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JAMES WARD -- Big WHY He Shouldn't Be Sheriff

It's gettin' real clear that the Smiling Boy is now pandering for votes by convincing people he'll reopen the cold case on the Boys On The Track.  Like there's anything HE can do that hasn't already been done. 

Looks like he's even gotten to Linda Ives herself -- a sweet, suffering yet strong woman with a broken heart, fishing her tired old pages on Pennington from now-irrelevant problems he had 15 years ago that are getting posted online.  Far as I'm concerned, this poor lady is being used and I don't like it.  The Smiling Boy can't deliver anything new to ease her pain.  We all wish we could.  But he's an empty suit.

Instead, she and everyone else needs to take a gander at this:













This ain't the same letter over and over again, kiddos, these are 11 SEPARATE CERTIFICATES!!!  Kind of overwhelming, huh? 

We got somebody here who claims that we should elect him Sheriff because he has a business (COP Security Systems), he knows how to run it, and he can bring all that so-called expertise to our Sheriff's Department. 

What you just got to see is evidence to the contrary.  THESE ARE UNPAID TAXES, KIDS!!  EXACTLY $9241.22!!  The Smiling Boy can't pay his bills!  What's he gonna do to us if we put him in charge?  HMMMM???  He's counting on you to forget over the years.  He's not qualified now or EVER to be Sheriff.  He's not qualified to run a Sno Cone stand!! 

This just gets deeper and deeper, and I know a bunch of you are real tired of it, but hey, we CAN'T let this kid get close to the Sheriff's office!!!  He will destroy law enforcement in this county, I'm sure of it.



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Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 6, 2012 at 3:07am

Again Casey Smith,  Ward has nothing to show for why he should be Sheriff.  No classes, no acadmey, reserve time, ride-a-long  NOTHING.  Now with that said lets see what Bruce has accomplished in his term as Sheriff.  Ooops No past bashing here just the facts as you requested.

Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 2:13am

Hey there Mr. Hutto,

At least ward was not given a letter of repremand from the Chief of the State police and said that he was a embarassment to the whole department. Or called a lier, or was reportedly drunk on the job. Shale we keep going........... Where is your evidence of all that you claim?

Comment by John Publius on May 5, 2012 at 5:00pm

Mr. Shadow, if this is your real name and not a pseudonym, the questions I ask come from my own deductive reasoning. I do not consider myself connected, and only as well informed on this matter as any other citizen who opened his or her eyes and ears regarding this matter.

My interest stems from the fact that I am a father and grandfather, who cares for the welfare and protection of mine and others from predators such as this monster. There is recent  history with regards to protection of reputation by institutions in matters similar to this one.The child abuse by the clergy within the Catholic church as well as the Penn State Scandal are well known even to the least informed.

One of the investigative reports on this crime was written by David Koons and published 10/1/09 in The Arkansas Times. I suggest you read that artical for more details. Ken Casady is referenced in relaying the pressure his office recieved to exercise leniancy. The pastor is quoted in confirming that the allegations were not initally reported to the police, rather Pierce was to apologize and ask forgiveness of his victims. He was allowed to continue to have contact with children. These are reported facts.

Here is more of my opinion. Anyone who knew about Pierce's conduct had a moral responsibility, and I think the legal responsibility to notify police of the knowledge of this crime. Pastor Grant by his own admission attempted to handle this without reporting the crime. Is it a large leap to assume that Pennington would engage in damage control for his church?

Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 5, 2012 at 12:44pm

All the money that Bruce owes people that he never paid is more than Ward ever owned... and by the way paid.  Look in the delinquent tax list. There are hundreds of businesses in there.  This is not a negative in my book. Taxes were paid.. end of story. Tell Bruce Almighty to pay his debts back....

Comment by The Shadow on May 5, 2012 at 10:42am

Why don't you start, Mr. Publius, with where your questions are coming from?  How is it that you appear to know so much about how the Pierce case was handled?  How are you connected in order to be well informed enough to even ask these questions?  Is this your actual name or are you part of the new movement here to use what sounds like proper names to escape being accused of using a pseudonym?

You're accusing the Sheriff of engaging in damage control for an institution at the expense of victims -- a charge that I find completely lacking in credibility.  This is not the character and history of the man.  The charge is outrageous.  Back up your reasoning with known facts, or details that would lead us to believe they are facts.  More importantly, reveal your alleged sources.  That is a request, not a demand.  In the case of Penn State, we know what the motives were to cover up.

Where are the motives here?

Comment by John Publius on May 5, 2012 at 3:04am

Peter, yes someone removed that post and reply. They also removed comments about Pennington and David Pierce. Probably the biggest injustice upon the youth of Saline County since the Boys on The Tracks.

David Pierce was the Music director/minister for many years at the same church Bruce attended.

Pierce was accused of abusing 54 counts or individuals, not sure which.

I have made allegation that this case is similar to the Penn State Scandal because the abuse of children took place over many years (I remember others came forward and told that they had been abused and were chilled ; i.e. told to be quiet, not to talk, that they were part of the problem)

I refuse to believe that over the multiple years of abuse that no one was told, that no one knew, that no coverup took place. I remember that other victims of abuse came forward and said that they told parents and officials what was happening.

So, when Pierce's crimes finally were exposed to the public, the sheriff personally went and picked Pierce up. But what happened next?

Set the record straight,  Bruce Pennington. Did you Take Pierce to your office for bond? Was the bond written at your desk? Did Pierce leave the jail by the back door of the jail? How long was pierce held in the jail? What happened to the Perp Walk?

I alledge that Pierce was given special treatment. But what happened next was just as bad in my opinion. The investigation was either bungled, or not pursued to protect those who knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it. (Penn State)

Pierce plead to two counts of abuse.The other 52 counts were reportedly dropped due to the expiration of the statue of limitations. Pierce served a short jail setence. He is now on parole.

Who knew what and when did they know? What efforts were made to uncover recent abuse which would have resulted in a longer sentence. Why did the sheriffs office investigate crime which occured in The City Of Benton.

Once again, my opinion, I think a pedophile does not stop. I think others knew of Pierces crimes and covered for him to protect the institution. I think Bruce Pennington helped with damage control at the expense of victims. What do you think?

If this is what Law enforcement experiance gets us, give me none.



Comment by John Publius on May 5, 2012 at 1:01am

So What? They said he owed it and he paid or contested. I asked James Ward how many cities he operates in, 61. That means he pays taxes in 61 cities, 61 different bills each month with many different tax rates, that means local and state. 

I doubt Pennington agreed to let Ward slide on any legitimate violation of the law. How would you know whether the prosecutor and the sheriff agreed not to file charges in the first place ? So how do you know anything about his personel file? Have you been illegally reading same? What laws have you violated by divulging this? Or did you just make it up to slander James Ward? How about posting  your own personel file since you have quoted Wards? I think I will trust Ward with my civil liberties over you any day !  You Quote 97% of Bruces phone calls as being law enforcement related, DO YOU LISTEN IN TO THOSE TOO? Silly BS on your part

Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 4, 2012 at 11:52pm

The point is and has been...Ward has/had a Certificate of Indebtness issued against his company.  Ward lied to a law enforcement about CURRENT insurance and was involved in an accident which the Insurance comissioner, Sheriff and Proscuting Attorney AGREED together NOT to charge WARD with a felony.  By the way, WARD collected the money from the customer and did what with it?  Its NOT HIS or YOURS or MINE.  Its the DFA's.  They do not have to understand.  You collected it.  Pay them.  Been their done that.  Still their still doing that!

Four years--2 Elections this person still has done NOTHING to better himself for this position. NOTHING!  He is a distaster waiting to happen to the citizens of Saline County. 

We the citizens of Saline County CANNOT let this person who is not certified law enforcement trained, has 43 days experience (fired after violating several policies on 1 call) take charge of your civil liberties and run amuck with people surrounding him(BTW) we still do not know who THEY are. 

97% of the phone calls Bruce handles everyday are lae enforcement related is WARD going to tell the person "Let me run down the hall and get someone who might know this answer."  OOOPS..they are out working.  Come back later in the year, I might have the answer after I go to Sheriff's school.  Your right-----SILLY BS on your part.

Comment by Peter Glenn on May 4, 2012 at 11:43pm

John Publius, didn't you have a comment removed from the blog last night, along with James Wards blog post?  That is just wrong that someone (administrator?) removed his campaign post.  He was not violating the rules, just had information about his goals and such.  Do you know what happened????

Comment by John Publius on May 4, 2012 at 11:23pm

Silly BS, Anybody who runs multimillion dollar business with sales tax collections will tell you that the state is quick to file liens. 2009 and 2010 was a time when collections were down. Customers quit paying, yet the state expected tax collections to continue unabated. My company faced the same issue, tax reciepts dropped, tax payed dropped, and the state did not understand. They thought past collections would continue. If you are cutting expenses , the monthly alarm monitoring is the first tier of cuts. ON ANOTHER POINT, JAMES WARD GREW UP IN A SINGLE MOTHER HOUSEHOLD, MR. HUTTO. DADDY WAS NOT AROUND TO PAY ANY BILLS THEN OR NOW. HE BUILT HIS MULTIMILLON DOLLAR BUSINESS ON SWEAT, SMARTS ,HARD WORK. THE AMERICAN WAY.

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