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I didn't want to be attached to any ones comments, tho most I'd like to! the comments I have to respond to are to many regarding the sheriff and the operations of the jail.  Now mr cooper, a few facts of the inmates comments regarding their chosen incarseration.  The moneys that families "put on the books" pays for their food from the kitchen within the jail (don't have to purchase meals from other sources.              Inmates say that they'd rather be in the "pen" than in Saline Co.".  Many  of the often "regulars" know others in there, and of course they're goning to talk smack and raise cain..they're already in jail.      I can affirm this to be true as my son has been a  "regular".  These men and women in jail are therfor a reason!  Too bad if the jailor doesn't want to be your friend. so sorry the mattress isn't a theraputic, but you have a place to lay down, shelter. a nother thing mr.c is tht I was raised in avilla and now live 2East  End, and it is very common to see the red trash bags along every road at one time and another. And these are the folks who are working off fines, charges of failure to appear, non violent inmates to pick-up trash , they get out of their cells for awhile and the county gets a "free Adopt a Road".  another win - win.         And the fool who walked of was in for a failure to appear and only had a few days left; now he just copped a felony charge.  His Choice!!       And the sheriff isn't and hasn't been able to run around and make promises he has already proven work.  But most importantly, he is not a politician.  He is a Police Officer first, and his door is always open.  mr. cooper, my son was in jail for making terrible choices, and he deserved to be there. Jail is not meant to be fun, but memorable.  Hopefully as a deterent.  I pledge my vote to a man who has faced every aspect of police work. Who has patroled every road in this county.  Who has had to walk down the road to gather body parts.  Investigate the young man who just blew his head off.  Anything you can't imagine..a police officer will and or has dealt with it.        many have already made up their minds, perhaps you already voted; either way, The reality is Sheriff Pennington has given the Department the equipment he knows they need, he's been there.      Vote for our County to stay safe.                  

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Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 20, 2012 at 4:42pm

This week was National Police Memorial Week to honor those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. A local event with the Saline County multi-jurisdictional honor guard were held on Monday night at the courthouse.

Well, guess who showed up five minutes before it was over?? Mr Ward and EJ Harris. Both had a very disheveled appearance and looked like they had slept in their shirts. Both left immediately afterwards without speaking to hardly anyone there. Not exactly very respectful towards officers he wants to work with as sheriff, and not very convincing that he has s lot of officer support. Maybe support from former officers like those mentioned in the FOP endorsement. Some might say this shows he's a true outsider that will turn things around, but I would beg to differ if he doesn't have the respect of those around him. Especially since there were also members of the clergy present who weren't even acknowledged by him.

Not much of a command leadership presence demonstration by him

This is a major concern for future relationships with other agencies and community leaders in Saline County. 

This is my humble opinion.


Comment by Shelli Poole on May 20, 2012 at 12:53pm
Amen and good night nurse! Mrs. Frost, I am blown away by your courage to do what's right and let the system work, even through the pain of it being your own son. Thank you for sharing your experience as well. From your words, it had to be a humbling one, and I pray for a rehabilitation for your son, if not for your sake or his, at least for the sake of his children.

As far as folks talking crazy wothout getting the whole story, I'm sure you know, Criminal investigation is all about getting every fact possible. You wouldn't get on a bus or plane without knowing its destination... And you can't get to the right answer by assuming what tge facts are.
Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 20, 2012 at 10:16am

Good day Mr. Cooper.  First I must correct you that my husband is the Lt. of the C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division.  You ass ume that my son got special treatment because of his step-dads position.  Perhaps I need to wake you up to the realities of TOUGH LOVE.  Why in the name of all that is Holy would I state any info on my personal lifeif it weren't true and important?  How could any mom let their baby, that I carried, nursed, raised and would die for; who has given me three beautiful grandsons, ever let their son sit in jail???  He played, he paid!  Not too long ago he was in jail and could get out for $200.; failure to appear;  I confirmed with the judge that if he stayed he could work off all his legal debts.  When I told the Judge that he could just stay there then, both he and the bailef(sp) were shocked; following his sentenceing they both told me how amazed they were that I had shown tough love.  If more parents would admit, my kid/spouse broke the law; remembered they were punished at home for breaking rules, and the "outside world" works the same way.  In fact Mr. Cooper, we, Mike and I found my son stumbling down the road after we got a phone call.  Mike drove him to the jail, had a deputy get him out, put him in suicide watch.  This is not something a mother would send their child to endure. We would never want to lay in bed and cry over what he might be going thru.  But I have had to.  My son made that choice for me.  Good day, Mr. Cooper        Any issue or questions re: my sons experience should be addressed to him.   No family assaults!  #1 Rule

Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 20, 2012 at 8:46am

Hello DAP; yes I don't open this sight often anymore, I did leave you hanging on a response RE officers paper work.  "Before the ink is dry", "before the paperwork is done", is a common term.  I apoligize for using it too loosely.  All the info and circumstances of an arrest are completely finished to justify the incarceration. During this time the jailers begin there work, keep in mind they don't usually come in one at a time(so to whomever complained about it taking too long to release an inmate, be grateful that all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed)   While the Deputy finishes the "amount found", where the injured party was taken", etc...  The complete details are gathered for the final report, which will reach the desks of Lt.of Patrol for review, then another Lt. to re-confirm the facts,  then filed for the procecuters office.  And by the end of their shift the person is too often out already.Each arresting officer/officers have all of their reports complete before they leave the jail.       In your profession DAP, I hope I've almost explained the process, and would appreciate any help you could provide on discovering the "root cause" of Wards' desire to be Sheriff; there is a root called Kudzu!  (sorry I went off subject) just got excited.  I pray that you will continue to look for ways to improve all of the counties services and procedures.  We need a variety of sets of eyes.  Sorry for the wait.

Comment by DAP on May 20, 2012 at 8:04am


Glad to see you on here...I've been trying to get a question answered for a while but no one seems to know the answer or want to answer it.  You mentioned in a post several weeks ago that part of the issue with the criminals in Saline County is that the ones that are brought in are released before the proper paperwork is completed.  I've asked on 3 different blogs for confirmation and clarification on this but can't get an answer.  Can you tell me WHO is responsible for completing this necessary paperwork?  I saw and replied to your response but it didn't answer my question.

I'm asking because my profession is process improvement and when I hear that root causes arent' being identified or addressed, it sparks my interest.

Comment by Brenda Rhodes on May 20, 2012 at 4:50am
If her husband is Mike Frost doesn't sound like her son got special treatment, now does it? Don't worry, she didn't influence my vote. Listening to you guys made my mind up a long time ago. Save your breathe, John, and your spiel (I have heard it over and over and still don't believe it).I won't be voting for Ward!
Comment by John M Cooper on May 20, 2012 at 3:22am

Of course she is going to speak highly of the treatment of her son as I am certain he is treated much different due to the fact that her husband is Mike Frost a member of CID that works at the Sheriffs Office.  Hmmmm???  No person is saying that the jail should be a day spa but certain standards must be met, laws must be followed, staff must be trained and the lawsuits must STOP.  Lawyers, family members and bondsmen should NOT be treated like criminals when they walk in the front door and it should not take 4 to 6 hours to book in and out. I will say it again he is the worst Sheriff in the state when it comes to the jail bar none.  Elect James Ward for positive change for Saline County.

Comment by Brenda Rhodes on May 20, 2012 at 2:33am
Thanks, Lynda. This is the most sensible thing I have read on here in weeks. If you, as a mother of an inmate, thinks there is no abuse and speaks highly of our sheriff, who either arrested or had your son arrested, how much stronger of an endorsement does Pennington need? I hope everyone will read and think about what you have written. If anyone would complain about our jail or our sheriff, wouldn't it be the mother of an inmate? Yet, all I hear her saying here was he did his job in arresting her son and he was treated
right. No, it's not the Hilton. But, it shouldn't be! They are not in there spending time in order to rest and relax! It punishment. Thanks, Lynda, for speaking up. It's not always easy to tell everyone that your son has been in jail. This speaks volumes to me and is much more than hearsay!
Comment by PAIGE on May 20, 2012 at 12:15am
Thanks for posting!!!
Comment by PAIGE on May 20, 2012 at 12:14am
He is the reason why Saline no good for nothings are off the streets. If u want to check out his statistics...look up his web site! He has my vote because i will feel more safe with him and the police men and women who serve our county! people! Dont take Wards word! Do ur research and vote for Pennington! I had many weeks trying to figure out who to vote for and i chose a good Christian many with family values! If u have question? Call him! He will answer them! ward will not ve able to keep his promises. Want to know why? Because Pennington has already been working on them! why put a dumby in office when u already have the real thing?? Vote Pennington!!!!

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