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Don't let strangers in your house!!!-Tip of the month for September

Ok guys I usually do a tip of ther month after the begining of the month; however this is very important.

I went on a call today in a subdivision where two women were going door to door "selling" "Cleaning Product". They were invited into homes where they would just wonder around and probably learn the lay out of the house. Neighbors were telling these two women alot of information about their neighbors such as where they worked, the times they were at home, their names and their kid's names as well.

Folks this is a very dangerous practice in which we should not share with strangers. We in the law enforcment community work hard daily to keep you and your property safe. We need your help to not give out information to strangers. Remember "Stranger Danger" We all need to heed to what we learned when we were kids. I could not believe my ears of the information these two women knew about several if not most of the people in this subdivision.

  1. Don't let strangers in your home- they could be bad people and hurt you or come back later and steal you precious items.
  2. Keep information about your neighbors to your self- DO NOT share this with strangers.
  3. If a door to door sales person starts quizzing you about your neighbors put them to the curb.
  4. If they are pushy about their product and will not take "NO" for an answere call the police. That is what we are here for to help you.
I hope this helps and pass this info along to your friends so we can all stay safe!!

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Comment by Al Thompson on September 5, 2010 at 1:46pm
I don't get any of those just those pesky jehovah's witnesses with their bs literature and off the wall tracts I tell them to leave and to get off my property but they just keep coming back. I know that Officer Shell and his comrades at PD have bigger issues to deal with so I'm not going to call the Police over something so petty and take them out of service to come deal with that.
Comment by Bobby Shell on September 1, 2010 at 9:49pm
I fthey are with a local non-profit they can go door to door and sell items. They older people that claim to be a local higher education school....well more than likely they are lying through their pearly whites. I have yet to find one that would tell the truth. I actually came across one guy when I worked in Code Enforcement that was hired from a homeless shelter in Los Vegas...don't think he was regullary attending class here in our state....LOL
Comment by Bobby Shell on August 31, 2010 at 10:02pm
Yes they have to have a permit to sell in he City of Benton...each employee should have this information on them when they are at your door and hopefully being told to leave.
Comment by Duck Bill on August 31, 2010 at 10:51am
Thanks for the tip. I will make sure I run these folks off if knock on my door.
Comment by Chris Eaton on August 31, 2010 at 2:25am
People knock on my door all the time. I've been meaning to put up a sign but I've been distracted with other things. This guy came by the other day wanting me to "sign a petition to keep Washington from taking jobs away from the area." I quizzed him and he had no idea what he was talking about, nor did he actually have said petition for me to read. I saw that quite a few of my neighbors had given their "signature" along with other information.

I told him I wasn't interested and he started getting pushy.... "WHAT? You don't care about jobs?" I said "Dude you can't even answer basic questions about what your selling. I still don't know what the hell you are asking for. Go figure it out and then maybey we can talk." It was pretty stupid.
Comment by Pam Harcrow on August 30, 2010 at 10:08pm
Harper, that is priceless!! I cannot WAIT to use it!!! LOL and Thanks!!!
Comment by Harper on August 30, 2010 at 9:04pm
When someone knocks on my door selling something I put on a big smile and give a hearty “Hi”. Soon followed with ”Say, y’all don’t mind if I look at your city permit for soliciting, do you?” A blank look on their face gets a “Ah shoot, you guys probably don’t know you need a permit. You can pick one up at City Hall. But don’t let Jack catch you before you get one. That old grouch calls the cops every time.”

Is there such a permit? I don’t know. But they not only leave my house, they leave the neighborhood.

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