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There were several things I intended to put into this blog, but I just had a birthday. Which may or may not have anything to do with whether I can remember all I intended to say or not. I may have to come back to this one periodically.

I drive to Little Rock every morning and there are a few things I noted that folks need to remember. When it is dark, turn on your lights; when it is raining turn on your lights; when you intend to jump in front of me, turn on a blinker. My biggest pet peeve with my fellow commuters is the jack rabbits. They jump from lane to lane and more often than not, they do not use a blinker, they jump into a space that is not really large enough for them, which in turn causes folks to have to put on breaks and ruins the flow of traffic all the way back to Benton or causes an accident because there is another jack rabbit behind that one that also jumped into that lane just as breaks were being applied from the first ones mess. Do you guys/gals not understand that one car space at a time is not going to get you there any faster. Many times I watch them as I take my off ramp....and thank God that I no longer have to contend with their tactics.

This next one was shared by my daughter. She was on the interstate and a very impatient driver was giving her problems. Tailgating as close as he could hoping to shove her out of his lane of traffic, although she was going the speed limit and with the flow of traffic. He would jump from lane to lane trying to get around her and as she took the off ramp, he gave her an ugly gesture. She was of course looking to get a glimpse of the driver who had irritated her so....and as she looked and he made the gesture...both realized they knew each might even say...they worked in the same office. Needless to say, there was some words needing said later at work. Imagine if it had been a member of your family, or your church. It does happen you know.

Now I am getting older, but am far from dead, and there are some life changes that are taking place as the years seem to be speeding past faster and faster. One change that is causing me the most problem is that I do not seem to be able to retain a time frame of when incidents occur. I mean was it last week or last year. My daughter on the other hand, young little thing, makes the most of informing me of my error each time I make one.

I was speaking to another oldie at work about some of the little gifts that age offers us. We wondered why no one told us about the things that were going to begin happening to us. Like I swatted at those darn gnats for I don't know how long before I finally realized they were actually IN my eyes not in front of them. So I asked my older sister if she knew about them. She is a nurse and said sure. Well, why did she not share the knowledge?

After several of these life gifts appeared and after several conversations about them, I came to this conclusion. When I was a younger person and I was around some of those older people, like I am now, they probably did tell me something about the little surprises age would offer me. But being a younger person back then, I probably rolled my eyes and let my mind wonder off, thinking I didn't need to I did not listen.

Word to the young, listen to those old folks, they may make life in the future a little less problematic. It may be boring now but one day it will be useful knowledge.

Now I raised 5 kids....I don't know how but I did. Life around my home was always active with their friends running in and out all the time. My friends would ask is it always like this around here? I would say, yes why. I mean I was use to it. Some nights, when my daughter was off spending the night at one of her friends, I would come home and find another of her friends in her room, in her bed, spending the night. This was not abnormal and I am still the other mother to some of those girls and boys who are now parents themselves. But now, it is so quiet and peaceful, almost spooky at times. Some of those kids frequent this site, and still talk to me, and they will always be my kids. But when people say, if you had it to do over again would you? My answer is always the same....NO! I mean one time was enough. I don't know how I survived five children but I have decided to enjoy every stage of my life and thank God I made it that far.

I always heard that life begins at 40, or was it 50....well I have made it to 61 now and I am still waiting for whatever that meant. Can someone explain what I am waiting for life to begin? Or maybe I already know, maybe it is these little life gifts that I keep realizing as the time speeds by.

I'm sure there was more I had to say, but I just can't remember.

I had to read this again, and the responses. I laughed when I read Ricks. One thing I did not say about life's gifts is that one remains who one is no matter how the years continue to add those little extra gifts. And those that I watched grow up, become a blessing that keeps on blessing me. I love seeing your babies with you all the time. You are a great parent and I like your different insight. I have one as well.

When we get older, regardless of what young people think, we do not get stupid. We do get slower to respond because sometimes we are simply avoiding a hurtful response or dodging an argument. We have grown to a point of wisdom and weigh whether it is more important to speak what we know to be true or keep quiet and keep a relationship in tact.

Some days I feel like a child who got a college education suddenly thinks that because I did not, that I am not entitled to the respect that age and what one learns while aging, should be allotted. I know that an education is a great thing, I encouraged it in all my children but I also know that when I was tested by the professionals prior to entering business school that I was told to have a self taught college level education on my own. I always listened to those who had the knowledge I needed and I learned in asking questions and putting things into action. I read because I had five children and I wanted to be up on what I needed to know to be a good parent and to be able to keep up with them as they grew. My knowledge might not have all been in the same subjects that were taught in school but those came as an addition as I was learning what I intended to learn. A two-fer or freebie so to speak.

I had a good friend, my adopted father, God rest his soul. He had a 2nd grade education but he could take apart and put back together anything, motors, heart monitors. Yes he did that while in the hospital one time. Scared the nurses to death when the thing went off, but he put it back together and just laughed at them. I never saw him as someone who was not deserving of respect because he did not speak in a college level dialect. I was amazed at what he could do and I often had him draw me pictures on a napkin at the local coffee shop, giving me instructions on how to accomplish a task I needed to complete. I am a do-it-yourself lady, and he helped me become a good one. I will always remember him fondly and miss his guidance as I am still learning how to do things for the first time.

So all you younger people might want to show just how intelligent you really are, and listen to the wisdom of age when it speaks. Ask questions that one day you will wish you had asked, and learn what is there to learn for free. There is no greater teacher than experience and the people you see that have a little age on them, have experience in one field or another and would probably be happy to share the knowledge with you.

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Comment by Cara Smith on January 17, 2009 at 9:02am
So - I had read this and nodded. But Thursday night on the way home from work I was thinking specifically of this. A car kept tail gating other cars, weaving in and out changing lanes etc. And by the time we had made it from Little Rock to my Alcoa Road exit - he had managed to get exactly one car ahead of me with all that dangerous behavior.

That's what, five seconds!?? I wonder if he ever considered those five seconds worth the mayhem and damage which could have happened had someone else not reacted in time to prevent a wreck.

What idiots one finds on the road.
Comment by Martha L. Wilson on January 15, 2009 at 4:04pm
Ok, the thing about typing on a computer is, that one can not really be sure of the mood expressed by the writer.

I do get frustrated with some of the drivers, and Rick, we have probably all been guilty of some of those things from time to time. I know I have, and I too am trying to watch it.

I am not sure about the life thing. My kids have been gone from the nest for some time now, well most of them anyway. Some have even been back and left a time or two but it is clear to me that a parents job does not end there, and we haven't even started on the grands yet.

Honestly folks, I love all five of my children. Would not have missed the years with them or their friends, nor the time I now am allowed with my grands. I do wish I had more of that financial stability to fall back on so I could do more for them at times. But I still would not want to do it again, especaially since I know what I know now. Being a good parent, is the toughest job there is. It is hard, pays little, and never ends, but there are rewards that no money could touch. Rick, I am glad you ran in and out of my home with my son and that you are still in my life to an extent. It is amazing to see the adults that I knew as children. I find you very intelligent and I like your insight.

Shelli, I believe your children must be really young, or you were an exceptional child yourself and have not gone through the trials that some children put parents through. I hope you never do. The statement that when they are young they step on your feet and when they are older they step on your heart, is well, putting it mildly at times.

I love hearing the comments of each of you on all the things discussed.
Comment by Bassets hill on January 14, 2009 at 2:22pm
People do not think about what they doing on the roads these days and do not care. We drive alot to Bryant i knew what you talking about. I'll i got to say is I hope God blesses the people anyway!
Comment by Shelli Poole on January 14, 2009 at 2:19pm
You got a big laugh from me when you said "NO!" that you wouldn't do it again. I thought for sure you'd say "yes!"
Comment by Dawn Shell on January 14, 2009 at 1:57pm
How true about the drivers. Been in that boat more that once. Thank goodness I no longer have to comute and deal with them.

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