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Who is Rick Meyer?  A former Chairman of the Saline County Republican Committee, a former Bryant Alderman, and reserve deputy under Bruce Pennington -- and it is my belief that Meyer is the “Undertaker” and mastermind of the smear campaign against James Ward.


As a Bryant Alderman,  Meyer was always  at the forefront of turmoil and discontent.  He was campaign manager for Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs whose administration is legendary for controversy. 


As Chairman of the Saline County Republican Committee, Meyer again was always swirling in controversy.  If elected office holders dared to buck his authority, Meyer made sure they had a hand picked opponent in the next election cycle.   In 2008, Meyer helped his Democratic friend and candidate for sheriff defeat his own party’s nominee, James Ward.   He kept the party at odds creating a split until Ward and others were successful in unseating him.    


Meyer usually works in the background, running campaign interference with his smear tactics. It is clear the “Undertaker” is hellbent on defeating Ward.  One has to wonder why it is so important to him to “retain” the sheriff’s office.  Is he afraid that an “outsider” like Ward might find some things they don’t want to be found?

James Ward has stepped on toes of the power players like Meyer in Saline County more than once.  Besides ousting Meyer as party chairman,  Ward led the successful fight against the Fairplex tax, and  led the fight to oust Bauxite School Superintendent Mickey Billingsley who had nearly bankrupted the district.   Ward took a beating by the good old boys in 2008 but they did not bury him as planned.  He is back again putting his name and reputation on the line.  James came from a very poor background but pulled himself up by the bootstraps -- and with a lot of hard work and determination he became the successful business owner and family man he is today.  A man whom I have a great deal of respect for which is why I am supporting him for sheriff!    JAMES "SMILEY BOY" WARD FOR SHERIFF IN 2012!

Below are some handwriting samples of  ‘Undertaker”  as well as a handwriting sample of Rick Meyer which was taken from county records. The handwritten dates are taken from  the newspaper attacks on “Smiley Boy”.  I find it very interesting that the “U’, the “r”, the “er” and the “2”  match.  The writing which is circled is the known sample of Meyer.

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Comment by Linda Ives on May 14, 2012 at 12:50am

oh silly me -- just a little typo on evan's name -- so sorry.

Comment by The Undertaker on May 14, 2012 at 12:38am

I'm already ignoring you, Duck, except for now when I'm telling you I'm ignoring you.  Nobody is dragged into nothing here.  You're here cause you wanna be, and you leave when your tired.

Just straightening out the lady on who I am not.  It's a tough call, cause you know what, Duck?  I really do have a lot of heart for her, and she's entitled to her opinions, but I'm sorry, Jimmy Boy is the wrong guy for Sheriff.

Hey Evan, she just called you a prick.  Hid it in your name, so I guess it don't count.

Comment by Linda Ives on May 13, 2012 at 11:58pm

I have have made an executive decision to delete all posts on any of my discussions by evan prick-ette.

Comment by Duck Bill on May 13, 2012 at 9:56am

The chief cheeze usually comments if it wasnt true.

Comment by Duck Bill on May 13, 2012 at 9:53am

Dont worry about the undertaker  trying to drag more people into  his conversations.   Your best bet is to ignore him. 

Comment by The Undertaker on May 13, 2012 at 1:19am

Okay, lady, gloves are off now, in a manner of speaking.  I'm still gonna treat you like a lady, and show you more respect than you're showing me right now.  You're way out of line this time.  This ain't about your kid anymore.  Now, it's just you throwing a fit, putting out your uninformed opinions.  So let me set you straight here and now, and then I'm gonna deal with the rest of what you're implying here.

For starters, I am NOT Rick Meyer no matter what you say or think to the contrary.  I know who the dude is, and he ain't me.  I'm reading this junk for the first time.  A bunch of other posters have all talked about this at one time or another.  Why are y'all so fixed on finding out who some of us are?  Why are these aldermen goin' nuts on my boy Shadow?  But you never say nothin' about all the Duck boys out here (Just Ducky, Duck Bill, etc.) and some of the others who are attacking people under phony names?

Where's the outrage over the anonymous letter ragging my boy Milligan?  "Oh, but THAT has a lot of truth in it," some of the people on here will say.  Crap!!  It's full of nothing but crap, and none of y'all say a word about it, unless it's your friends doing the talking.

Linda, all you do is hurt yourself when you post stuff like this.  I did some checking, and the guy (who I don't know) who did all the digging on these articles gave a bunch of 'em to several different people including Meyer, and a third guy who knows another guy that I KNOW asked a favor of Meyer to turn them into JPEGs so he could use 'em   Instead, he got cold feet and gave 'em to me, which is why Meyer's handwriting is on the pages.  I'm one of four people who got copies (but I got mine through my buddy cause Meyer don't know me.)  All Meyer did was scan and make copies.  Everybody else carried the water.  He opposes Ward, as everyone knows, so that's why he did it.

You need to take this one down, m'am.  It's just a lame excuse for bashing Meyer, who is a good man who's done good things.  If he was in controversy, it's because he did things right and didn't kiss the old guard's butts when doing it.

"As a Bryant Alderman,  Meyer was always at the forefront of turmoil and discontent.  He was campaign manager for Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs whose administration is legendary for controversy."  That's a damned lie, lady.  Personally,I don't think you wrote any of this, you just put your name on it so more people would buy it on who you are. 

Meyer got more things done for Bryant along with Ken Green than any other alderman ever.  Turmoil and discontent came from people like Steele, who said we could all just wait until there was a flood before we fixed anything, he said it!  Right there on the Council one night, it's on tape.

What did Meyer do?  He got a park built for Bryant, Bishop Park and set us up with one of the best places for families and swimmers and ball teams.  He cleaned out the rats nest in the water department, where money was gettin' wasted right and left.  He tore the roof off and up popped $400 grand that some nitwits were hiding from the Council. 

He's a reformer, Linda, and that always makes the good old boys mad, every time.  You need to get better informed. 

He backed Dabbs because she was the best one for the job, and the only controversy there was what the "Dark Three" have dreamed up (sorry Shadow) who have been causing most of the trouble.  The main reason that the bunch that Shadow calls the "Old Way" hate Meyer so much is because he's a "can do" kind of guy.  He's effective -- and they hate that.

Ward didn't have nothing to do with unseating him.  Bunch of RINOs turned on him is all.  The whole county GOP party is infected with 'em.

We're opposing Ward because you're wrong about him.  He's not qualified to be Sheriff, now or ever.  He has shown serious jags in his character that make him unfit for public office PERIOD.  I don't want NOBODY in that office who is going to run rampant, getting revenge on his enemies, firing deputies and doing paybacks like he's promised to do.  Being Sheriff ain't about him.

And it ain't about your boy.  That's just a coattail he's riding, hoping he can tap into the emotion that a bunch of us still feel about your and your kid and parlay it into a victory.  Nobody's buying it.  I support you, Linda, we all do, but I don't support your Smiling Boy.  All the polls have him in the crapper.  And all your doing by writing stuff like this is pulling yourself down to his level.  You're a better woman than this, Linda.

There ain't no smear tactics, m'am, just the truth.  You can't deny the stuff I've posted on here is for real.  I didn't even write it.  Neither did Meyer.  You don't want anybody attacking you, so why are you attacking a good man like him?  Everybody wants to be me.  Shadow gets the same crap, with people saying that HE'S Meyer.  Who cares so much?  What would y'all do if you could prove either one of us, or anybody else on here was Meyer?  What then?  Break out the windows in his house?

You know what makes me really sick, reading this stuff?  I found out through the dude who got the JPEG articles from Meyer that he hasnt even been in town.  Drove to another state where he went to the funeral of an Air Force brother's wife who died from cancer.  For years, the Meyer dude let them stay in his home every year so she could get cancer therapy and not have to bear the cost of a hotel.

THAT'S the kind of dude he is, and I'M sittin' here writing this, not him.  You should be ashamed of yourself, Linda, but you're not.  This man would walk over flaming broken glass for you, if he could find the bastards who killed your boy.  And here you are, cuttin' him up while he holds up a brother who lost his life partner.

Shame on you.  You ain't overtaking nobody, including me.  You're just making yourself look bad.  And for that, shame on Ward.



Comment by Chris on May 12, 2012 at 11:51pm

John, you'll fall asleep right after the election regardless if anything changes. Same goes for your friends.

Comment by John Publius on May 12, 2012 at 11:44pm

well shelvan, all i have brought up is that you bury discussions by posting inane after another untill all that is showing on the board is what you say. two ,three or four can play the game. go back to the rotten mater blog to see what i mean about all caps shelvan. and one more thing, i am a positive about one thing, i will never rest untill the good old boys have lost power over the publius, i mean the public.

Comment by John Publius on May 12, 2012 at 11:12pm

well mr prickt, if you are not shelli, then i compliment you on being in touch with your "femine side"i too love bunnys, my county, sunsets, a light rain, whats your sign? i like pina coladas, sensitive people and kittens, how about you? turn offs are negative people and politicians!l  also people who write in all caps!

Comment by Evan Prickett on May 12, 2012 at 11:05pm

Mr. Trainguy, I didn't miss the point kind sir, but I sure wont be out researching anyone on this site because I don't agree with what they post.  I don't agree with allot of the negative stuff, buy I sure wont research people posting on the internet. I will just try to make them and others happy. 

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