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I'm not on here to offend anyone, so I'm sorry if I do. But, I've been keepin tabs on all of this Highschool drama and simply put, its gone too far. The big 3 has to go. Lets Recall them, they are stiring the pot. If they would spend half the time putting some positive effort and energy into this city as they do negative, it would be a much better place. Its time to grow up. This city needs to stand up and be bold, if we are against what they are doing...lets stand up and do something about it. Im just 20 years old, but I'm sick of seeing negative news about Bryant everytime I turn on the news or get on the computer. This city is so much better than this...we deserve better than this. The kids in this city deserve a better example to look up to, what kind of role models are they being for the kids of this city? Again, lets stand up and be that for the city of Bryant, and the children of Bryant...simply put, the future of Bryant! I know the big 3 lovers arent going to like this, and thats can stick with them, we'll take you down too. And, no..thats not  threat, its a promise.

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Precisely correct, Chris.  Recall is in fact failing, and your analysis is correct.  If they were nearing a total needed, they'd be crowing loudly about it, and they aren't.  Doors are being slammed in their faces, according to reports.  Other reports are coming in of possible fraudulent methods being used to punk people into signing without knowing it is a recall petition.

I can't imagine that being a widespread practice with any kind of success, since most people do stop and read before they sign anything.

But recall is doomed, as I have said throughout.  Once that becomes clear to people on the other side, they will tip their hand and tell us who they really are with much more aggressive and bold actions.  They CANNOT allow Dabbs to remain in office unchallenged for three more years.  It runs counter to every corrupt thing they stand for, and to their quest to regain power.

The Dark Three MUST GO, and go soon.


The recall effort hasn't even started yet.  If you knew anything at all, you would know that the lawsuit will be finalized before that begins. Once again you show how unreliable a source you are.  It is fun to watch you squirm though.  But it's obvious you are trying so hard to save your position as a Cronie. 

Like like like Justin

For the record, the "Big 3" that this young person is speaking of are who I call The Dark Three -- Danny Steele, Adrian Henley and Brenda Miller, the disgrace of Bryant.  First they conspire to recall a mayor BEFORE she takes office, then they spend OUR TAX DOLLARS and an ENTIRE YEAR attacking her at every turn, accusing her of every imaginable offense.  Next, they try to ruin the reputation of one of Bryant's finest citizens and philanthropists because they need to use him as a weapon against the mayor over the DECADES LONG private (not public) use of adult beverages in closed groups on city property (think of it as a defacto waiver), bringing up the issue ONLY when Dabbs becomes mayor.

They have driven this fine man AND his profitable festival OUT OF BRYANT to Benton where their city and mayor have welcomed him with open arms  Tells you everything you need to know about the Big 3/Dark Three.  And now, they have attacked Shelli Russell and her website, the last remaining place where free speech can be exercised in the county.

Why?  Because they want ME -- and they're even attacking OTHER anonymous posters to try to do it, innocent citizens speaking their minds, while IGNORING the rabble rousers, Duck Bill, Lil Birdy, Whoopi and Recall Mayor Dabbs (a screen name.)

Even the young people get it.  Tell your parents, young man or lady -- and thank you for posting.

"you can stick with them, we'll take you down too. And, no..thats not  threat, its a promise." What exactly are you going to do with those that support them? this makes me laugh. I don't have a side, but interested on what you mean by this.

All of you "grown up" people...are missing the whole point. This is crazy...theres no point in trying to talk to you really, but I get've gotta stick with your group, thats fine. I respect that. Its just sad that a great city like Bryant has to be divided over such stupid and pitty, senseless crap.

Tell the Dark Three, Justin.  All they have to do is stop pursuing the mayor and drop the lawsuit, and the healing begins.

hmmm what an outstanding young person you here


it means get out and vote ..duh!!!!

Wow, that is really taken care of someone and taken them down.. Powerful stuff. lol

You really are missing the whole point....its people like you ,that is the reason bryant is turning into the joke of saline county. Grow up.

Mr. Powell, Bryant has not turned into the joke of Saline County.  Others are actually feeling pity and concern for us now, because Danny Steele, Adrian Henley and Brenda Miller have outed themselves as the source of the antagonism through their relentless and false pursuit of the mayor, taken so far as to cook up multiple AEC complaints in a failed attempt to energize a recall that was planned right after the election, trash the name and reputation of a decent man like James Ballew, using him as a pawn in a political scheme, and to attempt to threaten and coerce Shelli Russell into outing the identities of their critics in order to subject them to political reprisal while compromising their First Amendment rights.  I am one of the people they are after.

You need to grow up and see this. has emerged as the last bastion of free speech in Bryant, and is much of the reason why anyone knows anything about these unapologetic abusers of the public trust.  Pointing out things like this will lead to their removal from office, and then the jokes will stop.

You, sir, are the one missing the point.  This is not about groups, in the plural.  It is about A SINGLE GROUP, outside of the one we call "the voters."  I call them THE OLD WAY, and they want to wrestle the keys to the city back from voters and invalidate the 2010 elections through recall.

If you don't want to know the truth we tell here, don't log on, or go to the softer blogs where you can read about chili recipes and garden maintenance.


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