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What does it take to get your phone number taken off a call list?  I have been getting calls about my credit card being up for review for a lower interest rate, for lowering my interest rate under a goverment stimilus deal, and several other "excuses".  Strange since I don't have a credit card  Occasionally, the toll free number is different so I'm not sure if it is the same group or not.  I have tried talking to a representative, no luck there.  One person told me that he couldn't take me off the list & I told him his company called me so they could take my name off their list.  He got a serious case of the dummies when I told him I am on the Do Not Call List.  After I inform them of that, they hang up.  By this time I am good & mad.  These calls come at different times of the day & night & are really annoying.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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This is one reason it was easy to say goodbye to my landline, but it's becoming more prevalent with cellular lines now too. One of these links on the Attorney General's site may help. 

There is a website to register for the do not call list, try looking for it in a search engine.

I'm getting the same call, over and over again.  I have talked with a person to let them know I'm on Do Not Call list and got hung up on.  Another time, I got a live person and told them to take our number off their list.  Still getting calls....  We have caller ID but not enough info is showing up to make a formal complaint to the Attorney General's office, wish it would because I would turn them in hoping it would make a difference.

i get a couple of those a month on my cell.  al least i guess its those idiots. i don't answer numbers i don't know. if its important, leave a message.  they never do.  you can google the number. it will usually have a lot of complaints associated with it. i did answer once. some woman with a heavy accent that i could not understand.  i just rattled off some gibberesh back at her and she hung up.  or do what my oldest daughter does. she starts talking like a little kid.  drives'em nuts.  if its your landline. ask them to hold a moment then lay the phone down and carry on with whatever you were doing.   waste there time, not yours.



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