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 A press release from the GOP offic ein Saline County...
State GOP Chairman Doyle Webb of Benton endorsed three candidates running for local offices in Saline County Monday at Home Plate Diner in Bryant.  Bryant mayoral candidate Jill Dabbs, Bryant city clerk candidate Heather Kizer, and county collector write-in candidate Doug Curtis were endorsed by the Republican Party Chairman despite their running without party affiliation.   
“These three people reflect the values that conservative Republicans and Arkansans strongly support,” said Webb. “They believe in transparency in government, holding public officials accountable for their actions, and that an efficiently run government will cost less and tax less. For these and many other reasons, I felt it appropriate that they should be endorsed and recommended to all who hold these same values.” 
In September, Dabbs filed a lawsuit with the Saline County Circuit Court requesting to be identified on the November ballot as “Republican Jill Dabbs.” Kizer and Curtis later intervened, citing the party title was necessary to identify them to voters. The Election Commission later ruled party affiliation was not allowed on the ballot.
Dabbs, Kizer and Curtis are opposed in the Nov. 2 general election.


Pictured (l. to r.) are Doug Curtis, Jill Dabbs, Doyle Webb and Heather Kizer.

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As one of the other three litigants who joined with Jill Dabbs in filing suit against the City of Bryant for illegally implementing water rate increases (which I will open later for discussion with readers), I can tell you that Jill Dabbs is clearly the correct choice for Bryant voters as their next mayor.

I participated in a considerable amount of research in conjunction with this lawsuit, and while Mayor Mitchell has publicly questioned the timing of our filing, I would turn the question back to him with regard to the issue of timing: Exactly when was he going to tell the voters of Bryant that their water rates were going to soar by 15% in January?

The question was not so much that this lawsuit was timed to coincide with his and others' re-election bids, as Mitchell has inferred, but rather that it was filed IN TIME to inform voters of what he and this City Council were concealing from the public to avoid political accountability before the election.

The voters of this city deserved to know what was about to happen to their water rates, as well as the fact that the laws of Bryant were flagrantly violated in the process, that aspects of the law designed to protect their interests were not implemented, and that this was being intentionally withheld until after the election to protect the Mayor and certain members of the Council from potential political loss.

The person leading this fight for Bryant residents is JILL DABBS. She does, in fact, reflect the conservative values that I share, values that most of us are determined to see returned to local and national government.

As Tip O'Neill once said, "All politics is local," so the Bryant and Saline County elections matter every bit as much as the national ones do.

I can tell readers with absolute confidence that a major corner will be turned for Bryant if she is elected as Mayor, and a new era of accountability, effectiveness, ethical conduct and transparency will be ushered in.

Readers who want to learn more about this lawsuit can simply log on to Jill Dabbs' website (a simple Google search will pull it up), and read the entire text there along with clips of news articles related to the filing. Read it for yourself, then decide -- is this the kind of city government that Bryant deserves?
As one of the City councilmen that helped impliment these changes in the water rates i would like you to show me how it was illegal ? Also i would like you to look at the Conversation on here that Thelma Pool started on this issue, as i have answered what you are accusing the current administration of doing. You need to go back and read the ordinances to understand them, because what you are accusing the city of doing is proved wrong in your own lawsuit paperwork. This is just a tactic to get votes before the election, and anyone that would like me to show them the evidence will only have to contact me.

One does have to question the timing of this lawsuit as well as the one filed by the same GOP Chairman regarding the use of state vehicles.......

I read where Governor Beebe's security detail mandated his vehicle, yet he was also named in the suit..... Politics??? sounds like it to me.......
To Adrian and Pam, the response is a simple one: Go to the Dabbs website (it's easy to find) and read. It's all there. The Council, of which Adrian has admitted he is a member, was bound by the ordinances shown in the petition to initiate a review process (done by engineers and field experts) designed to help determine the lowest possible rate increases BEFORE initiating them.

As Jill Dabbs has explained, this measure justifies the increases, while holding them down to the lowest possible costs. The city was requried to do this by August 30. That deadline came and went, but the initial 3% increase happened anyway. That was a violation of the ordinance.

Additionally, a 15% increase would result on January 1 without intervention, subject to the same lack of review and oversight required by law. By her own admission, Jill Dabbs knew nothing of this -- nor did apparently anyone else -- until the October 14th Council meeting, when Alderman Ken Green pressed the Mayor about the fact that the city was not in compliance with the law. In fact, it turned out that this was one of four times that Mr. Green had sought to get the Council to comply with the ordinances.

(Apparently, Adrian must have been absent from those four meetings, or he would not be so confused about how the changes were illegally made.)

Mrs. Dabbs went about the work of obtaining more information, and in turn, I supplied her with copies of my own investigation, all obtained through FOIA and legal requests to support her efforts. The evidence was incontrovertible that two ordinances (shown in the material supplied on her website) had been sidestepped, and after consultation with legal counsel, her decision was firm. This had to be stopped and the city had to be held accountable in court. Along with two other concerned citizens, I joined her in this effort to protect myself and my friends and neighbors in Bryant from unlawful increases.

Jill Dabbs is only doing what she will do if she is elected -- protect the best interests of the ones who elected her. From what I can see, she is already conducting herself like a mayor!

As for the issue of timing, as I have already pointed out, the burden of timing is on this Mayor and the Council, not on Mrs. Dabbs or myself or the other litigants. Exactly when did this Mayor or this Council plan to announce this huge increase? I would be hard pressed to think of many of my neighbors who would prefer to have such a thing kept from them until AFTER an election, can you?

And if some sort of political repercussions result, it follows that Mayor Mitchell, Adrian and his fellow aldermen have themselves -- and their lack of oversight -- to thank for that result. I have never apologized for doing what is right because it inconvenienced the ones who did wrong. The case will stand on its own merits, and anything that quickly informs the public of a violation of its own laws, as far as I'm concerned, is always well timed regardless of when an election is scheduled.
To Ricky... if only you knew what you were talking about. Look at the two ordinances that you call into question ... on ordinance 2009-27 that you claim is on Jills web site says that this is a ordinance to amend the original ordinance 2008-35. This admendment actually decreased the scheduled increase of 2009. If you do as Jill and you want to do and send the fees back to the original ordinance of 2008-35 then you will be raising rates by 21% on Jan. 1 2011. Not to mention the extra money you are costing the taxpayers to fight your lawsuit. If you look at Sec. 2 of Ordinance 2008-35 you will see that the city does not have to preform and outside consultant firm to do a review until June of 2011. Which was done earlier this spring.

Truth is you just want to win some votes with this lawsuit. And this is not the first time you have poped up with complaints i believe ...

Your need to check your facts next time before wasting the Bryant taxpayers money on your lawsuits to try and get some votes for who you support. Just cause you sit through half of a council meeting and hear a story you believe is true is not a way to do your research. If anyone that really wants to see the truth about this lawsuit in Bryant then all you have to do is message me and i would be glad to show you the Truth and not some campain stunt. Thanks :)
The court will sort all of this out. In the meantime, readers can log on to the Jill Dabbs' website and read the facts for themselves, removed from the tortured logic and reasoning of Adrian and those who want to believe that this is a just a campaign stunt. Whatever the citizens of Bryant want to know about this case, they will find online.

Read the facts, then go ahead and message Adrian. Ask him the hard, informed questions that will form in your mind when you read the text of this suit. His answers -- or what pass for them -- will tell you everything you need to know.
Thank you Ricky.. i can see you came to you senses..... and want people to actually know the truth . I would be happy to show you it too, so you wont waste the Bryant taxpayers money on this lawsuit? It might even save you some money with your lawyer ?
Like I said, readers, his answers -- or what pass for them -- will tell you everything you need to know.
I guess they can trust that your telling the truth on Jill Dabbs website....cause you do not show the lawsuit or the ordinances...only a opinion offering the documents themself so people can see the truth.
Readers, he's having trouble. So will someone please hold Adrian's hand, go to, and click on the link in red that reads "Petition for Injunctive Relief." It will take you to where the complete text of the petition can be found along with direct information from the documents, which have been supplied to the court. (If we said one thing, and the documentation said something else, we'd have a problem but that isn't the case.)

Be sure and also click the red link, "Read The Full Story" as well, and someone please read this to Adrian too. He can't spell (see the above posts) so it's likely that his reading skills are impaired as well. The first best indication of that fact is his inability to read the ordinances that the Council passed. That's okay, though. In a short time, the court will read it for him and tell him and the Mayor what it said.

Remember, Ward 3 readers, this is one of your current aldermen. You have a choice.
LOL... we will see ..
I will make it even easier for you Ricky.. here is the link ... now show me where the actuall ordinances are attached? This is just your filing for petition with the court.(your works). I will show the people the actually ordinance that shows what is being claimed is false. Anyone can file a lawsuit ... even one that is not right.


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