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I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the woodworking classes offered at the Little Rock Arkansas Art Museum, or for that matter, any woodworking classes offered in the surrounding area. I've been considering doing some hobby carpentry and brushing up on some of the projects Grandpa and I used to work on. I'd like to know if the classes are worthwhile and what all they entail.


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A friend of mine has taken a woodworking class there and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll ask him for a review and get back to you. There may be a delay in the response as he is vacationing right now.
If you are looking for a super fun and educational experience, check out the John C Campbell Folk School. It's in the far western part of NC. My son is an art major emphasizing in furniture. We spent a week there during spring break. Worth every peny! He was one of the young'ns. It was like "camp" for adults. I couldn't stop raving about the food. There are all kinds of classes in folk art. Expensive, but worth every penny!
I've talked to two people who have take multiple classes there. The verdict is "worth every penny". My son, the furniture student, only hears good things, too.

I would also be interested in learning about a local wood working class. I am still kicking myself for not taking shop in highschool. I have been fumbling through some simple carpentry projects around the house but would love to learn the "right way".

You guys might check with Home Depot. I know they have classes on laying hardwood floors, ceramic tile, and other handyman type classes. Not sure what all they have, but it can't hurt to check it out. Another place you might check is Pulaski Tech.


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