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Why do 3 Justice of the Peace office holders hold the title of deputy? It is ILLEGAL people!

The next logical question is do they show favor to the sheriff in return?  Why do we tolerate officials with no respect for the law?

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Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 2:08am

Wheres Ricky Meyer when you need him?


Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 2:08am

Why has no one filed a ethics complaint or sent this to the attorney general?

Comment by Casey Smith on May 6, 2012 at 1:51am

Sounds like the "good ol boy" system to me. Time to bring in the new.

Comment by Elizabeth "Jade"Green on May 5, 2012 at 7:38pm

Beware, that is MAYOR JIll Dabbs husband.. i am sure that will come out... here we go again.. sigh! LOL

Comment by Ricky David Tripp on May 5, 2012 at 4:28pm

I may be able to handle that one for you, JD.  I am suspecting, by the narrative you just supplied, that the man in question is my chiropractor, Dr. Allan Dabbs.  I will help the Shadow clear all of this up.  But I think he's got it right, it's old news, and certainly not an issue. 

Comment by The Shadow on May 5, 2012 at 2:57pm

And one more thing, regarding the concerns expressed by this blog.  I have confirmed that this is all old news.  All three of these men have withdrawn their deputy status in Saline County (one transferred it to a neighboring county to maintain his hours) and one has a wife who has continued who is not a Quorum member.  When this issue was discovered, it was resolved.

Mistakes are made, but should be dismissable when they are corrected.  There is no issue here.

Comment by The Shadow on May 5, 2012 at 2:42pm

Mrs. Ives, your very literate, intelligent, thoughtful and informative post was most helpful to me.  It is my hope that throughout my sometimes forceful messages to others that my respect and regard for you continues to shine through.  I can certainly understand your frustration, because this case will never be over for you or for many others until the murderer(s) are apprehended and prosecuted to the limits of the law -- which for me (if not for you) is execution.  Nothing but the death penalty will suffice in a case this horrific.

The problems you are having with this case -- from what you have described -- rise higher and farther than just the Sheriff.  I will be investigating your claims further to ascertain what the true issues are regarding the case, and why movement more satisfactory to you has not been made.

But what I want you to understand, irrespective of the very legitimate concerns and goals you have regarding your son's murder and the various failures of the system to address the pursuit of the killers, is this:

James Ward is absolutely, categorically unqualified to be Sheriff of this county.  His election would be devastating to law enforcement.  It would send the Sheriff's Department into a cascade of controversy, confusion, and outright bedlam.  Lawsuits would be landing on his desk like confetti, deputies would be fired or would resign en masse, and scandal would be rampant.

I personally believe it would rival the bedlam surrounding Dan Harmon's term as Prosecuting Attorney in no time flat.  Undertaker has covered enough of this that it doesn't require my comment (although Henry and I do somewhat agree that his style of presentation may be a bit offputting to some readers, though his data is accurate.)

I will go so far as to even say to you that not only is Mr. Ward unqualified to be Sheriff, but that in my opinion, he is unqualified to EVER serve in a law enforcement capacity in an election position EVER.  That is how strongly I feel.  I would strongly encourage you not to lend your support to this undeserving man solely on the basis of a single case, albeit a desperately important one to you.

We ALL want a good outcome for you, and for closure on the murder of the boys.  This would have a healing effect on the entire county, and on the many people who have followed this awful story through the years.  Those of us who are Christians are satisfied that they are safely in the hand and care of our God, and that they reside with and are greeted by other long passed loved ones every day.

But it doesn't help the rest of us, who must continue on this earth knowing that these despicable persons are still walking free after committing the most heinous of crimes.  It doesn't let a mother sleep better at night, knowing that justice has not been done.  But please hear me when I tell you that James Ward is not your hero in waiting.  There is NOTHING this man can do that the existing structure hasn't tried to do before him.

If there is more that the system or the Sheriff can do, we have ways of compelling that to happen if you have a person of interest still available.  I realize that your position will likely be "We already tried that,"  But my position is that electing James Ward is NOT a viable path to this or any other outcome, and the havoc he would wreak in short time would exceed any other value attached to his election.

We are better off staying the course, and simply gathering public support to pursue this case with renewed vigor.  James Ward is not the answer.  And the barriers you are encountering to justice run far deeper that the public can even imagine.  As brash as Mr. Ward is, I can imagine his approach to a renewed investigation very much endangering his life if those who do not wish to be found consider eliminating him as the easier alternative.

As much as I do not wish him to be elected, that is not a scenario I would wish upon him.  The goal is to find the perpetrators, not to simply anger them into action.  Much fear surrounds this case, so please do not jump to the conclusion that the Sheriff is a liar.  Give him the benefit of the doubt of possibly knowing more than he can safely tell you.

I will copy all of your remarks and circulate them among my intelligence in the field.  I will get answers to the questions that your comments raise.  And whether or not you agree with me about anything politically -- this appearing to be our only rub -- I unconditionally support you in your quest to hunt down and eliminate the bastards who committed these crimes from the face of the earth.

They do not deserve to breathe the same air as you do.

Comment by Linda Ives on May 5, 2012 at 11:39am

Shadow -- clearly we do not agree about many things politically -- philosophically I don't know about.  Those close to me already know this,  but let me say this for  the record and those who do not know why I now support James Ward.  I have been a Pennington supporter in the past but that changed a few months ago, and this is why:  Larry and I came across some information 3 1/2 years ago about a witness which we believed, and still believe, has pertinent information on the murders.  We at first intended to try to follow up on it ourselves, because there has not been a sheriff in office that has shown any interest in working on the case for many years.  We began trying to get information on how to locate him and I was able to get his mother's address which I mapquested with the intention of going to see her.  After much thought, Larry and I felt that if this witness was cooperative, his testimony needed to be put on record. We also felt this witness' life could be in danger if anyone knew we were talking to him.  Pennington had just taken office, so we met with him, Mike Frost, and Ken Casady and laid everything out for them, gave them what documents I had about the witness including the directions to his mother's house.  Mike Frost told us that they did not even have a case file of any kind on the murders.  He asked that I make copies of my file and bring to him which I did.  Periodically I met with Frost and Pennington asking whether they had located the witness -- over and over and over the answer was always "no".  This went on from February of 2009 until earlier this year.  I believe it was in March, or thereabouts, that I met with Pennington and Frost where I asked them exactly just what they had done to try to locate the witness.  Frost told me he had his narcs out looking for him and that he ran him through ACIC about every week or whenever he thought about it.  Sensing my frustration, he told me that he really, really WANTED to locate him, but he was hiding "deep" I believe was the word he used.  I asked him if he had talked with the witness' mother, and he had no recall of the conversation or directions to her house.  A couple of days later I was discussing the situation with a friend who is a bailbondsman who stated that the name sounded familiar and looked to see if she had ever bonded him.  With about 3 strokes on her computer she located him on a public website.  He is on probation with Pulaski County.  She gave me the website and I was able to see all details of his criminal record, that he is on probation and other details.  If Frost had EVER run him thru ACIC he would have the same information including his probation officer etc.  So I knew without a doubt that Frost and Pennington had done NOTHING to locate this witness.  Furious, I set up another meeting with Frost and Pennington and asked to see the case file -- I assumed I would get the excuse of it being an active case and a refusal to let me see it based on that.  I was stunned when Frost stated "I have not had time to put a case file together -- the copies you made for me are in the floor in the corner of my office".  I asked him if he had conducted any interviews -- Frost stated none on the record, cause they just clam up when you try to talk about this case".  I made up my mind that day that I was going to support James Ward for sheriff --  I don't appreciate liars.  Pennington lied to me once more after that.  I believe the old adage lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice, shame on me.

And yes, Shadow, I like/love the word illegal and I don't like it when my officials do things that are illegal.  It hurts us one and all alike.  There is no mystery about what James Ward has told me on what he will do with the case -- an ACTIVE forthright investigation.  Pennington and a number of his deputies have stated publicly that this is an open case.  That may be true, but it is NOT AN ACTIVE CASE.

As to whether the JPs have done anything wrong, I don't believe I am in a position to know if they have or have not.  But you are right, PERCEPTION is important in government business.

And so now, I have not only addressed a duck -- I have also addressed a shadow :))    Hope I have answered you questions/concerns

Comment by Casey Smith on May 5, 2012 at 10:59am


 Your a model citizen that has become involved by no choice of yours. Thank you for shedding light on what voters need to see.

Comment by Trainguy on May 5, 2012 at 10:50am

Linda Ives, I've wondered that issue many times. When James Ward is elected I hope you will work closely with him in addressing the many things you have brought out.  If by chance he does not get elected then maybe you need to run for sheriff next time and kick butt.

Shadow you are selective with whom you apply the law.  What about Pennington being on duty while intoxicated?  You don't fool anyone with your double talk and double standards.  I can't see where the judge violated anything.  And according to what I read, he addressed Milligan in a private setting but Milligan took it to the public and made the issue.  He can't claim to be embarassed if he is the one who broadcast it. 

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