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31st Annual State Peace Officers Memorial Service

      The 31st Annual State Peace Officers Memorial Day Service was conducted Friday, May 18, 2012, at the Law Enforcement Memorial at the State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas. The Memorial started at 12:00pm with the President of the Arkansas State Fraternal Order of Police welcoming everyone. This memorial service is to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens they protect. Officers were remembered in the Roll Call of Heroes for Arkansas. During the service the National Police Prayer was read:

     Almighty God Father of all mercies, we ask thy blessing and guidance upon all law enforcement officers engaged in the protection of our citizens. Be with them in their lonely tours of duty while patrolling the busy streets of our cities and the remote areas of our country. Give them the blessing of your wisdom, to know and do what is right. Temper their actions with mercy and justice. When their tours are completed, and the day is over, guide them safely home to their loved ones.

     We also ask thy blessing and eternal rest to all our brothers who have sacrificed their very lives in the performance of their duties. Give to their loved ones the peace and strength to bear the anguish of the loss. Remove all resentment from their hearts, knowing that eternal peace and rest will abide over their departed loved one forever. This we beg in thy name forever and ever, Amen.

     National Police Week will end today until next year. I respect and thank all men and women who have chose Law Enforcement as their career path. My family and I will always Remember.

                                                                        God Bless and Thank You


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