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James Ward IN The News -- And OUT Of Control, PART II

If you've been here before, the newest posts are at the end.....but be sure to read everything, and share it.....


James Ward, a dude so determined to be Sheriff that he just keeps comin' back and comin' back, over and over again, expecting the rest of you to just forget.  Forget about all the stuff he's done, the way he's disgraced himself, embarassed the GOP and the Tea Party, trying to find a way, any way to get in the Sheriff's office door.

Well, guess what, Jimmy?  I'm here now, boy.  The public might have a problem puttin' all of this together in a way that makes sense, but I've got their back.  No attacks here, no name-callin', no phony baloney stuff -- just good solid, rock hard, confirmed stuff from a fat packet that one of my boys gave me.

All stuff about YOU, Jimmy, straight from the pages of the newspapers.  I shouldn't even have to say a whole lot.  People will read this stuff, sit up and take notice, and when they do, hoss, they're ain't no way they are voting for you.  I could give you a heads-up on it, but hey, I think I'll just put this stuff up and let the good people and you get it a piece at a time, just the way everybody first saw it.

Where do we start?  How about this?  Read what my boy Whit Jones had to say about this babyfaced dude doin' a lot of smiling but not a lot of thinking, or so it would appear.  Somebody who was a disappointment the last time around ain't likely to be much more the next time around.  What was broke in this dude is still broke, just glued and painted over.  Wait til you get a load of this.  Call all of your friends.  You ain't gonna believe your eyes.  What a mess.

Just click on this picture, and when it comes back, click on it again and it'll get big so you can read it.



Here's some more for ya.  This is what Jimmy Boy does when you REALLY rile him up.  Gets ugly, threatens deputies.  LIkes to tell people what to do, and what he's gonna do when they don't bend the knee and kiss the ring.  I ain't making this stuff up.  Right from the FRONT PAGES our gripers were just talking about, not just the opinion page, kiddos.....





Okay whiners, have a field day.  Want some more?  It's coming, real soon.  I ain't writin' it, kids, I'm just SHARING IT.  Read and weep.  This is NOT somebody you want in the Sheriff's office.  Just my opinion but a damn good one, I think.  Funny, but this is the kinda stuff you DON'T have on Milligan!!

(Remember, if ya want to see it big and clear, click on the pictures, then click on the next one that pops up and it'll be big and easy to read.)  Here's some more for ya!  THE NEW STUFF is all about how he "fell from grace," according to the Courier staff.  Read up:



Told ya I wasn't done!  Nowhere near!  If you can read this stuff and still vote for the boy, you got issues only a doctor can take care of. 

YOU STILL NEED MORE?  I GOT IT, gobble it up, voters.  Talk about a bunch of rambling garbage....this is actually WARD HIMSELF, going on and on about how he was "the winner," even though he lost the race, going back over old ground so mixed up and messed up about losing, even the Courier didn't know what to think of it.  Man!!  Check it out right here, just the way he wrote it:



Scared yet?  Try to imagine this guy being Sheriff, after writing something like that.  So bad that the guy leading the Saline GOP at the time wrote this apology for him.



I know, a bunch of you bashers are going to start beatin' your chests, but Meyer is a cool dude, did some great stuff for Saline and his hometown, so back off, comprende?  The man served his country too in the USAF, so show some respect.  His remarks were pretty dead on too, far as I can see.

Pay attention....I ain't NOWHERE near done yet!!  Here's MORE stuff for ya to digest:












Whadaya think of that?  I especially dug the part where he asked the officer if he had a good attorney.  Then mouthed off about how a civil suit can be filed against anybody, anytime and it all came down to who had the most money.  Oh THERE'S a dude we all want for Sheriff, right?  Threatening an officer who is trying to keep him out of the hooch on felony charges?

FIVE YEARS now, the Smiling Boy has been chasing this job.  Don't ANY of you tell me he ain't obsessed with getting this gig.  AND HE AIN'T GETTING IT.  Banging up a biker on a motorcycle, as I hear it, and Ward was at fault too.  He's got no insurance, knew it, and STILL gave the officer a bunch of abusive lip?

NOW I'm getting reliable intel from a good lady who's married to a CID dude that our boy Ward totalled a patrol car when he first came on as a reserve a few years ago AFTER defying a direct order on a 10-22 -- an order to drop a pursuit of a vehicle.  It got him fired, as I hear it told.  I'm checkin' out the story for more details, but this comes from solid sources, so I thought y'all would wanna know.

By the way, I'm just piling on right now.  Lots more to come.  But once the pile gets big enough, I'm gonna take every damn one of these and put 'em up as separate blogs for y'all to read and pass around.  This boy is going to SMACKDOWN!!!!  This stuff is PUBLIC news, already published, already in the microfiche files at the library.  One of my boys went there and dug it all up, where anybody can go and read it.

We owe him a big thank you for the time it took to pull all this together.  I ain't making this stuff up like you Milligan bashers.  I've got it all right here from the horses mouths.  We can't let this wild one near the keys to the Sheriff's office, folks.  He'll put every man, woman and child in this county at risk.  Go read the comment I pulled out special from that deputy who wrote here.  A REAL MAN among us, who gets it and knows the score.  He told the story better than I ever could.

I love you guys.  Tough as I talk, that's where I'm comin' from.  I love every one of you in this county, man.  It's a great place but it needs some flushing, and dudes like this have to be stopped cold if good men like Pennington are gonna get their jobs done.  We gotta keep reminding people of who and what Ward is, and that he will NEVER be good material for Sheriff.

Get on board, my people.  We gotta pull together hard on this one.  Stop the Smiling Boy. 


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Comment by William Tell on May 2, 2012 at 10:44am

I  have read this post and I remember these instances. I have voted for Sheriff Pennington in both elections and will vote for him again. Why, the Sheriff's Office has obtained grants for victim advocates for Domestic Violence, set up an Explorer Post for our Youth, received a vehicle from the US. Marshall's Office at no cost to our county, set up a commissary in the jail, money used for jail operations, saving money by buying bread locally for the jail, establishing a website ( at no cost to the citizens (detainees pay for this service by using inmate phones), established a professional working relationship with other governmental entities, training for detention officers, obtained a grant for purchase of cameras for patrol cars, purchased a new jail van through money saved from jail, acquired new bullet proof vests for the SWAT team, upgraded all computers in Sheriff's Office, purchased computers for patrol with money saved from fleet management, upgraded the Reserve Deputies, providing G.E.D. classes for detainees and turned back money to the County General Fund from the jail--over $1,614,661.00.

The Sheriff's Office has made positive strides forward since 2009. I am proud for a positive reflection to our county. I live in the county, outside of any city limits and I have been pleased with our Saline County Sheriff's Office.

Comment by Henry on May 2, 2012 at 9:01am

I'm not disagreeing with what you are saying per se Undertaker, but I am disagreeing with the way you are saying it.  When you say stuff like "Why am I even responding to you?  Want a summary, mental giant?  Would that help you?" that doesn't help your cause.  That doesn't make people say to themselves "Hrm...he sounds like he knows what he is talking about, maybe I should check on what he's writing."  Just fyi.

Comment by The Undertaker on May 2, 2012 at 8:25am

Well since we're callin' names now, punk, I ain't no "obsessed Ward stalker," for your info.  I ain't sat around for five years stackin' up newspapers.  One of my boys hit the LIBRARY, Sno-Kone Man, the frickin' LIBRARY over in Benton, sat in a chair in front of one of those microfiche readers and made copies for THREE HOURS.  Then he brought it to me.

And your dumb enough to actually make a statement like that?  That it "didn't matter 4 yrs ago so why would they matter now?"  Why am I even responding to you?  Want a summary, mental giant?  Would that help you?  They love doin' that with Milligan, even when they've got NOTHING but there's nothing but solid rocks on this road:

  • The Smiling Boy's got almost no experience in law enforcement, none that counts in a job this big and this important.  Inexperience in a Sheriff's office will get ya killed.
  • As a reserve, he defied orders from a superior, refused to stop pursuit (called a "10-22") and totalled a vehicle, conduct that got him fired.  More to come on that one.
  • He threatened Sheriff's deputies with their jobs if they failed to support him
  • Struck another motorist, did not have insurance in violation of law, faced possible felony warrants, and when cited, threatened the officer with civil suits, calling it political.  New intel I'm following up on has the Smiling Boy trying to coerce the insurance agent into back dating a policy and the agent refused.
  • Showed everybody enough mental instability through public whining about the election and the rambling, almost psycho editorial he wrote that the party chairman actually apologized for him and the local newspaper called it a "fall from grace."

You gonna look at all that and say it doesn't matter?  The boy is showing some serious defiance.  He's not even Barney Fife, let alone Andy Taylor.  His character is in as much question as his experience.  And as we learned from the accident, sometimes he even breaks the law he claims he wants to enforce.

Sorry, Sno Kone Man, these things do matter.  I ain't worried this time because we've got too much on the kid.  If I worry about anything, it's people NOT seeing this stuff.  This kid is a lightweight, an empty suit, and one in need of cleaning too.  You can keep him.  We don't want him.

Comment by Gina Jones on May 2, 2012 at 12:29am

"The Undertaker" do you think you can put a sock in it?....Are you that worried that "your" candidate is going to lose that you have to keep on day and night?... You have done your "good deed" for him by posting ancient stuff that didn't matter 4 yrs ago so why would they matter now? I personally think you have taken it to far. I also personally think you are a obsessed Ward stalker to keep clippings from years ago.....This is all MY personal opinion!

Comment by The Undertaker on May 2, 2012 at 12:14am

Comment by The Undertaker on May 2, 2012 at 12:05am

I got news for both of you dudes -- the one who wants him and the one who doesn't.

WARD AIN'T AN ALTERNATIVE TO BRUCE.  He just ain't.  Ward is not even on the table, kiddos.  He's a "candidate," but anybody who reads the stuff I'm puttin' up here and finds out the facts and STILL votes for him?  Sorry, I'm not gonna start name calling, but people who do foolish things are usually called fools.  People who do idiotic things are get the idea.

Ward shouldn't have a prayer of a chance, and if I get enough people lookin' at this stuff, his chances are zapped cold.  There's good guys and bad guys in this world.  We don't want a bad guy running the posse in this county.  By the time people figure out he's a screw up, people are gonna lose property and lives, and the mess will take forever to clean up.

Don't let it happen in the first place.  EVERYBODY -- STOP THE SMILING BOY!!!!!!!

Comment by Casey Smith on May 1, 2012 at 11:36pm


I believe we have some the same goals in mind, just different ways of achieving them. I would not put all the blame on the quorum court or your city council because you are not recieving your money. The department heads are the ones that make the budget, ask for what is needed. They become that bridge between the everyday operations and the elected officials that serve. If they are not doing thier job and asking for the approporiate resources, then you can not fault the governing body. They do not know what the day to day operations are. I will say that we as a public do scrutinize thier positions too, and thats what the election process is all about. I watch what the quorum members vote for,  just as I watch what the Sheriff proposes. To say Pennington has nothing to do with this process is not correct, if it is, then I have even more reason to vote him out if he is not doing his job by trying to obtain necessary law enforcement coverage for the citizens.

As for police and firefighters being used for passing taxes, I agree with you that this is a shady tactic. That is why we need better leaders in those chief positions, and also the governing bodies. A good leader plans for things: like a vehicle fleet program, or more officers when the tax revenue is raised. These are the reasons I cast my vote. Maybe Mr. Pennington is at a disadvantage when it comes to this because his record is already out there. But there is nothing wrong with trying someone new either. I dont think pennington is a bad person, I just think he has hit his potential. I want to see some progress forward and ive not seen that with police coverage in the county. Is this too much to ask? Where do you lie that blame if its not the Chief ? I go back again to as why he can afford SUVs instead of making his budget have cheaper cars and more staff.

Comment by Chris on May 1, 2012 at 10:50pm

Ok, you're right. Let's do it that way. Since the councils screw our LEO's in Bryant, Saline County, and Benton, we as the public should also screw them.


That's the problem. It isn't that the LE community is wasting money, it's that they are not getting it from the city/county, and none of you guys are helping in that facet either. Why hasn't the force increased? Because the CITY/COUNTY says no. You see new toys? Benton has fewer vehicles today than they did 3 years ago, 5 years ago, etc. Yes, they have some new ones, but how many have been completely worn out and not replaced? As nice and wonderful as the "no new taxes" sounds, there are some things you can not afford to lose.


Shouldn't you be asking why it's always the firefighters and police who are used by the city by threatening to cut them if a tax isn't passed rather than some dumb, wasteful, pointless fund? You are going after Pennington when he has NOTHING to do with anything you have been going on about. While you have your priorities right, you are aiming the anger and questions in the wrong direction. I wholeheartedly agree that there are to many damn taxes. Again, I am NOT anti-Tea Party. I am usually a big fan of the ideas coming from it. But in the cases such as yours, the argument is wrong and misguided.

Comment by Casey Smith on May 1, 2012 at 10:40pm

Every voter has merit in asking why there are not more LEOs when revenues have been on the rise in Saline County. Every person has a right to say NO to a new tax. Lets ask you this Chris, How do you afford the LEOs with your present tax? IF that tax has increased by 30% then why has the force not increased also. I see many new toys, but very few new hires. This is the tea partys problem with the out of control spending in the government. You guys need a new tax for everything when the government is recieving more funds than ever. You claim vehicles come from Federal Grants, YES they do... That is taxpayers money also. Does it make it any less expensive when you spend my money from a different bank account? NO 


Comment by Chris on May 1, 2012 at 10:35pm

Unfortunately, I do fear your prediction is right. Pennington will have it rougher and I'm not sure he'll make it this time. Hiring a man like Ward who was unable to maintain his job as a law enforcement officer is not going to be good for the county.


If Shannon Hills got rid of someone for whatever reason, should Benton/Bryant hire that person as Chief? To me it sounds rather dumb.

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