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Who is Rick Meyer?  A former Chairman of the Saline County Republican Committee, a former Bryant Alderman, and reserve deputy under Bruce Pennington -- and it is my belief that Meyer is the “Undertaker” and mastermind of the smear campaign against James Ward.


As a Bryant Alderman,  Meyer was always  at the forefront of turmoil and discontent.  He was campaign manager for Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs whose administration is legendary for controversy. 


As Chairman of the Saline County Republican Committee, Meyer again was always swirling in controversy.  If elected office holders dared to buck his authority, Meyer made sure they had a hand picked opponent in the next election cycle.   In 2008, Meyer helped his Democratic friend and candidate for sheriff defeat his own party’s nominee, James Ward.   He kept the party at odds creating a split until Ward and others were successful in unseating him.    


Meyer usually works in the background, running campaign interference with his smear tactics. It is clear the “Undertaker” is hellbent on defeating Ward.  One has to wonder why it is so important to him to “retain” the sheriff’s office.  Is he afraid that an “outsider” like Ward might find some things they don’t want to be found?

James Ward has stepped on toes of the power players like Meyer in Saline County more than once.  Besides ousting Meyer as party chairman,  Ward led the successful fight against the Fairplex tax, and  led the fight to oust Bauxite School Superintendent Mickey Billingsley who had nearly bankrupted the district.   Ward took a beating by the good old boys in 2008 but they did not bury him as planned.  He is back again putting his name and reputation on the line.  James came from a very poor background but pulled himself up by the bootstraps -- and with a lot of hard work and determination he became the successful business owner and family man he is today.  A man whom I have a great deal of respect for which is why I am supporting him for sheriff!    JAMES "SMILEY BOY" WARD FOR SHERIFF IN 2012!

Below are some handwriting samples of  ‘Undertaker”  as well as a handwriting sample of Rick Meyer which was taken from county records. The handwritten dates are taken from  the newspaper attacks on “Smiley Boy”.  I find it very interesting that the “U’, the “r”, the “er” and the “2”  match.  The writing which is circled is the known sample of Meyer.

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Comment by Evan Prickett on May 12, 2012 at 11:05pm

Mr. Trainguy, I didn't miss the point kind sir, but I sure wont be out researching anyone on this site because I don't agree with what they post.  I don't agree with allot of the negative stuff, buy I sure wont research people posting on the internet. I will just try to make them and others happy. 

Comment by Trainguy on May 12, 2012 at 11:01pm

Evan did you fall off the train one too many times?  You missed Linda Ives entire point. Dirty politics is the point she was making.  Did you not get that?  You can see why Mr. Ward has the opposition that he has.  Another  blog by someone talks about the good old boy network and that was clear in her remarks. 

Comment by Peter Glenn on May 12, 2012 at 10:17pm

Just Ducky, we need James Ward to say what he did to get on this man's list.  But the comment by Linda Ives was that "if elected office holders dared to buck his authority Meyer made sure they had a hand picked opponent".  Maybe James Ward just stood up to him.  Because James Ward went into this campaign knowing the fight he would have to fight I respect him even more for standing up to someone like that.  Just because James Ward is a 'smiley boy' doesn't mean he is a wimp.  Vote Ward.  Vote now. 

Comment by Just Ducky on May 12, 2012 at 9:50pm
Linda, I am again reminded of why you are so well respected. I think you are right about the Undertaker. I had a differing opinion on his identity, but i think you are right. Now, please tell me, if James ward is a republican, why is Rick Meyer so opposed to him? If Ward beats Pennington in the primary, will he receive Meyers backing? Would Ward want it? Do Meyer and Pennington have a history? If the dual identity is true then I believe there is something being hidden in the SO, but what? Why would Meyer fight so hard against a fellow republican who has always been a party faithful, to defend a newborn republican like Pennington?
Comment by John Publius on May 12, 2012 at 9:50pm

Citizens, we have recourse to bad government and cronyism, our votes!

Here is a start to good government and an end to The Good Old Boy BS




Comment by Peter Glenn on May 12, 2012 at 9:47pm

There's no denying this guy dug the dirt on James Ward. The handwriting is exact.   What a terrible way to spend a life.    James Ward should hire Linda Ives as a detective after his election.

Comment by John Publius on May 12, 2012 at 9:34pm

Linda, Secret Squirrel, Jane Bond, J. Edgar Ives, you have fiqured out another identity! So is Shelli, Evan Pricktt?or is Evan Pickt shelli? inquiring minds want to know! On a serious note, I don't care who Evan Prickt is. But it is important to know about a guy like Meyers/Undertaker.Mr. Prickt is an amature in his vitriol, and really loves his county. Where a guy like Meyer/Undertaker only has one master, corruption of power and process.

Comment by Casey Smith on May 12, 2012 at 9:20pm

You dont need to be a handwritting expert to figure this one out.

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