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I have a wennie dog who just turned 1 in December. The problems is that he is not gaining weight. We have wormed him and leave feed out for him at all times. You can see his spinal cord and all his ribs. I don't know of anything else I can do. Can someone please offer some suggestions. It makes me so sad to see him even though he is a vey happy dog. He is my baby and I want him to be healthy.

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Where do you live? My vet is in East End it is Dr Beach he is a great vet. His # is 888 -7711.
Dr. Beach is a member here too.
I live in saline county. He is a very healthy dog except for not being able to gain weight. He has a clean bill of health. I just don't know if there is a special food or vitiam that I can give him to help the weight issue.
oops just relized that my husband was logged in and I posted under his name.
Dawn, it's been over a week since I have talked to you about this and I think you need to get him to a vet ASAP! There is a reason he isn't eating and a vet needs to run test and find out what it is!!!!!
FYI....Our dog is doing much better now...THANKS for all the help.
I am thrilled that your dog is doing better, but what happened. Was something wrong or did he just out grow his problem.

I had a Doberman one time that looked thin, but the vet assured me it was a growing stage and he would grow out of it, and he certainly did. He has be gone to rest for a couple of years now. He was a good dog.
We had a puppy and we think that he was eating all the food up from puddles. We found a home for the puppy and puddles has started gaining his weight back.


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