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Well, here we are at election time again. I always get frustrated when this time rolls around. My frustration lies in the fact that we are no longer(and have not been for a long time) a government “by the people, for the people” The problem becomes worst, the higher up the food chain you go. State offices are worse than County, National are worst than State. Elections are about who has the most money. They are about popularity, not qualifications.


For this little rant, I am focusing on the County race, the Sheriff in particular.  I hope people look at the qualifications to perform ALL tasks of the Sheriff position.   Please take the time and look at*fsjmlccTIHii5mwPFTveuCBDUVdSvhqAx... and understand the many duties the Sheriff is responsible for.  Unfortunately, people associate the position with patrol, detectives and sometimes the jail. There is so much more.




There are many good men running for Sheriff. Some have experience with Patrol. Some with CID (detective). A few have experience with managing others. From the reading, studying and digging on each candidate, only one (sans Bruce) has experience in all areas of the department. For this reason alone, Daniel Dodson has earned my vote. I have found him to be accountable. He has the experience in management, inventory, patrol, swat, finance, contract negotiation, equipment acquisition and technology automation. The other candidates have my respect for putting themselves out there and running. They have all made great personal sacrifice and subjected themselves to public scrutiny in order to assume a position they believe in.




Please, everyone treat your vote as a job interview that you must select the most qualified person for the job. Not who is your friend or who is most liked/popular. The person we elect will be in control of your Sheriffs office. Select someone with integrity, a strong work ethic, dependable, loyal and knowledgeable. (oh and someone without a criminal record)


Please temper any hateful responses. This is simply my opinion, and like bellybuttons, everyone has one.

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Thanks Ashley!

Daniel Dodson is a good man. But he does not  have the time or the experience of others. He, in my opinion, doesn't have leadership ability's.  And, do you want the same people running that department that has been running  the administration before?  The County will have the SAME problems.  If we don't get people in there with NEW ideas, and procedures, this County will be the same as it has been for years.  The most  laughed about  County of Arkansas. To get this County on the right track, we need NEW blood.  That has been told to us, more than once. E.J. Harris for Saline County Sheriff, on May 20th. He has experience in law, and  management capabilities.  He has 34 years being a cop. 24 years US Marshall, retired.  He has a Degree in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Political Science. If that isn't enough experience, then we need someone else.  That why the BEST choice for Sheriff is, " EJ Harris."


 I appreciate your input on EJ. I disagree with your thought of "the same thing as always" just because he is part of the SO now. If that were the case Dudderar would be excluded also. He too has lots of patrol and leadership experience.  I accept your belief in your candidate of choice, but it is not reasonable to exclude an existing member of the SO because their commander in chief was less than desirable. One bad apple (the one in charge) does not spoil the whole bunch. EJ, like many others has a great deal of "cop" experience, but what about everything else? A degree does not grant you experience. I have spoke with Daniel about the missing car issue. It would be best if he offered you the explanation. In MY summation, he accepted responsibility for the vin number being transcribed wrong. He was also working at an SO in total disarray and turmoil. There was much more going on at the SO during this time than most can ever imagine. 

I appreciate your perspective

I agree Dodson seems like a nice guy, but I have to disagree with you on a couple points you made. Wasn't Dodson responsible for inventory of vehicles when a sheriff patrol car went missing, and was reported stolen. The car was later determined to be a detectives car but almost 2 months went by. A lot of things could have been done differently to locate that car, and residents of saline county could have been put in harms way with a psycho pulling people over in it. I would have checked ALL the fleets vin numbers and by doing so found it was in the parking lot everyday.

Secondly I have heard that Dodson has had some financial this information true or someone spreading rumors. The source I heard it from told me he had or almost had to file bankruptcy. If this is true, how will he manage the budget of the jail and office.

Before coming to the sheriff's office, Dodson was up to his neck in illegal activity while employed by the Federal Court Clerk's office.  He was found to be sneaking in and out of the

office and changing federal case documents at the behest of an attorney.  He was given a choice of being fired or resigning.  He should have been fired outright and charged with a crime along with that attorney. A vote for Dodson is a vote for more of the same.


I am not aware of your allegations, but I can promise you I plan on digging into this.  I disagree that when elected, it will be more of the same. I think he will bring in new, fresh ideas.  I hope so anyway


 I dont know if he "almost had to declare bankruptcy", but clearly "almost" means he did not. That tells me whatever personal financial issues he had, if there  were any, were resolved. About the car, see my response to Timothy above.  I can forgive an error if someone accepts responsibility and hold themselves accountable. I dont know about you, but I have made mistakes in my professional life and still managed to be successful

Hi Michael.

I think it would be better served to verify your "rumor" before re-spreading it.  Just a friendly suggestion.

No, I am not a Dodson supporter.  I have not obtained objective information on ALL candidates yet to make a decision on a vote.  I'm still working on my own research in that regard.

Have a good'n.

Pretty sure I asked a question....wanted an answer on a rumor I heard... Not spreading anything, figured I might be able to get an answer here.

Thanks for your help though Jennifer.

Wow, thats pretty shady. I sure hope that the attorney that was requesting him to do the dirty work was punished in some way, but I'm going to assume he wasn't.

I didn't plan on voting for him anyway, I'm leaning towards EJ Harris, but he was in the top 3 out of the bunch we have at this point.

I liked the undertones of the post :) I do think its up to us to do our homework on the candidates and make a well informed vote.  Look at the pros and cons of each.

So is there going to be a primary held and will the two top vote getters be the only ones in the final race.  Is there a democrat even running? (I haven't studied the parties, I like to do my deciding without worry too much about which political party they represent.  I am a self proclaimed political fence rider, and jump off on whichever side/s (I usually vote for folks from all parties on my ballot depending on who i end up liking :) But it seemed when I over heard some discussion that it was at least largely republican candidates.

Ashley, there are seven Republicans and one Democrat running for sheriff.


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