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Did anyone catch the Courier today? I read about how someone sent a letter to Hot Springs Village and claimed to be Ms. Samples. Milligan denys knowing about it, ( Plausable Deniability im sure).


Do you think it will reflect badly on Milligans campaign?

What do you think the person was thinking by sending this type of letter out? (you could clearly tell a person whose campaigning would not send something of this nature)

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Comment by Wendy on May 20, 2012 at 5:04pm
I'm glad you see through this Casey. Noone in their right mind would do this and sabatoge their own campaign! I feel this letter was written in a reverse psycology manner intended to actually support Milligan and Pennington; sabatoging Ward, Samples, Curtis and Crawford despite urging voters to vote for Ward and send Pennington into retirement and vote for Doug Curtis. It don't take rocket science to see that! The Election Comission SHOULD investigate this matter and the Feds prosecute the person who did this to the fullest extent concerning it being done by mail. The Republican Party should also put their Rhino foot up this persons ass too!
Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 20, 2012 at 4:40pm

This week was National Police Memorial Week to honor those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. A local event with the Saline County multi-jurisdictional honor guard were held on Monday night at the courthouse.

Well, guess who showed up five minutes before it was over?? Mr Ward and EJ Harris. Both had a very disheveled appearance and looked like they had slept in their shirts. Both left immediately afterwards without speaking to hardly anyone there. Not exactly very respectful towards officers he wants to work with as sheriff, and not very convincing that he has s lot of officer support. Maybe support from former officers like those mentioned in the FOP endorsement. Some might say this shows he's a true outsider that will turn things around, but I would beg to differ if he doesn't have the respect of those around him. Especially since there were also members of the clergy present who weren't even acknowledged by him.

Not much of a command leadership presence demonstration by him

This is a major concern for future relationships with other agencies and community leaders in Saline County. 

This is my humble opinion.


Comment by BoydB on May 20, 2012 at 3:56pm

Prosecutors will not have to show that the letter caused injury or damage, only that it was done with the purpose to cause injury or damage.

Wouldn't it be nice to be in the clerk's position?  You are a party to four lawsuits and you also have control over when your opponent's time sensitive documents are filed, not to mention having control over whether or not they can be found or were ever received in the first place.  Isn't that a greater conflict than what you allege Freddy Burton has? (the Mattingly and DePriest lawsuits were initiated in Saline County and  eventually removed to Federal Court.

Comment by A.B. on May 20, 2012 at 2:40pm

I didn't know until today either that "the letter" only went to one person in Hot Springs Village. In fact, after the speed with which the Courier responded with its news coverage (compared to some of their past news coverage), I had to read today's article again, just to make sure that, in fact, there was only one original mail recipient. However, after the really large picture of the letter in Wednesday's paper, I guess it did go out to many people and not just to one person in Hot Springs Village to which it was sent. The author really stirried up a lot of hate, discontent and finger pointing in our county with just one postage stamp, which I supose was the intent.  Whether they can be legally punished or not, I do hope the writer is eventually revealed so others can see what low tactics this person (or persons) will stoop to use.

Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 20, 2012 at 2:22pm

What I'm more interested in is why our erstwhile County Clerk, Freddy Burton feels the need to insert himself into the dialogue over the letter in a front page commentary disgused as an interview with Lynda Hollenbeck? 

She starts off the article, "County clerk speculates on motive behind political letter" with references to the conclusion of voting and some voter counts, apparently to heighten the credibility of the context in which she lets Burton fly loose with his opinions.  A pretty thinly disguised framework to get Burton's ideas off the editorial page, if you ask me.

It seems that Burton just cannot avoid commenting on elections involving Dennis Milligan right before an election takes place.  His last excursion into this territory saw him recusing himself from the election after virtually endorsing Milligan's opponent in an editorial.  It just might be that he needs to consider that option once again, after Sunday's comments and step aside for the remainder of the primary.

He states to Hollenbeck: "What was the motive behind such a devious act?  Who could benefit from such an illegal campaign tactic?"  The real questions are: What gravitas does the County Clerk have to ask such strongly worded questions, laced with embellished descriptions?  ("devious act," and "illegal campaign tactic".) 

What makes him an authority?  He's an election clerk, not a law officer.  And why does the County Clerk, of all people, a known Kidd supporter in 2010, feel the need to raise those questions at all, with anyone knowing full well where he wants those questions to take us, right before a primary election?

The answer certainly can't be to scrutinize Bruce Pennington, who is "investigating" the matter (to the extent that it's even possible to do so, which is why I put it in quote marks.)  Nor can it be to more closely examine Kime Eubanks, who was sniped in passing as a "preacher turned politician" while the unknown writer endorsed Doug Curtis. 

Burton must be referring to the only remaining person in the lineup, who he was referring to when Hollenbeck observed that "He (Burton) speculated that a candidate may, however, have been aware of the letter and its content."  Who would that candidate be, Mr. Burton?  That would also be the person that Burton referred to in the plural as "those that benefited from the letter," identifying "them" as "whose base of support is from Republican votes in Hot Springs Village."

I realize that he was treading lightly, trying to avoid someone like me who would inevitably come forward to point at him and say that he was singling out Dennis Milligan without "actually" naming or accusing him.  But the implications are clear.  He's not only fingering Milligan as the person who "needs to come forward" and throw himself on the mercy of the judge, but he is implicating the people of Hot Springs Village as his "base of support."

I think the people of Hot Springs Village might take umbrage to that implication that they are just blind Milligan followers who cannot think for themselves.  And as a widely known, vocal defender of Mr. Milligan on this blog and elsewhere, frankly I'm somewhat surprised that no one has implicated me in this yet.  After all, that could be part of the original writers' motives as well, to "get" Milligan supporters like myself who are easy targets.  Sorry folks, but criminal impersonation in an election I think Mr. Milligan has already won not only isn't my style, but it would be a profoundly stupid and unproductive move.  My first exposure to the content was when it hit the pages of the Courier, and I had to double back to their offices the day after just to see a copy.

After all, the floundering Sample campaign is now a sinking ship in need of villains and criminals who brought them down.  Everyone is fair game, with Milligan at the top of the list.  And me.  Maybe Rick Meyer, who is blamed for everything.  Perhaps Jim Harris.  Doyle Webb, maybe?

Maybe even you.  We're all suspects in Saline County.  Let the manhunt begin.

Comment by The Shadow on May 20, 2012 at 1:42pm

Does anyone but me find it a curiosity that such a furor arose so fast, just days before the final day of voting (also known as "Election Day," now just reserved for those who didn't vote early), when political strategy might be to IGNORE the letter, since it has been since revealed today that ONLY ONE PERSON IN HSV reports receiving it??

If the content is so damaging, why would Sample work so hard to make sure it was seen?  Why wiould the Courier publish a FULL PAGE copy of it?  And Mr. Davis, don't even bother commenting in any form suggesting that your motive was "getting the news to the people," or other similar drivel.  In this case, showing the entire letter was an exercise in getting the most bang against the person you wanted the public to believe SENT the letter -- Dennis Miligan.

My own instinct is that when a man is winning a race by legitimate means, he has no motive to engage in illegitimate tactics.  However, Sample strategists could have concocted the letter knowing the likelihood that Sample would appear to be a victim, all the while knowing that the talking points contained therein are common ones among her detractors.  Why not just use it to her advantage?

Now, show me some "plausible deniability," folks.


Comment by The Shadow on May 20, 2012 at 1:25pm

I would also be interested in reading a further explanation from Denise T as to what Mr. Milligan has done "as a final act of desperation."  Are you openly accusing Mr. Milligan of sourcing the letter, Miss T?  We'd all like to know.

Comment by The Shadow on May 20, 2012 at 1:24pm

I don't believe that the Undertaker is doing anything of the kind.  He has simply opened the door to "what if" these are the actual views as presented, and that perhaps the letter was real.  Sample has said otherwise, but nothing in the letter's content is criminal.  It's presentation as a letter from Sample might be on the borderline of criminal impersonation, except for the tiny detail that with the possible exception of political fallout (mostly due to Sample's big mouth and loud protesting, along with the Courier printing the entire thing full size), no damage can be shown.

If she loses the election, as she is expected to, it will be for entirely different reasons.  This letter is not a deal breaker on her candidacy.  She is an open critic of Milligan, distributing multiple lies about him in political mailings, so her halo is hardly shining.

She was, in fact, a Kidd partisan so that part of the letter, at the least, is believable.

One paragraph outs a common concept, that Democrats feel secure enough about Crawford's re-election prospects against Steed to cross over and vote in a Republican primary.  Hardly a criminal concept, though a deeply offensive political one.

In two other alleged statements, Sample appears to endorse specific candidates in the same Republican primary of which she is a part.  Where is the crime, please?

I would echo Undertaker's call for an explanation as to exactly how the content of this letter could be construed as criminal or damaging, something I believe cannot be done without a glimpse into the real political motivations of the young Mrs. Sample.  More specific revelations about Mr. Curtis and Mr. Ward would be in order, and I don't think Mrs. Sample wants to go there just yet, if ever.

Comment by Denise T. on May 19, 2012 at 6:03am
As evidenced by his comment below, the undertaker wants you to believe that the thoughts and opinions contained in the letter belong to Ms. Sample. That is the same goal of the person who took a letter she actually wrote and cut and pasted her signature and letterhead around paragraphs that are not her thoughts and opinions. Someone committed a crime...

In a final act of desperation, the Milligan camp's goal is to further mislead the public by attempting to associate Ms. Sample with candidates in other races. The only thing they can carry on about is how she voted dem in the past. They do this because Myka Bono Sample is the more qualified candidate in the circuit clerk race and there is no disputing that fact.
Comment by The Undertaker on May 19, 2012 at 1:50am

Here ya go, Whoopi, right from the pages of the Saline Courier.  Now, somebody read this and tell me exactly what it is that is so off the wall that it demands a Federal investigation?  Let's see....she's a Democrat who's running as a Republican.  I knew that.

Kidd suggested the idea of running as a Republican in order to win.  Hmmm.....Kidd was pretty p.o.'d about Milligan's win, so is it a stretch to say that it's "payback time"?

So she wants the fake Republican insiders -- her, Curtis and Ward to win.  That's a secret?  That Dems are gonna cross over?  That she'll go back to being a Dem in 2013?  Pennington dumped out on the Dems and came to the GOP and that's awful according to them?  Where's the shock?

They don't want a preacher (and an honest guy) to be clerk after years of Burton's rule?  They want Curtis, who promised on KARN radio basically not to touch nothin' in Burton's office?  And that's a shock too?

Most Dems look at Pennington as a turncoat.  I don't agree but I see why they think that.  So Myka, now a "republican" RINO wants another RINO, Ward, to win and we're REELING in horror?  It's time to find the writer of this and prosecute them??

Funny, but why is it such a stretch that Myka might've written it, huh?  Somebody, get on here quick and show me the crime on this page:

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