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Did anyone catch the Courier today? I read about how someone sent a letter to Hot Springs Village and claimed to be Ms. Samples. Milligan denys knowing about it, ( Plausable Deniability im sure).


Do you think it will reflect badly on Milligans campaign?

What do you think the person was thinking by sending this type of letter out? (you could clearly tell a person whose campaigning would not send something of this nature)

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Comment by Peter Glenn on October 6, 2012 at 9:04am


Regarding the Myka Sample incident, there needs to be an investigation by the AR State Police because it needs to go outside Saline County for any action to be taken.  It's the good old boy network workings at its best (best for them and worst for Saline County).

The investigation should start with an interview of Randy "the sign guy" Coger who lives at the intersection of Evans Loop and Neal Streets in Bryant.  The "seed" was planted on his yard marquee at the very beginning of the primaries and stayed there for weeks.  His marquee declared that Myka Sample was really a Democrat running as a Republican or similar wording.  Then that "seed" was harvested right at the last minute before voting, in the form of a letter, supposedly signed by Mrs. Sample.

Who is Randy Coger?  He is a good friend of Rick Meyer.  His signs have been smearing people for years.  And, if his name sounds familiar it is because these four went together and filed a lawsuit against the City of Bryant during the 2010 election:  Jill Dabbs, Ricky David Tripp, Randy Coger and Tara Mink.  Their lawsuit was dropped after she was elected and after it had served its purpose.

Comment by Pam Harcrow on October 5, 2012 at 10:37pm

I just hope when everyone goes to vote that they remember the camp that was constantly in the news in a negative way regarding manipulating the race (in other words cheating!!) even including using COUNTY OFFICES AFTER HOURS.

Myka Bono Samples..... who ran a clean, honest, campaign........deserves better than this just by virtue of being a citizen of the county that was wronged.

And it's also good to know that Saline County Prosecutor is allowing perjury to go unpunished, or even questioned, in county courtrooms nowdays.

Comment by Brenda Rhodes on October 5, 2012 at 10:13pm
Great comment, Pam! But its sad, isnt it? I was shocked when i read the paper last night! Todays article just made me sick at my stomach really. It sounds like somethng that would be in a bad movie!
Comment by Pam Harcrow on October 5, 2012 at 9:57pm

No, it seems Saline County Politics can even get dirtier!!!


According to the Benton Courier tonight the sheriff has never even forwarded this letter to the Arkansas State Police for investigating!  Sheriff Bruce Pennington is a friend of mine and I voted for him....... But SO IS Myka Bono and I voted for her, too.....  I'll be voting again this November.


If someone had signed YOUR name to a bogus letter in the middle of a hotly contested campaign and sent it to a whole section of the county, thereby attempting to manipulate the race in a most dishonest way, I believe any prudent person would want that to be investigated completely and fully.  It should have been!  The sherrif's office is wrong in not seeing this to its finish in my opinion!   In fact, the people have a right to know who is trying to manipulate an election!


And on another stellar moment in Saline County Politics, yesterday's Courier had the story of how our own Ricky David Tripp was NOT charged and the identity of the mySaline blogger "remains unknown".  His lies on the witness stand were so apparent it's amazing his nose didn't grow!  What is going on and who is protecting these people who make their own rules (and break the law!) in Saline County Elections?


The Sherrif's Office and the Prosecutor's Office have let the people of Saline County DOWN!!! 

Comment by A.B. on May 22, 2012 at 5:50pm

I spent nine hours today at one of the voting sites and all the candidates (but one and he had a representative there) were either there all day or at least stopped by.  Guess what?  There were no fusses, no fights, and no mudslinging.  There were, however, offers of something to drink, offers of sunscreen because some of us were getting sunburned, and there were smiles, laughs and visiting among the candidates. These candidates were getting along!  It should teach everyone a lesson about how to behave:-)

Comment by The Shadow on May 22, 2012 at 9:56am

My, my, my, you children are having quite the campfire, aren't you?  Little wicked know-it-alls have all of this figured out.  And now I find myself part of a three headed snake?  Really?  That any one or more of us are on here commenting within five hours of each other, and now we're in some kind of conspiracy?

What would we call Trainguy, Wendy, Annabelle, Sam Turkey Jones, and BoydB?  The TOES?  Which of the five is the big toe?  Why, that would have to be the Turkey, I think.

My take on Mr. Tripp's comments is that he's trying to look at this from the perspective of those who think they have a case.  He tends to string out his thinking, sometimes delving into some minutia that loses his audience, but I hardly think it marks him as needy (?)  He's posted quite a bit of solid information here, more than this group of misfits so full of themselves and their views.

The Turkey is the one most interesting to me at this juncture, with such creepy references to Mr. Tripp's daughter two nights ago, taunting him with what Turkey knew about an appeal.  My opinion, as I expressed it to Ms. Russell, was that this was clear cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying if I ever saw it.  As Mr. Harper noted, a clear sign of an individual with low character.

Annabelle is little more than a shrill voice in the corner, yelling for everyone to look at her.  BoydB is a legend in his own mind.  Trainguy?  More like train wreck.  Only A.B. appears to have some intellect and civility about himself or herself.

Fortunately, this will all be over before we go to bed.  I'm obviously reasonably confident as to the outcome of things.  I'm watching the County Clerk very closely on this primary, considering his insertion of himself again into commentary on election related events, such as the HSV letter.  His last compromise of his election role came following an open endorsement of Milligan's opponent (he sat that election out.)  The last thing he wants is a Federal investigation of his election handling before he retires from office. 

Knowing that, I would expect that he will keep the process clean and honest.  Jail is hardly a place to retire.  His childhood friend, convicted drug felon Dan Harmon, could tell him a tale or two about the experience.

I'm spent.  Time for me to slither into my lair and try to find the other two heads. 

Comment by Trainguy on May 21, 2012 at 10:46pm

Annabelle, I agree with your thinking about the three headed snake.  I think he is so needy that he can't stand it and when he tries to intellectualize he 'trips' himself up.  Intellectualizing is a way to build yourself up and that's my impression of him, that he is needy.  He's just dyin to tell you what he knows, so maybe they should just ask him about his sources, his intel and so on.

Comment by Wendy on May 21, 2012 at 10:33pm
BoydB .....How does this man own the copyrighted name and photo of The Undertaker? I am a longtime fan of WWE wrestling and The Undertaker is a wrestler. I pay him not alot of attention, but the mysaline Undertaker is using his photo as well, if I'm not mistaken, but I'll have to look again. WWE Undertakers stuff would definantely be copyrighted.
Comment by Annabelle on May 21, 2012 at 9:38pm

I know Trainguy.  I've said all along, if you need to know anything about anything, Tripp is the guy to go to for info because he "knows it all".  I just wonder whoooo might be the "intel" he has talked about all this time......who would know the confidential information about the letter, as well as "other" information that the "three headed snake" always let's all of us know that they get from their "leak, intel, source",  etc.  Anybody thinking what I'm thinking???


Comment by Trainguy on May 21, 2012 at 8:02pm

Annabelle isn't it funny that Tripp would talk about plea bargaining and ramble on.  He also says it really doesn't matter that much to him.  Funny that he would post so many comments about it. One minute he's saying the investigation won't get far and the next he's asking if anyone has information.

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