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Old Indian Trick

A place to share history and heritage.

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Comment by Jan B. on May 20, 2009 at 10:43am
I will tell Dr. Littlefield about our group and ask if he would be interested in joining in. I know he would love to share his knowledge - just don't know if he would have the time.
FYI -If I'm not mistaken, he is an honorary member of the Cherokee Nation, Talequah, due to his research and devotion to collecting and sharing Cherokee history and writing.
Comment by Jan B. on May 20, 2009 at 10:38am
I was going to post this in Dave's discussion "Gulkalaski and Andrew" as it is related to the topic, However, I'm hoping that those who don't want to go more in-depth will see this and check it out.
PBS (American Experience) recently ran a series called We Shall Remain. Episode 3 is about the Trail of Tears. It deals more with Cherokee history immediately preceding the TOT than with the TOT itself. Only the last part is about the TOT and the retribution against the Treaty Party.
This episode is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. The history is persented well and accurately. There were some very moving parts.

Link to the page for We Shall Remain:

Go to Episode Three: Trail of Tears

I would ask you to first look at the Beyond the Broadcast teacher's guide for the TOT episode - Discussion Questions. After viewing the episode go back to the teacher's guide and read Post Viewing Questions.
Comment by Jan B. on May 19, 2009 at 11:00am
Some of you may not know about a wonderful resource we have right here in Central Arkansas: The Sequoyah Research Center and American Native Press Archives.
Formerly in the Ottenheimer Library on the campus of UALR, it is now located at 500 University Plaza, University and Asher Ave. (Big Lots/Radio Shack).
Here is a link to the website:

Have a look around the site. They have manuscripts (including Robert J. Conley) and lots of info on the Trail of Tears, among many other things. Most of the collection's materials are from a Native American perspective.
A great deal of the information can be viewed online.

I did a presentation for an Arkansas History class about the Trail of Tears through Arkansas. With the documents located at the Sequoyah Research Center, I was able to trace one specific group from Tennessee through Arkansas, using many authentic historical documents. The director, Dr. Daniel Littlefield, helped me put my hands on the documents I would need for my project. His knowledge and understanding is phenomenal. The centers are open to the public for research and they are very helpful.
Just FYI. :-)
Comment by Jan B. on May 11, 2009 at 12:51pm
I was so glad to see that you've started this group. What a great idea!
Bless you. I look forward to your stories and am honored to hear them.
I would venture a guess that many of us would go back and change things in our lives if we could. Like you, I would have shown more interest in what my elders had to say. I wish I had pried more into the questions that were left unanswered. Alas, when we are young we see ourselves as indestructible and we see those around us in the same way.

I have some topics that I would like to get your input on, but I have finals this week and doctor's appointments for my daughter next week. I don't know when I will get around to asking, but I will; hopefully sooner than later.
I see so much potential for this group. I will enjoy discussing both aspects, the legend and the history ( both ours and theirs). I can't wait to participate.
And now . . . I'm off to read Gulkalaski and Andrew.

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