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David Pierce's parole decision deferred until 2012



The Courier reported today that a decision on David Pierce's parole has been deferred until after the first of the year so that they can consider additional information.  They had been set to announce a decision on his parole today, but instead announced the delay.  I don't know what the "additional information" is, but I would hope that they have received an avalanche of protests regarding his possible release.  I kind of wonder as well whether the recent Penn State and Syracuse sexual abuse revelations have caused the parole board to consider this case more carefully than they might have in the past.


I sometimes wonder if folks in our little town of Benton truly understood the gravity of the David Pierce tragedy back in 2009 when it all exploded.  Consider that here was a minister who was sexually abusing dozens (if not hundreds) of boys in the church (as well as at other venues), for decades, all in the name of God.  If that doesn't make Pierce's actions as repugnant as those at Penn State and Syracuse, then I don't understand why it doesn't.  And while I'm thinking about it, I've heard some people refer to this as the David Pierce "scandal" - I don't like that word, it cheapens the monstrous nature of what he did to a tabloid level. 


I've been following the blog of one of the survivors of David Pierce's crimes ( ) as he speaks about the struggles he endured as this all unfolded in our town, and how FBC and their leadership totally failed all those survivors.  It's painful reading to be sure, seeing how survivors were basically discounted to the side in order to save Pierce in any way they could.  Only when it reached a tipping point did they finally do what they had to and involve law enforcement.  How truly sad for the survivors that they were made to feel that Pierce was more worthy of saving than they were.

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Comment by Steve on December 9, 2011 at 5:00pm

David Pierce should stay in prison until the last of his victims reconcile the last of his issues. And not a minute less!

Comment by Terry Babbs on December 7, 2011 at 11:26pm

Posted by Greg White:  "Hopefully, when God deems the time proper, David will be out of prison and can pursue whatever is possible for him to do in society to promote God's Kingdom.  If we would all pursue the grace of God instead of being judgmental of others, then maybe God will find a better use of our own lives while we are here on earth."

I wholeheartedly agree; God's will be done.  If God deems further punishment it will be...maybe walking this town/county knowing we all know what he did is a type of punishment from God.  It is going to be a wilderness, of sorts, when he is released.

Comment by karma on December 7, 2011 at 12:24pm

Way to go Junior and Rally!  Keep up the good work Bo, you are helping people everytime you speak. Where are those FBC people who were spewing venow a couple of weeks ago on here.

Comment by Rally Squirrel on December 2, 2011 at 10:27am

How in the world does that monster being released from prison give you and your family closure?? If you need an external event to happen in order for you to have closure, you're doing it wrong. There are hundreds of statements and interviews from victims and their families explaining in detail how they kept waiting for closure from incarceration, from the death penalty, etc, but never got it.  Closure doesn't come from without, and if you're waiting on a perpetrator's parole to give you closure, be prepared to wait for something else when he finally is released..

Comment by karma on December 1, 2011 at 8:48pm

Well Greg, aren't you just the fine Christian? You are a fruit cake. You are absolutely not intuned. You are clueless as to the mental damage that David Peirce has caused. To say the things that you are saying is horrible. You just are adding insult to injury. It sure is easy to say it's time to move on, are you nuts? I bet you would like, just keep downplaying this horrible tragedy. I can't stand to look at the mans picture. You are a follower and definitely not a leader. I also think it has everything to do with the Penn State scandal. How David Pierce's wife can just stand by this monster is sickening. Thank God for people like Bo who have had the courage to speak out.

Comment by Greg White on December 1, 2011 at 12:24pm


Well stated are your points.  I wish you all God's blessing in your recovery.  We all have things in our lives that we need closure on.  For myself, parole and the release of David will serve as full closure so that I do not have to read anymore about the private issue that affected my family as well as so many others.  And I long for the family of FBC to regain our mission and move on.

Comment by Bo on December 1, 2011 at 12:15pm

Greg, I am very sorry that your sons were victims of a predator such as David Pierce.  I do wish them well in their recovery journey from this.  But I do take exception with several things you stated below.  For example, “there was no sexual contact involved” – David Pierce sought to minimize his crimes by using that phrase, which you repeated in your post.  Abuse is abuse, and parsing into degrees like this does not lessen the damage done to a survivor.  It only serves to send a message to them that it wasn’t that bad, so get over it.  That’s the message that the perpetrator wants everyone to believe, that whatever his crimes were that they weren’t that bad.  When a survivor of sexual abuse hears this message, it only serves to reinforce the perception that the abuse he went through is somehow less significant that someone else’s experience.  For me, I endured forcible rape as a child, but I don’t draw distinctions between that and what the survivors of David Pierce went through – again, abuse is abuse.  When I was in therapy dealing with the effects of the past, my therapist and I talked about this at length.  He said that he had some patients that were sexually abused and it did not involve rape, yet they may have a far more difficult time of coping with that than someone like myself who was raped.  We are all different and our abilities to deal with trauma vary.  So, the fact that “there was no sexual contact involved” to me is meaningless.  Sexual abuse is not primarily about sex – it is about power, control, and betrayal.


To see the lingering effects that sexual abuse has, I would encourage you to visit which is a website devoted to men overcoming the sexual abuse of their past.  There you will see thousands of men in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond who are beginning to come to terms with what happened to them as a child.  You’ll see stories of their failed relationships, drug and substance abuse, self-denial, suicide attempts, etc., as well as the hope that has been renewed in them through beginning the recovery process.  Many of these men never told anyone about the abuse and waited decades to address the problems that it had caused in their lives.  They are heroes in my book, and a testament to an undying desire to want to have a better life in spite of the abuse they went through as children.


Below you said “…they were hard pressed to give the prosecution answers that were twisted to fit the conviction.”  I can only surmise from this that you believe the prosecution unfairly convicted David for his crimes.  David himself characterized his crimes as merely a “rough patch” of time.  I don’t think we’ll come to any agreement on this point, because I clearly see his actions as crimes punishable by imprisonment.  I do, however, agree with you that once his allotted time is served, he should be released and subject to his parole restrictions.  That’s our system of law. 


Whether David was genuinely serving God in his time at FBC or simply using it as a cover for being on the hunt is something that only he and God knows, none of us can see into that.  In my heart, I do hope that he has that genuine relationship with God, since I can’t imagine living a life without it.  In my decades at FBC, I came to know David pretty well, working side by side with him at points.  While I came to a point of forgiveness years ago for the rapist of my childhood, I don’t think I’m at that point for David, yet.  Maybe it will take more time, but on that point I do thank you for giving me something to think on.  I don’t hate David, just what he did, and I’m still yet trying to come to terms with it myself.

Comment by Greg White on December 1, 2011 at 11:17am

I did not say that my kids were not victims.  They were victims, the same way as anyone is a victim of loss of innocence.  Who introduced you to porn the first time?  Was it someone you trusted or befriended?  Was it your father or brother?  Were you victimized by their actions?  Were you alone the first time you discovered your sexuality?

Now, putting that in perspective.  Yes, it was wrong!! A church is no place for such actions and the appropriate actions were taken by the church and I believe the appropriate actions were taken under the law.  Now, when the law says that the appropriate time has been served for the crime we need to let this go.

For me an my family we have sought closure and we do not wish to continue to not forgive.  My life will live out seeking to serve the Lord in my actions.  If you consider that as being blind, then I would like to introduce you to someone who can change your heart.  Give me a call 501-317-6297

Comment by Rally Squirrel on December 1, 2011 at 10:56am

Greg, your post is full of nothing but pure, unadulterated crazy.  You can't be serious.  No sexual contact involved?  Does that make them less victims?  Does that make what David did any less wrong?  I can't imagine there being more than one answer to that question.  But then again, I can't imagine being as blinded by religion as you are either.

You sound just like some of the quotes from the letter David wrote to FBC (or maybe the pastor, I don't remember).

Comment by Greg White on December 1, 2011 at 10:42am

Being the father of some of those survivors, I assure you that you are totally wrong in your perception of what the church offered to do and how the church did take action as swiftly and in an appropriate manner.  Reading one person's blog does not mean that you have the entire story to many of the young men that were affected by this incident.  Many of those young men would tell you today that there was no sexual contact involved in this issue and that instead they were hard pressed to give the prosecution answers that were twisted to fit the conviction.  David Pierce made a mistake that will unfortunately overshadow all the good that he did for God's service.  Hopefully, when God deems the time proper, David will be out of prison and can pursue whatever is possible for him to do in society to promote God's Kingdom.  If we would all pursue the grace of God instead of being judgmental of others, then maybe God will find a better use of our own lives while we are here on earth.

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