking with a candidate they despise.  The hatred being spewed against each other on this site, facebook, newspapers, anywhere a voice can be heard.  Are we going to recover from this election just to face another that is more disgusting and vile?  I hope not.

If your favorite candidate doesn't win, please work with the one that does.  I can't remember where it is right now but God's Holy Word tells us to pray for those in charge, He put them there.  (Not a quote.) 

I've struggled with my conscience over whether just reading these posts is considered a sin in God's eyes.  I've seen posts that downgrade the Bible, God's Holy words, that are vile, name calling and hateful.  (No, I'm not a Bible Thumper, just a Believer that is giving up on all this bickering and fighting.) 

I believe there will be no winners in this race because of the way it has been conducted.  I just hope friends can remain friends regardless of how they vote and that the vindictiveness and get even attitudes will stop. 

WWJD?  Not this.

Terry Babbs

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Comment by A.B. on May 19, 2012 at 2:40pm

Pretty bad, huh:-(  Can you imagine what newcomers to the county who log onto the site to find out about things in Saline County must think? Or those who pick up our local paper as well.

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