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US Pizza has finally opened in Bryant, after what seemed like a year of construction.  I was excited to get a new pizza place.  I'm so burned out on Pizza Hut and Larry's, and Papa John's is like eating cardboard.


I vaguely remember trying US Pizza once when my boss ordered in lunch years ago.  I remember it being tasty, but nothing spectacular.  I was just anxious to try some new pizza here so I called in an order on Saturday.


I was told the wait time would be 45 minutes.  Wow, and this was at 1pm.  I wasn't too surprised as this place has been packed all this week.  I  like my pizza loaded with toppings so the "meatza" sounded right up my alley.  I ordered a large half meatza and half supreme, and killed some time until my pizza was ready.


The restaurant was really packed out at 2pm with a nice outdoor patio.  I pulled up to the drive thru and paid my $18 for the large pizza.  Then I got hit with the first disappointment.   Apparently, they consider 13" to be a large.  Not in my world.  That's called a medium.  18 bucks for this size?  It better be spectacular piece.


It wasn't.  Immediately I saw pretty much a barebones pizza.  The meatza consisted of a few discs of pepperoni and sausuage balls.   The supreme was practically barren of toppings. It had the look of a frozen pizza.  I ate the pizza, and it was ok, certainly a step above Papa Johns, but far below Walmart brand pizza.  I could have got two large 16 inch pizza from Walmart for that price.


They won't be getting any more of business.  The price alone for a 13" is simply  way too much.  Anyone else tried this place?

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I only eat at US Pizza for their salads. They are amazing. Pizza, not so much.

Yep. Salads are good, but pizza you can skip.  

I've eaten at some of the LR locations but was not impressed.  I love Luigis for their salad and gyros sandwiches.  And the homemade potato chips are great!   I haven't had Luigis pizza yet.

Has anybody ordered a sandwich from any of their locations?  I am curious how they are.

A friend dropped off a menu over the weekend and i will give them a try this week.

We eat at the US Pizza's in LR and all I ever get are the salads and sandwiches.  The sandwiches are awesome. (in LR)

I've not tried US Pizza yet. I like to give new restaurants a little time to get on their game. Love Luigi's and sorry to see Strawhat go.

We need to coax Strawhat to Benton next to the convention center...

How about downtown? I think it would be wonderful to have a somewhere to go downtown in the evening.

IMO it takes too long to eat there for lunch. I've never been able to get in and out in an hour during lunch because it took sooo long to get our food. The pizza is some of the better pizza in the area but not worth the price they charge imo.

The only experience I've had with salads or sandwiches was ordering a 'Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich" one time. I wasn't aware that a cheesesteak sandwich had sliced roast beef on it in place of steak.

In Little Rock I much prefer NYPD Pizza and Razorback Pizza.

I'm sure the owner of Strawhat Pizza (a MySaline member) would love to be anywhere with his business, but it would have cost him quite a bit to move everything and get set up again. I've spoken to him a few times about it. I wish I could have helped the business more, but the best I could do is keep eating there and telling my friends about it. Every time I said something, there were always folks who had no idea something was back there and if they did actually know, they didn't know that Strawhat had begun serving adult beverages. I was delighted to see two nice, full-size pool tables there last time I went. I thought maybe things were looking up. After all, the owner had told me he didn't expect to make it to the end of 2011. He made it to a couple of months after that, but no longer. :( 

Brad Moore said:

We need to coax Strawhat to Benton next to the convention center...

I tried the new US Pizza place last night. We ate on the patio, It's nice. Weather was perfect. I thought the food was good (Meatza Pizza and breadsticks). As others have mentioned, it takes forever to get your food. I bet we waited for an hour. Waitress warned us that the kitchen was backed up with orders. Hopefully that will get faster when the crowd thins out.

Wal-Mart pizzas are actually very good, the ones from the deli not the frozen ones. They are fresh and ready to bake, similar to Papa Murphys. I agree, they ARE better than the last few pizzas I've had from Papa John's but granted that was in Fayetteville, not Benton or Bryant, the US pizza in Fayeteville was really good; haven't tried this one yet.

Marc Nickolson said:

US Pizza is OK...but I prefer their salads and sandwiches to their pizza.

I find it difficult to believe anyone would rate Wal-Mart's pizza above Papa John's.


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