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EJ Harris lied over a sign, Fellow Republican discuss EJ's lies, Saline Courier Article

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Excerpts and links...hmmm. Possibilities abound!
More lies from the EJ camp thanks to Mr. Nance2. The difference between EJ camp and me is that I post the source that backs up my statement; EJ's trolls post nothing but childish lies.

Mr. Nance2 said:
I wouldn't call Milligan a fellow republican, he doesn't ever show up for the might call him a wolf in sheep's clothing...but all milligan's doing is going around doing Harris's opponent's dirty work, like I have said many times before...all the current sheriff does is ride on the coat tails of others, deny's responsibilty and takes the credit for all the others law enforcements officers hard work, and don't give credit where credit is due...My question for you spanky, were you there when all this went down about the sign's... uhhh you don't even know what actually took place...and before you call out anyone to be a liar you should look @ your self first and fore most...
amy, talk is cheap and people make a lot of accusations in election year. you are a fine person and pennington is also. Bruce has no control over what other people say not even his own employees. it always amazes me that stories get started, expecially now that the internet is here. and most use a handle and not their real name on these mails., they seem to be ashamed of some knowing who they really are. shame you do gooid work amy, keep it up...Joe Lee Richards

Amy Burnett said:
Talk about childish I can't say much for a particular Pennington supporter after today either! Don't feel bad Nance I have been called a liar about things I have no idea what they are talking about from Pennington's camp and things that didn't even exist or happen and conversation's I have had that Pennington's camp seems to be a mosquito bite on my rear and knows every breath I take, and claims I didn't have these conversation's with people! To me, blowin complete nonsense out of your mouth, that tells me a lot about someone and the company they keep as well! After certain conversations I have had and others have had, even Pennington himself is CLUELESS!
this past summer in several conservations, as I was a listerner, it was said MR. Milligan in past elections has made sensetive and insulting remarks to at least two ladies, I think one was Janet Johnson and the other one a jp canidate. Maybe Barbra Howell. if this is true Mr. Milligan is certainly not one that needs to be in public service with several ladies under his care. if anyone has a know the truth.anyone with knowledge of this, please let me know. I just wont to know what kind of man he really is??? one bryant writter for the courier thinks Milligan is some kind of god. but you know newspaper writters. they dont have any common sense anyway. or at least some of them dont...if this is true about
r. milligan, then the people need to know....Joe Lee Richards


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