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I have long been concerned about whether or not our sheriff's, past and present, run a background check on the officers they hire.  In a recent meeting with Mike Frost, this topic came up.  I questioned whether it made sense to have a detective who had been arrested in the past for selling drugs out of a Benton PD squad car.  In response to my question, I was given a sermon on forgiveness. 

Likewise, the fact that another current employee, who appears  to be an administrator of Pennington's Bruce4Sheriff website, also has a "checkered" past.  I just don't understand how you can expect respect for an administration that doesn't mind that their deputies have a criminal background. 

For Henry, who does not like to read documents, I will summarize:

On July 18, 2005, Richard Scott, Saline County Deputy Sheriff, was arrested for 3rd degree domestic battery.  The investigating officer wrote in his report that Scott was drinking at a bar in Little Rock where his X-wife was a waitress.  Scott wanted her to enter a wet shirt contest and she refused.  He became angy and punched her in the left eye where she had visible injuries.  The officer states that Scott was visibly intoxicated.  He was transported to jail.

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Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 11:20am

Jade, I like you post and i think your very level headed about your voting. Even though we dont agree on that canidiate, you have shown good taste in what you post.

As for the others on here, They expect to throw dirt at other canidiates and expect everyone just to believe them. They have brought no proof of thier claims other than some tax leins, which most companys go though. This is election season. Your going to have canidates pointing out others flaws, and making promises of thier own. I do not understand people getting so upset about discussions on here. Maybe some of them can not handle people telling them they still wont vote for thier canidiate, but we all come here because its a public forum that we can discuss these issues. This is what is great about election season. Just imagine if all our canidates had a clear past and we did chose people of high moral character. Maybe then our county would not be in the mess it is now. This election we only have two to chose from. Who knows what the next one holds.

Comment by Richard B. Scott on May 6, 2012 at 10:51am

Ok, ok, you baited me right in to joining this site WorriedNSaline. I tried not to, but it was only a matter of time before I had to. I actually posed that response on the Bruce4sheriff page and asked someone, anyone to post it to this site for me. It was Mr. Hutto that did it for me. First of all I enter this site under my own name because I am not ashamed of who I am. I chose law enforcement as my career long ago before I even finished my enlistment in the Marines. Unfortunately due to poor decisions and situations I placed myself in, in the past, caused my love of civil service to be put on hold for years. Because I am a Damn Yankee from Philadelphia, Pa and not from here, I hardly consider myself a "Good ol Boy"

My past experiences are what formed who I am today. Divorce, Police report, Arrest, England P.D. Files..... So be it.... Like I said before, that immature 23 year old that was arrested that night in 2003 is not the 32 year old that loves serving the citizens of Saline County. Yes, had I not put myself in a compromising situation with my ex wife 9 years ago, this unfortunate incident would have never happened. but I did... However, there are 2 sides to every story and not everything has been posted, just what makes me look like a sorry officer. 

I pride myself on the way I treat the people I come in contact with. Again I challenge anyone to pull any of my reports, follow up with a person after a traffic stop or a call I have responded to, or even after an arrest. I put 110% of my heart and soul in my career. I love serving the public and anyone the does any type of research would be able to see that. I have even gone as far as telling a person I have in custody for domestic battery not to let my uniform confuse them, I am a human and have been in their shoes. 

The law is very clear when it states the preferred action in a domestic call is to effect an arrest. Not every time that I arrest someone for a domestic charge, do I feel they are guilty. I do my best to document everything for ALL parties and let the court decide. My lengthy report methods stem from the way my arrest was handled. It has taken me years and much growing up to truly understand police work. I believe when the time was right, God afforded me the opportunity to serve the public once again. I am a very blessed person to be employed by Saline County. England P.D. and the City are in a category of their own. That is where I first learned about politics and "Good ol Boy" ways of life. I worked hard for that City and after what happened there, I never wanted to be in police work again. Since then, E.P.D has come a long way and the politics do not run that department, however my personnel file will always remain the same. 

It was when I got involved with the Saline County Reserves and dedicated my time to the citizens of Saline County, I realized how much I missed police work. I had to prove myself to actually get hired. I was honest with the administration during 3 interviews about my past, therefore I was not hired... I donated my time to Saline County so I could fill that void of wanting to serve. It is something, a drive that comes from deep within that only a public servant can understand.

With all that being said, you can judge me on what you read, but before you say I do not belong in law enforcement.... Think about this... I do not hide from my skeletons, I learn from them. I am a very open honest person. If you ever want to know something about me, just ask. I don't beat around the bush, I am who I am. I am not perfect, but I accept and learn from the past and moved on. As for Mrs. Ives, again I am truly sorry for your loss and I personally am here to serve you along with the rest of the citizens of this county. I feel strongly that if you knew me on a personal level and not by the paperwork you read, you would not only be impressed with me as a person, but also be thankful that the county has a deputy like me that cares so much about you. I have not been a lifelong resident of this state of county, and when I learned about "The Boy's on the Tracks" I became curious and watched every possible thing about the case. Mrs. Ives I never knew something I was so curious about with a determined mother who I admire and look at as a hero for never giving up would make me a focal point of a political race. I feel someday this will be solved, until then I will pray for you and your comfort as no mother should have to endure what you have. Finally Mrs. Ives, I do not fault you for posting my skeletons, as you are doing what you think is best to seek justice for you son.

God Bless, Richard Scott

Comment by Elizabeth "Jade"Green on May 6, 2012 at 10:31am

Heather, I got it... THEY wont get it because its much easier for them to dig up dirt on folks. That way they can continue to justify their hatred and own warped sense of law enforcement. Maybe they have cause, maybe not. it is so one sided you cant tell,...Its been this way for years and has become all consuming to them. I have lived here for year, voted in all elections and it always the same-EVERYONE has dark spots in their past, be it law enforcement, journalists or housewives.. unfortunately, each time the dirt starts fllying- no debates will be allowed, just mud slinging... if you side with one your are part of some invisible tribe - old way, new way, right wing, left wing, do the hokey pokey... Just vote your heart and hope it's the "right" way lol

Comment by Chris on May 6, 2012 at 9:35am
Heather, no need to hope. You'll be attacked. You're replying to people under delusions of magical money who drag unrelated people through dirt for gain, and claim some of the hardest working selfless people do nothing. Only chance to avoid an attack us to ignore em and not reply.
Comment by Heather Brown on May 6, 2012 at 9:06am
That comment was trying to show you all what you were doing. he/said she said. I was certainly not saying Mr. Ward had a drinking problem I was say so what if he did. Would it make him less of.a decent person? That was the point I was trying to get out. the other comment was again to point out to everyone that yes he is human as is Mr Pennington and has made bad choices that effect all citizens.

I will not be accused of anything negative as I keep trying to point out that we all have skeletons we have all done things wrong or inappropriate its HUMAN nature.

However I have not called names or put peoples families down or even the candidates.

my post was a SO WHAT post regarding a checked past as we all have issues from our past.

I was not and I repeat this NOT judging again I was simply saying we a have things in our past we are not proud of. I DO, DON'T YOU???

So again a debate between candidates, hard questions answered and truths only will be the only way the public will have a chance to her what Mr Ward or Mr Pennington loss are.

This back and forth he said she said or he made a mistake she made a mistake... Let me judge everyone and everyone's mistakes because it will change voters opinion only makes me NOT want to live in Saline country or raise my child her because it seems like so many are busy casting the first stone at two candidates and then attackingveveryone else who doesn't like the same candidate and that is bullying and that is a learned characteristic watching others and I would hate to think that my child would be subjected to bullying and ugliness by others in this county simply because I have done things my life.

Its sad
Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 6, 2012 at 8:44am

This is a comments by Heather Brown, the same one that asked why people's character is coming into play. Sounds like she is judging Ward in this post. And I am not sure why she would say that Ward may, or may not have a drinking problem.... Ward has never had allegations of alcoholism, that would be your candidate that is the DRUNK.  

"Ward may or may not have a drinking problem but he definitely has issues with paying his car insurance hitting an elderly couple, lying and doing inappropriate activities as a citizen. So lets put him in office.Do you really think laying everyone's skeletons out about somebody's past is gonna make everyone believe that a person can't change."

Comment by Heather Brown on May 6, 2012 at 8:32am
Why is everyone judging someone's character and who they are. this is Godless and a sin. How dare anyone mention anyones children in a disgraceful manner. That is completely tasteless in my opinion.

will the members of the sheriffs office be replaced if Ward is elected. Well we will have to wait and see if he wins the election.

Has Pennington done a great Job and things be promised yes he has.

Rather or non you have a personal issues with a candidate that's your issue howevestop attacking one another over this matter.

This is in the voters hands and that's that

Do a true debate answer the questions period.
Comment by WorriedNSaline on May 6, 2012 at 8:04am

How long does it take to become a member of mysaline?  I guess it takes to long for Richard Scott to do it himself, so long in fact that he can compose a letter and send it to someone else to post for him, and that took all of his time that he had none to sign up.  I will not and do not believe that this was written by Scott. Mr. Hutto always has some alternative motive. 

You made the comment Hutto that in 4 years - 2 elections Ward has done nothing to improve his chances of being Sheriff.  Bruce Almighty had not done anything to show he deserves to stay. He is so cocky and arrogant, and his wife and kid is out of line and control. 

Ward is the clear choice (for me) for Sheriff. And I believe that he will do the things he says, I don't believe they are just empty promises. 


Comment by Bill M Hutto on May 6, 2012 at 2:59am

Casey Smith--I for one am not afarid of my job.  I have always been about the right person for the job.  I really careless about Ward and his mental issues or Bruce with his past, however, I do care about the person elected into this position.

4 years--2 elections Ward hasn't done ANYTHING to improve his chances of being Sheriff.  No classes, no acadmey, no reserve time, no ride alongs NOTHING.  

Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 2:19am

Sorry DAP, As Ricky said in another blog on here, "they only come here to shove information down your throat." You will get no answer if its not what they want to hear.

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