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Please Vote Smart--Below is a list of items which under Sheriff Bruce Pennington's guidance has allowed the Sheriff's office to make giant strides in Saline County.


SINCE 2009:

Obtained additional grants for Victim Advocates for Domestic Violence

Established Explorer Post for the youth of Saline County

Obtained a NEW Chevrolet Tahoe (from the US Marshall's Office) at NO COST to the County

Setup inmate commissary (in the jail) that has raised over $50,000 which can be used for jail operations

SAVED the County $25,000 / year by purchasing bread locally

Established a website ( at NO COST to the TAXPAYERS of Saline County

Re-established a STRONGER working relationship with the Quorum Court, elected officals, US Marshall's office, Arkansas State Police and municipal police agencies in Saline County (including Deputizing ALL Benton and Bryant Officers)

Ensuring that ALL jail employees attend a Jail Standards course

Working closely with Saline County Prosecutors

Obtained a $96,000 grant for the purchase of cameras for the patrol division

Purchased a NEW Jail Van (money saved from the jail); acquired NEW Bullet Proof Vest (for the SWAT Team;upgraded ALL computers in the Sheriff's office and Jail;purchased computers (for patrol division) with money saved in the Fleet Management.

Upgraded Reserve Division

Received a trailer from Benton Fire Department--Converted it into a mobile command post--NO COST TO TAXPAYERS

BOUGHT (2) for (1) Special Response Tean and (2) Search & Rescue Team.  Payed for out of Communication fund -- NO COST TO TAX PAYERS

Providing G.E.D.classes for inmates

Turned Back to Saline County General Fund (from jail):

           Year         2009 -- 2011             $1,600,000

Sheriff of the Year Award -- 2010


Saline County Detention Center has become a member of National Institute of Corrections

Hired outside collection agency to collect old fines and cost from Circuit Courts.  This has generated over $20,000.00 back to the County General Fund


The items listed below can be found at


6-5-2009                      New Website Launched

9-2-2009                      2 Suspects arrested for Commerical Burglary

3-1-2010                      Arrest made on Highway 35 (Huckaby's Burglary)

4-1-2010                      Homicide on Chicot Road

6-7-2010                      Meth Lab Bust on Springdale Road

6-7-2010                      Meth Lab discovered during a loud music call

6-12-2010                    Home Invasion Suspects Arrested

6-21-2010                    73 lbs Marijuana seized in Search Warrant

6-22-2010                    East End Elementary burglary suspects arrested

6-24-2010                    Meth Dealer arrested in a Bryant Hotel

12-2-2010                    Get Out of Jail Week Program

2-3-2012                      Press Conference Alexander Shooting

2-28-2012                    Methamphetamine Arrest on North Sardis Road

3-9-2012                      Copper/Narcotics Arrest

3-19-2012                    Saline County Officers Conduct Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint

3-27-2012                    Wanted Subject:  Jeffery Paul Whittier Arrested

4-2-2012                      Saline County Detention Center eestablished Medical Program


These are some of the work related items Sheriff Pennington has accomplished.  It hs taken time to do alot of this ground work and NOW is NOT the time to switch gears with someone who has LIMITED knowledge, skills, training or experience.  Please ask yourself a question...IF the opponent wants to become Sheriff so bad WHY in the world hasn't he attempted to gain law enforcement knowlege, training, experience or sometype of classes in law enforcement to better himself to becoma a viable opponent?  WHY?  Four years--2 elections and NO attempt to better himself.


The Sheriff's position is one of understanding the US Constitution, the Federal, State and local laws because he is dealing with peoples liberties & lives.  To have a person SURROUND HIMSELF with so called experts is a disaster waiting to happen to Saline County Citizens.  We do not need to regress but be allowed to move forward in a positive manner and grow. 


Sheriff Bruce Pennington has worked very hard for you, please afford him the opportunity to continue serving the Citizens of Saline County.

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Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 6, 2012 at 5:12pm

It is easy to say that you support a candidate when you have been told by Bruce Almighty's camp  that you will lose your job if Ward is elected. Nobody knows what is going to happen, but Bruce seems to like to drill it in that Ward is going to fire everyone. He does not know that, and that woman that keeps going on here telling people that Ward is going to fire her husband.. that's just crap.

Everyone wants proof of things.. where is this woman's proof that James Ward is going to fire her husband??? There is none.. it is all just here say... just like everything else.  

Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 6, 2012 at 3:17pm

The Undertaker was right about you, Bill.  You are a real man.  And a smart one too.

Let the opposition choke on this blog.  Nice to see the truth for a change.  Now, check out my own excursion into blistering truth: "FINALLY -- THE DENNIS MILLIGAN FACTUAL CLEARINGHOUSE."  All about another good man Bruce knows only too well who is also being unfairly attacked.  I'm about to clear the air at my end of the road.

Carry on, sir, with my support and respect.

Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 6, 2012 at 3:12pm

Does anyone know who the Justice of the Peace is in your area?  They are the body of the Quarum Court and will be the body that controls all of the agencies and funding within the county.  That is an office of great authority.  Inform yourselfs.

Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 6, 2012 at 2:36pm


I really hate wasting my breathe and time on your comments.

One more time sir, The website went up in 2009--it gives only highlights--not a complete list.  I do not understand why you cannot comprehend this simple sentence.  This whole Accomplishment blog started in reference to certain mudslinging bloggers saying Bruce and the Sheriffs office is working hard enough or not working at all or we are tired.

Casey Smith and I have some items that now we both can agree on.  You on the other hand seem to want to stir the pot and sit back and watch the fireworks.

And yes, Bruce has been in alot of pictures promoting things--thats his job.  Its a fact that ALL Saline County Police Chiefs and Fire Departments will and have supported Bruce because he has an effective communication skills with the QC which flows down to all LE offices/officers and Fire departments.  They are working hand in hand with each other due to Bruce's relationship with the QC, JP's and the community.

Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 6, 2012 at 2:25pm

Casey Smith.....

Saline County only has ON THE BEST of days 5 patrol deputies, MOST days 4 due to sickness, vacations, training cover approximately 758 Hundred square miles of this county.


I have to agree with you Casey..however you cannot just snap your fingers and get 4 patrol officers @ $30,000 each / year 4 patrol units equipt @ approximately $35,000 / unit, Insurance, FICA, a budget increase for gas, repairs to units, tires, oil changes etc...


The QC must allocate and vote on this.  The Sheriff has input BUT if the QC said no then we are left to provide the best coverage with the trained officers and cars possible.  I have encouraged people to call the JP's and push for more officers.  As I explained to someone the other day just because we have 600,000 left in the jail budget it cannot ber used for cars, salaries, computers, clothing, etc... each account is specific for what the money can and cannot be used for.  I wish it was that easy.  We have looked at grant money...the US government is cutting way back on funds to states ands county for needed resources. 

The QC is trying very hard to help the Sheriffs office with increased manpower.  I hate taking 20 mins to repond to a call and sometimes feel obligated to explain why. 

Casey, you and I agree on this matter 1000%.  I hate the mud slinging.  I wish we had a committe consisting of the common taxpayers who could once every 2 months come to the jail and evaluate the conditions, a committe of common taxpayers come to the sheriffs office and do ride a longs to see what the conditions of the response are like and then report back to the QC and push for more funding.

Your thoughts please. 

Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 6, 2012 at 8:19am

What kind of proof do you need. My comment is obvious, only in election years is there anything to post on his site. If you think that I have doctored this list go to and see for yourself.

Press Releases

04/02/2012 - Detention Medical Program
03/27/2012 - Wanted Subject: Jeffrey Paul Whittier
03/19/2012 - Saline County Officers Conduct Weekend Sobriety Checkp...
03/09/2012 - Copper/Narcotics Arrest 
02/28/2012 - Methamphetamine arrest on N. Sardis
02/03/2012 - Press Conference - Alexander Shooting
12/02/2010 - Get out of Jail Week
06/24/2010 - Meth Dealer Arrested at Hotel in Bryant
06/22/2010 - East End Elementary Burglary Suspects Arrested
06/21/2010 - 73 pounds of Marijuana seized in Search Warrant
06/12/2010 - Home Invasion suspects Arrested
06/07/2010 - Meth Lab discovered during loud music call
06/07/2010 - Meth Lab Bust on Springdale Road
04/01/2010 - Homicide on Chicot Road
03/01/2010 - Arrests made in Hwy 35 Huckaby's Burglary
09/02/2009 - Two suspects arrested for commercial burglary
06/05/2009 - New website launched

Answer me this.... why has he only had good things happen  in election years? If you go to the Saline Courier and look at the archives you can see that there are no stories about him until a election year, then you can't get his ugly mug out of the paper. And it is not anything he has done good, it is him jumping in the picture with anyone that will let him be in it.  A month ago he was on the front page promoting the cereal drive for Boys & Girls club, since when did he start caring about that? I guess Jasen Kelley was nice enough to let him be in the photo.

Comment by Casey Smith on May 4, 2012 at 6:30pm

If i have to chose between being late on someones taxes, and being drunk while you arrest people. Ill take the one that paid his taxes late. Trust me if Ward does the same things as pennington has done in his past....he would be getting a ear full from me also. The difference here is that Pennington has done it....time to move on.

Comment by The Shadow on May 4, 2012 at 12:24pm

WorriedNSaline, you have expressed "concerns with Bruce Pennington and his lack of leadership and lack of morals, ethics and responsibility."

Be specific, sir.  Provide your proof.

Comment by The Shadow on May 4, 2012 at 12:22pm

Mr. Smith, you need to go and check out the recent blogs posted about Ward by The Undertaker.  While he may be a bit abrasive for some, his points are solid, and his documentation proves beyond a doubt that Mr. Ward is irreversibly unqualified to be Sheriff. 

Sheriff Pennington appears to have had some past problems, but he was not permanently removed, he retired honorably, was not uncertified to serve again in law enforcement, and whatever penance there was to do, he did.  Evidence?  He was elected to office, and has been pointed out, has been named Sheriff of the Year, among his many other accomplishments.

The public apparently overlooked the past drug use admitted by President Obama as a young man, and the fact that he is an ongoing cigarette smoker in denial.  If we can forgive those mistakes, I think we can forgive a results-getting Sheriff.  Ward, on the other hand, has crossed some lines that I think removes him from serious consideration permanently from being Sheriff of this county.

Electing him would not just be unwise, but has the potential of being disasterous.

Comment by Linda Ives on May 4, 2012 at 12:08pm

  hmmmm . . . . in my humble opinion, the title of this blog is misleading -- It wasn't until June, 2011 that bruce decided it was time to SWITCH GEARS and parties -- so most of the above items were Democratic accomplishments apparently, not Republican.

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