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I mentioned somewhere else on mysaline that my wife and I are debt free except for our house. We found an awesome (and I don't throw around the word awesome lightly) program called Financial Peace University. By following the principles we learned how to manage money and paid off roughly $16,000 in debt (credit cards and 2 cars) in just under a year.

The program is taught by Dave Ramsey ( on DVD. He can be heard Monday thru Friday on 88OAM and can be seen on Fox Business Network at 7pm on Mondays and a bazillion times in reruns through the week.

My wife and I make decent money but were almost living paycheck to paycheck. We'd do our taxes at the end of the year and think "WHERE DID ALL OUR (long string of expletives) MONEY GO!?!??!!" I accidentally ran across this program while on the job, and told my wife about it. We went through the program, and now we have a plan we follow. Also there have been NO MONEY FIGHTS....which is great because now we have time to fight over other stuff.

It's a 13 week program and is very entertaining as well as informative. It's based on common sense and backed up with biblical principles. You not only learn how to handle money, but you learn how money works. He also teaches (in the later lessons) how to understand insurance and investments.

I was wondering how many other's here have taken the Dave Ramsey or similar class? If there are some who are interested I was thinking of starting a personal finance group so that we could share tips, and encourage each other to step back and think when the urge to purchase a big screen television arises and you don't have the cash to buy it.

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Comment by John West on March 30, 2009 at 6:12pm
It's also being hosted here:

Bryant First Pentecostal Church
4200 Hwy 5 N
Bryant, Arkansas 72022
Web Page:
For Information call the church at (501) 847-3720
Or contact: Eddie Moore (501) 776-2378

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