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Many of us have "highlights" that we look forward to each day .... small pleasures that make us smile or stimulate our thinking. It/they are especially precious if it takes us away from the TV or the drudge of every day chores.

Some of those small pleasures involve reaching into our pockets to fund a good cigar or overpriced Java from coffee emporiums of various trademarks. More the better if the jolt is followed by a sweet donut or other decadent temptation. Pretty soon our daily pleasure is $5-10 a DAY.

Now contemplate the time you spend here with your friends on MySaline. Many consider other members as part of their virtual extended family, and like most, may quarrel or disagree with each other, but value the daily repartee.

Increasingly, MySaline is becoming the place to ask questions about government, play games and just smooze. Some spend hours reading all the new posts or others pop in to catch the hot issues and log off. Many of us have links that if someone says something on a post we following, MySaline sends an email notice that new content is ready for 'ya.

Shelli has invested thousands of hours and dollars into this labor of community spirit and while she does get a few bucks from advertising, I can tell you it ain't that much. I nagged her mercilessly to put a big "donate" button and make it easy to find because I was sure that many of you feel like me that you want to express your financial appreciation from time-to-time for all she does and to help pay the broadband bills.

I don't give a lot each month, because it's all I can really afford at this time, but I try to make it steady. Thanks to payPal it just goes from my bank account to Shelli.

I asked her recently if the new button helped with donations and she laughed a little, saying that she appreciates all the support that MySaliners show, but the site is still funded primarily from her pocket.

We are now several hundred strong and if everyone who can afford to send only a buck or two a month, she could at least break even.

Shelli is way too nice to write something like this, but I have seen too many community intensive things go by the wayside through the years just for the need of a few dollars. You can also help by telling places where you shop and do business that they might get new customers by advertising on MySaline.

This probably won't mean much to big stores like WalMart, but locally-owned companies value every customer, especially new ones.

I'll get off my soap box now and thanks for your attention.

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David I think it is very kind of you to write this. I am sure Shelli truely appreciates you!
I think the button gets lost on the main page. I never noticed until I read this and went to look for it and donate. Thanks for bringing this up.

The Donate button seems to be broken?

Nevermind, it's working now!  Would be nice if Paypal could let you set up a recurring transfer each month.  Thanks for providing this site, Shelli!  Will try to remember to send you some more $ from time to time.


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