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And all the crap that the Milligan camp has said on here didn't rub you the wrong way??? That's the very reason I went the other direction.... Oh I'm sure there are others, Ricky Tripp, The Underdaker, The Shadow, AVERAGE want to keep company  with those guys go ahead....

 WorriedNSaline said:

Are you kidding me? U have the nerve to tell me what I have, and have not experienced. JESUS!!  I am not the only one that was there on that occasion. Do some digging, I'm sure you can find others that have the same opinion. 

As for the accusation that I am a "plant", I am a individual that has a opinion. When all this started I had NO opinion about Sample. I started reading on here all the crap that her camp is talking and it did rub me the wrong way, then these 2 incidents happened and I have absolutely formed my opinion.

On the same note I have a friend that told me the other day that they met Milligan at the Court house lawn for that Single Parent event. She was introduced to Milligan by another candidate and Milligan didn't acknowledge her and she said that he looked at her like "who r u".  I was not there for this incident, but I have no reason to think that my friend is lying. 

All candidates need to think about what they do and say and realize that there is always someone watching you and waiting for you to fall.


Average American said:

"MY RANTS" you better re-read what "you" just posted! Sorry the truth upsets you so much! maybe you should have let the meds kick in before you went off on "your" little rant!!!!! I sure hope you didn't kick your poor little dog or cat across the room after that!
Good luck with that temper.

Annabelle said:

Are you really this stupid Mr. Harris or are you just acting that way??  Obviously there will be NO ANSWER to Mrs. Sample's being republican that will satisfy you or your buddies so I will not be humoring your rants after this post.  No I can't deny or affirm that Mrs. Sample voted Democrat in the past because I haven't stooped to the level the Milligan crowd has and researched it.  

 Are you trying to take up where Ricky left off with your stupid questions and remarks?  Give it up....even Ricky posted with a little intellect.  You're no where close....get your camera out and take some photos....maybe you're a little better at that???!!!




Dear Worried,

You’re most recent comments regarding Mrs. Sample's rudeness and being surrounded by rude people is asinine.  It is clear that you have not been present at these events or maybe you were the rude one.  For starters Mrs. Sample has only had someone speak on her behalf one time, which was in Paron.  She was unable to attend this event because she was attending a mandatory job training event for her current position as a Juvenile Probation Office for Saline County.  Again if you were present you would know who spoke on her behalf because introductions were clearly made.  I’m sure Mr. Milligan could fill you in on who spoke for her because he was present. You should also know that the reception there was very welcoming of her. I will help you out with this since you appear to be lost.  You see I am the brunette that is always with Mrs. Sample and I assure you I am never rude to anyone. Even if you were rude and crude to me I would still approach you with a smile on my face, so you are not being truthful.  Mrs. Sample is never silent or rude either.  She mingles and tries to make as many contacts as she possibly can at every public outing we attend.  I haven’t figured out who the blonde is you are referring to.  The only blonde that has attended the majority of events with her is male and is her husband.  Again can’t see that you have actually been present or you would know this.  The people we have come in contact with know the truth.  They know the sincereity and honesty that Mrs. Sample stands for is also valued by her supporters.  You may want to get your facts straight the next time you choose to bash.


Peter Glenn said he read:

"Even a Democrat said last week that she and her D friends were crossing over to vote for Myka Sample"

BINGO!!!... And thats EXACTLY what she was counting on!

Just because you have faith doesn't mean you stop praying. 

BoydB said:

To Average American:  If it is a forgone conclusion that your boss will win, absent a miracle of Biblical proportions, why is he still campaigning?

How about Milligan post his voting record?   I hear he voted for Obama.

You and I have no issues.  I will respect your decision, largely because it is a principled one.  You're basing it on a direct knowledge of and support for the lady.  But many of those supporting her are doing so, in my own opinion, for the wrong reasons.  There has been a non-stop onslaught of attacks on a fine Christian man -- Dennis Milligan -- who has done an exemplary job.  It's primarily because he made a lot of people mad when he did not select three women in Kidd's office for reappointment. 

Their support for your friend, in many cases, is borne out of an unreasonable hatred of this man, who has adhered to the law throughout.  Your support is sincere, out of an appreciation for Mrs. Sample, and that is why I will respect your choice.  But I would invite you to take a second look at things, and read the blog I just published (it's the #1 blog post right now.)  We don't need to change horses in the middle of the stream, when things are going well, but that is my opinion.

You are a terrific human being in too many ways to count.  I'm glad your here, and appreciate your service.  My only regret is that there are not more men like you in this county.

deputyteague said:

And ricky I count you as a friend! Heck I love you brother! But I'm voting for myka because I have seen how she works, and she is 1st class.. I don't have any other thing to base it on... I did not work in the court during the last election.. And I did not know either one of them then..
To Average American:

Last election God allegedly told your boss to run. He hasn't said who told him to run this time. Now you tell me that he is praying that a miracle does not occur? "Please Lord, do not perform a miracle!" A strange prayer indeed.

Amen Boyd B.  Myka Sample is qualified and deserves to win.  It was a real twist of fate that she was named and recognized by Milligan as a superior employee at the clerk's office. 

I highly doubt RDT will approve my comment over on the clearinghouse blog:
I will seek to find the exact information regarding the premium increase of the county's risk insurance due to the settlement and promptly share what I find.
Although he didn't acknowledge it, I see that Mr. Tripp finally retracted and corrected his previous statement that "Dan Harmon's sentence was commuted" after I pointed out that gross inaccuracy.
Makes sense now why Milligan testified under oath that most of what Ricky David Tripp posts on "bears no semblance to reality" :)

Mr. Fuqua is a lawyer that represents Mr. Milligan.  Do you think the Clerk should know what the basics are?  I do.  

dennis milligan, (Pages 51:17 to 52:12)
17 Q. All right, so do you have any type of legal

18 background?

19 A. No sir.

20 Q. All right. Do you know the difference between a

21 mortgage and a note?

22 A. Yes sir.

23 Q. Do you know the difference -- I mean, does a mortgage

24 have to be acknowledged?

25 A. Yes sir.

1 Q. What is an acknowledgement?

2 A. Well, it has to be filed.

3 Q. All right, but what is an acknowledgement?

4 A. It's a -- I guess, for lack of a better word, it's a

5 concession that there is a --

6 MR. FUQUA: I think you're misunderstanding -- are

7 you asking him what an acknowledgement on a mortgage is?

8 MR. SUTTER: Yeah.

9 MR. FUQUA: Okay.

10 MR. FUQUA: Did you understand that's what he was

11 asking you?

12 THE WITNESS: Well, I --

Mr. Tripp has not FOIA'd anything to my knowledge.  But Rick Meyer has.   The idea that Ms. Mattingly was not discharged is frivolous.  The distinctions without a difference continue, even with Mr. Milligan in his deposition:

dennis milligan, (Pages 106:23 to 107:18)
23 Was it clear to you that the reason Judge Phillips

24 refused to swear you in was because of the terminations?

25 A. Sir, you'd have to ask him.

1 Q. Is that why you believe he did it?

2 A. Sir, you'd have to ask him.

3 Q. Well, no, I'm asking what you believe.

4 A. I don't really -- I assume it was a combination of

5 things.

6 Q. All right. Does that combination include the manner

7 in which you discharged these employees?

8 A. It could have.

9 Q. Do you know if it did or not?

10 A. No sir.

11 Q. Do you know -- I mean, if you fired Ms. Mattingly for

12 posting on her Facebook what she posted, do you know if

13 that's right or wrong, according to the county policy?

14 A. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but I didn't

15 fire Ms. Mattingly for posting on Facebook.

16 Q. All right. But that was the subject upon which she

17 became insubordinate?

18 A. In my opinion, yes sir.


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