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Congratulations Dennis Milligan

Congratulations Mr. Milligan on a job well done. Saline County and the office of the Circuit Clerk will be well served once again.  

The people have spoke, The best man for Circuit Clerk won as expected. Looks like the smoke and mirrors didn't work.

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Comment by A.B. on May 25, 2012 at 7:35pm

When I first moved back to Benton, I also went to the Circuit Clerk's office for some information,  well before Dennis Milligan was elected.  I didn't have a very good experience at all, but I brushed it off as a bad day, and I certainly didn't blame the Circuit Clerk at the time because he wasn't out there supervising his employees.  I went back on several occasions after that (same Circuit Clerk) and got good service.  So goodness gracisous, give it a break, and the next time get out and vote for the officials you think would do a good job.  It sometimes seems that voting is one of the dwindling privileges we have left and many, many good people gave up their lives to give us that privilege, so use it before we lose it!

Comment by GregM on May 25, 2012 at 7:02pm

You are right Mr Tripp, it did work on some because they are still crying. Not only about Mr Milligan winning but about Sheriff Pennington's win (trouncing)

 I have a hard time believing Mr Pilots comment for the simple reason that it starts with..."On Wednesday MY WIFE went to the circuit clerk office" then all of a sudden it was... "No one would help US" then it was "I asked some question trying to find a read estate deed" ( I assume he meant real estate deed)  you would think he would get his story straight if he wanted someone to actually believe it. Which was it Mr Pilot, did you go or did your wife go or did both of you go?

In the past year I also have had to make use of the Circuit Clerks office twice! and both times I was helped quickly and professionally without any ordeal. and I am sure hundreds of others have had the same experience as I. Have people had less than perfect encounters with the Circuit Clerks office ? Im sure they have, I bet they did with Mr Kidd as well only they are not here insinuating Mr Milligan is not doing his job.

I am wondering how he knew Mr Milligan was not there, you cannot see his office from the help desk unless you go around into the public computer research room, "IF" he did that then it just proves again his story is made up because it would mean he did get help when he claimed he did not. 

"IF" he was there and did not see Mr Milligan what makes him think he did not have a meeting with one of the judges or maybe he was having a meeting with the jury coordinator or maybe he took an early or late lunch, or maybe he had to go to the freaking bathroom! he is allowed to do that isn't he?

I agree with you also "IF" he had such a terrible experience why would he not ask to see Mr Milligan? Also I don't know if it would do any good but County Judge Lanny Fite is just around the corner he could have dropped a complaint there. He is the top dog CEO for Saline county!

I also like how he insinuated his "supposed" bad experience was due to Mr Milligan only hiring  pretty inexperienced women when he said... "One somewhat pretty woman who was apparently hired for her appearance, and not her skills appeared irritated that a taxpayer had come by to do county business and interfere with her socializing with her co-workers" from what we were lead to believe from all of the Myka Sample supporters before she lost the election, the women that were not selected to stay on Mr Milligans staff were replaced by men, so wouldn't that mean that the women who are still there were part of Doug Kidds old staff?!?! Maybe he should have replaced them all! 

Why try to blame Mr Milligan for a "supposed" bad experience by making such a ludicrous accusation?  Because you Mr Pilot are just ticked that your girl Mrs Samples lost. I bet you are ticked Ward lost also, and throwing in "I did not vote this time and up until then I did not know who the circuit clerk was" did not make your obviously fabricated story anymore believable 

story |ˈstôrē| noun: an account of "imaginary" (key word) or real people and events told for entertainment

Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 25, 2012 at 3:47pm

The smoke and mirrors worked on somebody, Greg.  Read these comments.  The venom just never stops, even after the voters have spoken.  Pilot, if you have a complaint, has it ever occurred to you to lodge it with the clerk?  Maybe even in writing, instead of coming on a social website that is trying to reflect more positive content for its readers?

If you've been wronged or inconvenienced, tell the man!  He wants to hear from you.  I know that observing that he supposedly wasn't there was an intended dig, but I think we'd all be interested if we knew exactly how much time in his office chair that Dennis' predecessor spent.  Milligan wants to do the best job possible.  If you have suggestions, make them instead of complaining to people on here who only want to listen without being able to do anything about it.

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