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If you can, will you tell me what efforts Ward has made to FOI any info on your sons murder? No doubt his promises are beyond belief; they are.  Remember Dan Harmon?  Richard Garrett?  The worst of empty promises.  They are the ones who took this case to trial and Malik determined the boys smoked too much pot and passed out side by side on the tracks.  Please, this one time, see thru the dirt of politics.   God Bless

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Comment by Wendy on May 22, 2012 at 7:30am
Well yall heard it straight from Momma Ives mouth......the truth about the Pennington admin. investigation on the Ives Henry case! Didn't understand why my statement was 1/2 cents and that I Wendy T don't deserve an apology for simply making a statement and asking a question? However, I don't expect one as I have been bashed since I came on new to the boards! So nice I found out the true attitudes of some people which swayed my vote. Thanks for the mysaline welcome wagon P-folks(especially Katee and her nice respectful nasty bashing of Mrs. Ives! I hope thats not the same mouth she eats out of) Birds of a feather flock together. May the best men/women win tonight and my best wishes to James Ward!
Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 21, 2012 at 10:56pm

this is so fun tonight I just can't stop chuckling.  I didn"t know what an LEO was when I left out, now I come home and discover I am one!  lmao!  Your right ole Casey, cops do choose to their Profession.  Thank God we are blessed to have the men and women in this county who have made this choice.  I'm gonna show you the same respect I showed the fished; threw them back to grow a little more.  Ya'll are crackin' me up here

Comment by Casey Smith on May 21, 2012 at 10:42pm

Well Lynda.. Looks like you got way off subject here by talking about pay. While I also believe that our LEO community gets paid very little for what they do, I also believe they choose their profession. They should not tell citizens that we should respect them because of their choices. Everyone should be respected equally. I would not do it just because of the pay, but if other people would take a stand..then the pay would go up. Its called supply and demand.  


Cruze also addressed some the issues about the administration that I was thinking. As his budget increased he should have increased the pay, good labor is your most valued asset. Not a Tahoe.

Comment by Linda Ives on May 21, 2012 at 12:20pm

Lynda -- I am so very sorry you are in the middle of this by no choice of your own and want you and everyone on here to understand I have no reason to hold any hard feelings toward you,   You have never been anything but kind to me which I appreciate.

In the last meeting with Mike and Pennington a couple of months ago, Mike's own words to me were that he had conducted one interview in the case and that he had not had time to put a case file together.  A few days later I found out they were lying to me about trying to locate a witness for 3 1/2 years.  I had one more meeting with Mike which was very contentious.  The rest is history.  This case is not unsolvable -- I just need someone in office who doesn't mind stepping on toes of certain people.  That person is not Bruce Pennington -- this I know.

Comment by Cruze on May 21, 2012 at 11:35am

Mrs Frost, We all sympathize with you being the wife of a LEO it can be tough,(my mother was one for 32 years). But, your comment brings to light another area that Pennington has failed miserably at. . . taking care of his people (well at least most of them). 

Try this on for size . . . Instead of going to the quorum court for money to purchase luxury vehicles why not ask for more money for his people ? Afterall they are the backbone of the department, the ones actually doing the work NOT him.

His response when asked about raises from personel is to blame the quorum court and attack their character calling them "Anal" sounds like the Mask era (not a good move). Unfortunately they (quorum court) are probably furious to now know the truth about him (two faced) and funds will be even harder to get. 

Comment by Wendy on May 21, 2012 at 11:28am
Well said riccoar! Kuddos to you my friend! Bitter Bitter Bitter people! Shakin my head, it's pathetic! Guess you struck a nerve huh? Truth hurts sometimes. Glad you see this all and the Ives Henry case how it trully is which I just have no way to put into words how truly awful it is.
Comment by Jon Madden on May 21, 2012 at 11:27am

Nice deflection, but you could not be more wrong in your assumption.  First, it is not virtually impossible to solve this case.  Secondly, it very much indeed starts with the SCSO.  Finally, it starts to truly precede forth once the sheriff looks over the oath he took as not only an officer of the law, but as sheriff of this county.  That means knowing and coming to the understanding that the actions required will cause him to have to look some friends in the eye, even some in law enforcement, and tell them that 25 years have been long enough for the truth to be held hostage. The person who holds that position has a duty and honor to fulfill that or step out of the way for someone willing to at least try. 

Comment by Wendy on May 21, 2012 at 11:26am
Well said riccoar! Kuddos to you my friend! Bitter Bitter Bitter people! Shakin my head, it's pathetic! Guess you struck a nerve huh? Truth hurts sometimes. Glad you see this all and the Ives Henry case how it trully is which I just have no way to put into words how truly awful it is.
Comment by lynda rainey frost on May 21, 2012 at 11:01am

ok riccoar, ya caught me headin' out the door, but I wanted to thank you for explaining better than all of us combined, why this case is riddled with corruption, and how virtually impossible to solve this case, and certainly lands at feet much larger than the Sheriffs.     grabbin' my fishin' pole.   Thanks for your help; we appreciate your support for Bruce for Sheriff.

Comment by Jon Madden on May 21, 2012 at 10:44am

Lynda, this election is not about liking or disliking one candidate over another.  It's about understanding the call to professionalism.  The traction for this case will have to be generated directly from the base.  That foundation starts at the level of the SCSO.  The reason Harmon and Garrett took the reigns of the case back then was to steer control of their own vehicle.  Linda can tell you she had no idea just how involved Harmon was.  What Harmon essentially, in my opinion was doing by leading the investigation, was setting forth a venue to expose just enough light on involved individuals as possible to send a message that if he went down they would go down harder.  I think if the public were to see the unedited report put forth by the Grand Jury they would have a better understanding of just what was happening in the county and the levels they were happening at.  That report had recommended indictments for specific individuals, some in law enforcement, but all that was cut out by the presiding judge who would not allow them to go forward.  There was also an investigation from the federal level that was set to go forth on somewhere between 6-8 individual lawyers for corruption surrounding their involvement with Harmon and the little crime syndicate he was presiding over.  That too was squashed.  So what it takes is for someone to step up with unbridled integrity that understands there is no gray area. There is only right and wrong.  Without that, justice is not blind.  The truly sickening thing to me is that the real reason a TRUE investigation has not been done, is not because we would finally find out who murdered Kevin Ives and Don Henry, it is because a distinct group of prominent  individuals in this county would be exposed for the lesser men that they truly are than the way people currently have been led to believe they are.  So what we have chosen in this particular instance is that PRIDE is more important than the TRUTH.  And everyone who continues to stonewall that effort is just as guilty as those with the actual blood on their hands. 

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