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Hate, Detox, Backlash and a Board of Directors: Mandatory Member Reading.

I want everyone to know something very important about myself and I've been saddened and angered to see the behavior that has come out here in grown adults. Bickering, name-calling, lies and other childish and downright evil character has become
 what many people think about when they hear the name ""

This website is something I've worked hard on for
 nearly five years. I've made it into something that people already know about before I can tell them. It's made me a local celebrity. People greet me all the time now and I have no idea who many of them are. This might sound cool and exciting, but as soon as someone speaks about what's happening on the site, it's all about...

  1. What I must be going through because of the 
lawsuit against members of the site,

  2. How the site is covered up with
 hate and
 negativity from people who don't even sign their own name to their comments.

I don't know if this is going to make sense to you, or if you'll even read this, given that you're either one of the people guilty of this behavior or you're one of the people avoiding the site because of that behavior... But here goes.

As alluded to above,
MySaline is my baby. I've spent countless days and nights - and overnights - feeding it, teaching it to walk and talk and cleaning up after its messes. I got my baby to a point where I didn't have to watch her every second. She was able to feed and dress herself and be rather independent. I was the proud parent for some long time.

Now what's happened is comparable to a stranger coming in and pushing drugs on a child. The parent's efforts don't have the same effect on the child. The child pulls away and becomes engulfed in the new culture of poor decisions and regrettable consequences that come with her new habit. A 
terrible, sad and hurtful habit, both to herself, her parents, and to society in general.

You want to raise your child to be a healthy, positive contributor to society. You want her to be successful and beautiful in as many ways possible. When find that your child is on drugs, you feel that you've lost her. You feel you've failed her. You'll do whatever you can to bring her back. The damage is done and you can't undo it,
but there is something a parent can do.

This is the hard part.  You have to strip away the things that are harming her, but she's addicted to them.
You have to separate the child from the drug and watch her scream and cry and shiver through detox. I will also compare this to having to make that painful incision in surgery in order to get the tumor out from under the skin.
The tumor that's consuming your child's flesh.

I'm speaking in parallels because this is one of the more difficult things I've had to write. I need desperately for you to understand what's about to happen. Moreover, I need your help in deciding what should happen next. I've paused and breathed deep and walked away a couple times and come back to this writing since eight o'clock this morning. We don't always get to say exactly what we mean, but I'm putting my best into this.

You know that I have allowed anonymous members on because there are some things that must be said. Many times, the person who must say what must be said will become someone with something to lose after they have said it. This is the only reason I have allowed it. What's happened is that certain members have taken that freedom and run in a full-blown, no-holds-barred direction akin to dropping a piano on the sidewalk to kill a weed.

Last night, a longtime MySaline member that I call friend asked me a simple question: [paraphrased] "Has everyone on MySaline gone flat crazy?!" Next, another friend and member since forever expressed how awful it is on MySaline, particularly close to election time and she hasn't checked in for a while. Then, still another friend who's been a member from nearly the start said that he hasn't been on in a long time. He didn't say why, but I know. These remarks from good and trustworthy friends cut me. I felt at that moment like I wanted to delete every member who didn't put their name behind what they say. For a few minutes, this really was my decision. Luckily for you and for me, my very best friend called and interrupted my thought process. 

So here's what's going to happen. I'm going through the site today - yes, on election day, of all days - and I'm deleting the troublemakers. You've seen me make several appeals over the months and years for members to read and take care to follow the site agreement. It's so very simple, and yet people don't do it. Some people even say they are following it - or after I've messaged them to talk about it they say they'll do better to follow it. They aren't. They just aren't. I say "they" because I'm assuming at this point that the troublemakers have stopped reading. So here goes.

I'm certain this move will provoke much fork-tongued backlash to show up in my inbox... From the people who never cared that this isn't just any website. It. Is. My. Baby. has got the heart of the close-knit community of Saline County in it. That's you and me. This site is no longer a hobby for me - I've quit my day job and benefits and regular paycheck to turn the crank on this ice cream maker until it no longer makes ice cream. Or until nobody is left that likes ice cream. The name "MySaline" is now synonymous with "Shelli Russell," my own name my parents gave me. I want my family to be proud of that name; proud to speak of what I do. 

So if you're with me, I'll need your help. I'll need you to give me suggestions about what the site needs. I'll need folks who care to get together in person on a regular basis and discuss what's working, what isn't, and what's next for MySaline... your watering hole, your history book, your go-to for community questions and more. All these members aren't for nothing. Let's make fun, informational, easy, and hate-free.

Please email me at if you're in for any of that last paragraph. I'll add you to the MySaline Army and after the election tonight and after the Freedom of Speech Rally June 1st, we'll rock the snot out of this bad boy.

Your comments...?

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Comment by Elizabeth "Jade"Green on May 22, 2012 at 10:12pm

Thank you Shelli... I am sure we have all skirted the playpen and fell off the swings a few times.. but sure am glad you are taking control... I try to promote the site every chance i get... So yes i want it to be a good place to refer folks.. thank you again!!!

Comment by Brenda Rhodes on May 22, 2012 at 9:21pm
I haven't been a member here for all that long, but I have really enjiyed everything but the politics! I have lived in Saline County all of my adult life and I never thought it was bad. In fact, I love it. Of course, when you are an 09er there isn't any way to go but up! I appreciate all you have put into this site and I agree that you have to rock your baby. I love reading that you were 'cracking the whip'. There have been a few times when I was actually a little scared of some of the things that were posted. But, just like a bad car accident, I kept looking and sometimes commenting. When folks say they can't use their real name due to xyz, I think what they mean is they can't use their real name and write the things they do under an alias! I am behind you 100%. Keep up the good work!
Comment by Jennifer Lewallen on May 22, 2012 at 9:02pm
Shelli, I can only imagine the frustration you've felt in the past year or so. Do what you need to do. If the loud-mouthed meanies want to be loud-mouthed meanies then they can start their own social website. I was browsing my page to see when I joined. It was back in 2007! Before then, I was using some other site to keep up with goings on back home in Benton. I left it because everyone became so hateful. Nip this in the bud. Rip it from the roots! MySaline deserves to be a happy, community-oriented site. My drivers license may read "Jennifer Lewallen," but it will remand jaggle here.
Comment by Jennifer Harris on May 22, 2012 at 6:55pm
As always, Sassi, you are always full of grace. Love to you!
Comment by Just Ducky on May 22, 2012 at 6:49pm
I am lovin every syllable of this! Go Shelli Go!
Comment by Shelli Poole on May 22, 2012 at 5:41pm

You guys are awesome. Now I'm switching over to election night mode until tomorrow. Somebody gimme a wakeup call inna mornin.

Comment by Cindy Corbitt on May 22, 2012 at 5:40pm

Can I also please say that it's not just the election that has brought out all of this?  It has been going on longer than just that.

I remember once, I ask a question and had like 11 views.  I changed the title only to make it appear negative and had 45 hits and answers to my question within an hour or so.  I think I also got a "well played" comment. 

I'm just saying it doesn't all go back to the current election, that's all.  (And mainly I'm saying that because I'm not "scared" of getting "bashed".  Maybe I will even post something light and funny later.  :)

Comment by Cindy Corbitt on May 22, 2012 at 5:32pm

I am oh so happy to see this!  I use to come over here all of the time, now not so much.  I don't like all the yee chee yee cheein.

I like fun stuff, helpful stuff, what's going on stuff. 

Mysaline today is a far cry from when I joined.  Do you realize there was a posterboard hanging on a pole on Military Rd that led me to mysaline?  That was when she was still a wee little lass, I think.

I can put my real name on here if ya want me to. 

Carry on, Queen Shelli, carry on!

Comment by Karen Johnson on May 22, 2012 at 5:17pm

Comment by Brian on May 22, 2012 at 5:15pm
Shelli , I agree with you 100%. This election got way out of hand with the bashing and "non-truths" that were spread around.
I will admit that I did not use my name because of how some people were trying to hunt others down. But now I really don't if they want me....come get me. Lol.
I just hope that after today everything will settle down, no matter who wins. Again thank you for sharing your site and keep up the good work.

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