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Here's a Real Man Who Gets It On Pennington -- READ THIS

This is from my blog on James Ward.  This dude hit it out of the park, and I'm puttin' him in the spotlight.  Nothing from me on this one, just read it.  A real man who gets it.  He says it all.


Comment by Bill M Hutto
9 hours ago

Voting Starts May 7th.. Please vote for the most quailfied person for Sheriff.

Personal thoughts--My wife and family own several other companies here in Saline County (both retail and service businesses). I personally have worked for the Sheriff's office since 2005 (Reserve, Part Time II and now as certified LEO) and was encouraged by several members of the opponent's support team to join Saline County Sheriff's Office back in 2005. I was given the opportunity to WORK my way up the ladder to a full certified position by both the past and present administrations.

Without a strong working knowledge of the business YOU ARE DOOMED to fail. Not only fail yourself BUT the county and the PEOPLE. I know personally because I surrounded myself with knowledgable computer people and failed. You (the opponent) MUST put the boots on, leather belt on, the weapon and go work the streets for years PRIOR to leading a multi-million dollar company and with the full knowlwdge that YOU are dealing with the US Constitution and its complicated laws that changes daily and you affect peoples' lives daily.

Come work as a Reserve (again) or better yet get hired on as a certified officer with some department for a few years and then run for Sheriff.

The people that the opponent says he will surround himself with are mostly people that have been fired or released from the Sheriffs department or wanted to get out of detention and onto patrol but never made it. I would say that IF Sheriff Pennington fired or released me from the patrol division today, as a MAN I would still vote for Bruce Pennington only because he is the most quailifed.

I am somewhat baffled that the opponent lets you and a few others speak for him. The opponent's excuses are thin and not believable to the common person. Not to show up at a Republican straw poll....his own party. The numbers may be right -- 81% will vote for Bruce. My view at this point and time is that you are like a small child who cannot get what you want and will do anything and everything to get his candy. Quit whining to the Republician party that the election is rigged. Quit lying about the Sheriff and his stats.

I personally have been on a traffic stop when Sheriff Pennington has pulled up behind me, not that I can't do the job, but he is working the streets as well. I have heard the Sheriff on the radio making traffic stops, working hand-in-hand with SWAT on drug raids, meeting with prisoners and talking about their concerns.

Last week, the Sheriff and our patrol unit assisted Benton PD with a pursuit of a tractor-trailer truck running from Benton PD at a high rate of speed on I-30. THe Sheriff helped stop the individual and vehicle on US Highway 70 putting himself in danger. I need to know that the Sheriff is in the fight with me and can stand on his own two feet BECAUSE he has been where I am today.

Standup and be a righteous man. Be honest, talk the truth. This job is high risk, important and REQUIRES EXPERIENCE to protect and save lives.

Also one other point...Mr. Ward has had 4 years?  Elections to gain some kind of law enforcement training.  No training, no ride alongs, no LEO reserve time, no police academy.  This job involves the Constitutional laws of the US and Arkansas State laws.  Every day the laws change, lives are affected and by NO means should any individual take this important post WITHOUT Law Enforcement Experience/Training.  And lots of it.

PLEASE, people, just because someone posts items from 4 years ago...look at the individual and experience for this position.  I can tell you that Sheriff Pennington has no control nor will he condone negative comments. 


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Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 1, 2012 at 10:17pm

My compliments and thanks too to Mr. Hutto for a fine comment and a very informative one too.  Your information was helpful and compelling, and you did a great service sharing it with us.

Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 1, 2012 at 10:15pm

Sounds like you're the one with something to get over, Worried.  What did Undertaker do that was so wrong?  He saw something good and wanted the rest of us to share in it, who might otherwise not have seen it.  I missed this one until it was posted here, so thank you again, Undertaker for bringing it to our attention.

From the looks of the other comments, a few others besides myself appreciate it.  Evidently, he was quite effective re-posting a well written comment so more people will read it.


Comment by Heather Brown on May 1, 2012 at 8:53pm
Beautifully written
Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 1, 2012 at 7:36pm

Thanks Mr. Hutto.  Eloquent and thorough; sincere and to the point!  Kuddos

Comment by Sherry on May 1, 2012 at 7:30pm

Amen Mr. Hutto!


Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 1, 2012 at 6:34pm

Did this really need to be posted again. Do you think that people couldn't read it when he posted it? R U,  "the undertaker" so powerful that when you speak others listen, so you feel the need to re-post others posts, so more people will read it??  GET OVER YOURSELF

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