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Soon this will be over it ends until the next election. I shudder to think of this. The mudslinging and calling it politics just astounds me. The attempt to ruin a young mans reputation with half the story is beyond thought. And the one doing this should think. He is someones son also.  Now I have not responded to demands or questions because I see no point in responding when people hide their identity. To me this is a cowardice act. I do not hide behind anything when telling my opinions or the truth . So obviously John Publis ,Trainguy ,Sam turkeyhunter Jones ( New alias BUFFOON Jones)sam casey and others, you are not telling the truth  when you can not use your real name. Oh I know your scared of retaliation. Bull you are not you just have a penchant for telling lies and spreading manure. You know your facts are bogus and so are your accusations so therefore you hide behind an alias.Big brave adults huh. Setting a fine example for children to follow. And to use a homicide that happened 25 years ago to further a political goal is truly appalling. I sympathize with Linda and hope it will be solved but for political gains to use for campaigning is just shocking.

By the way John Cooper . I would not comment about things I don't know. Personell matters are governed by law. But I am sure you know that. By the way give me your incident number on that report and I will find out if you are telling the truth . You know the one you and B.Hutto never would give it to him. Why?

By the way I would NOT work for J.Ward. I want Honesty Integrity Experience in my Sheriff. One that is very knowledgeable of the law and can move this department forward. That has the respect of his peers in Law enforcement.I dont see where Ward will do this. Nor do I believe all the accusations by Wards supporters saying  there is misconduct by team Pennington.  As Linda Ives said it;  people get very passionate excusing what Sam (Buffoon ) Jones said when he made a very poor analogy to me by saying God forbid if your son is murdered in Afghanistan. I say there is no excuse for these things. People should temper their passions and conduct themselves in a manner that is upright before God and man.So reply all you want with inane comments. I doubt I will read them .Because I don't see giving creedence to people who speak with untruths or half truths.

By the way I am very proud to support a good man Bruce Pennington and call him my friend. I am also A proud member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Masonic Lodge Air Force Security Police Assoc.  and othe honorable groups. Care to make fun of them John Cooper? .

In ending I know some LEOS backing  Wards campaign has a CHECKERED past also I know the facts for their departure . But I will not lower myself to to some peoples status and sling mud. Also why sully their reputation because they are backing Ward? I dont see the point. And dont say to prove hiring practices. Because they will be working for Ward IF he is elected which I sincerely will not happen ,for I do not think him to be an honorable person like Sheriff Penningtonis a honorable man.


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Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 21, 2012 at 2:14pm

John Cooper (EJ Harris) will not discuss his US Transport Offcer assignment however, his past will be discussed in detail soon.  Papers are on the way.

No one has anything pissy to say about Linda Ives.  Ms Ives has seen my comments and I do believe in my heart IF SHE THINKS for a minute that Ward is her answer--she is in for a hugh let down.  Her tragic case 25 years in the making needs the full resources of a larger law enforcement agency.  That incident went all the way to the President of the US.  A very deep dark secret coverup.. Many people died attempting to investigate this matter.

I want it solved for her.  I want to see Ms Ives at peace with this tragic death of not only her son but another family son.  It would elevate any one person to a national news worthy event should he/she solve this crime. 

Comment by Donna Jones on May 21, 2012 at 1:27pm

Then they would have something to be pissy about Linda!

Comment by Linda Ives on May 21, 2012 at 1:14pm

Harold -- you apparently mis-interpreted my comment, or maybe I did not make it clear.   My statement that "people get very passionate" was not directed at Sam's comment -- I was referring to the fact that you and a number of others got all hot and bothered at mere words spoken about something bad happening to your child -- so  just imagine how hostile the reactions would be if someone had actually done to your child what was done to mine. 

Comment by Harold Marable on May 21, 2012 at 3:35am

By the way John Cooper( EJ) why did you leave the Marshalls office? Care to discuss that?

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