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I'm not on here to offend anyone, so I'm sorry if I do. But, I've been keepin tabs on all of this Highschool drama and simply put, its gone too far. The big 3 has to go. Lets Recall them, they are stiring the pot. If they would spend half the time putting some positive effort and energy into this city as they do negative, it would be a much better place. Its time to grow up. This city needs to stand up and be bold, if we are against what they are doing...lets stand up and do something about it. Im just 20 years old, but I'm sick of seeing negative news about Bryant everytime I turn on the news or get on the computer. This city is so much better than this...we deserve better than this. The kids in this city deserve a better example to look up to, what kind of role models are they being for the kids of this city? Again, lets stand up and be that for the city of Bryant, and the children of Bryant...simply put, the future of Bryant! I know the big 3 lovers arent going to like this, and thats can stick with them, we'll take you down too. And, no..thats not  threat, its a promise.

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Umm..I was actually referring to Bluto...not you Shadow? Im in total agreement with you, except for Bryant is turning into the joke of saline county...theres crap going on in Bauxite, but Bryant grabs the headlines with the "dark 3" trying to get tv time.

Shadow, One of your better post.

Really? Who is acting like a elementary school kid by making stupid comments like "we will take you down too. it's not a threat, it a promise." You make me laugh and proves your comments are childesh. 

Hey Justin,  You sound like a very well spoken young man.  We're proud to hear the youth putting us elder higher standards.  Truly.... We honestly don't know much about what the "3" have done, but it's been made out to be as bad as the West Memphis Three.  Also should you know that the 3 are standing up against the current mayor of Bryant.  Due to her actions from day one.  She fired the human resources person when they told her she wasn't eligible for a raise.  Then she gave the position to someone who did give her a raise.  Even though by Bryant's standards she wasn't eligible.  She then hired Chief Kizer in at a salary that he didn't mean the standard to obtain for starting salary.  She then also did the same with Heather Kizer.  So it's very obvious that she's playing favorites and not to mention the Ethics Commission already found her "guilty" under their standards for numerous ethics violations.  These 3 council members stood up to her and found themselves in a hail storm on this site, which is administered by the Mayor's known associate.  Also, you should know that the courts accepted this lawsuit.  Which believe it or not would not have happened without just cause.  "Prima Facia" evidence was presented to the court before they would even consider it for trial.


  Once again, we don't know all the facts of this case, but we do GUARENTEE these.  Please research it for yourself.  And honestly we are proud to see someone of your age make a mature, bold, and caring statement.  We need your generation to stand up and get involved and remind us from time to time that we are setting an example for our youth.


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