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I'm not on here to offend anyone, so I'm sorry if I do. But, I've been keepin tabs on all of this Highschool drama and simply put, its gone too far. The big 3 has to go. Lets Recall them, they are stiring the pot. If they would spend half the time putting some positive effort and energy into this city as they do negative, it would be a much better place. Its time to grow up. This city needs to stand up and be bold, if we are against what they are doing...lets stand up and do something about it. Im just 20 years old, but I'm sick of seeing negative news about Bryant everytime I turn on the news or get on the computer. This city is so much better than this...we deserve better than this. The kids in this city deserve a better example to look up to, what kind of role models are they being for the kids of this city? Again, lets stand up and be that for the city of Bryant, and the children of Bryant...simply put, the future of Bryant! I know the big 3 lovers arent going to like this, and thats can stick with them, we'll take you down too. And, no..thats not  threat, its a promise.

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Recall Mayor Dabbs. 

Recall Hendly, Steel and Miller.  Unfortunatley we can't do that.  But I do request that they resign from Bryant City Council because of the poison and damage that are bringing to Bryant.

Your an idiot! I'm guessing you are Adrian, right? I hope I don't hurt your feeling you might add me to your list. Start looking for a job son because your time on the city of Bryant payroll will be ending soon!!

why so... recall mayor dabbs??? recall the other dumb a?#@^


Justin. Don't make promises you can't keep. Educate yourself on facts. Specifically how Dabbs and Kizer have attempted to do anything they please since they've been elected regardless of legality. Oh and making your best friends hubby chief of police by dismissing a man who many think was doing a perfectly fine job and had multitudes more experience than her husbands crony? C'mon man... What makes you so adamantly Dabbs fanboy? Did you cut her grass? Did she pay well?

I'm not sure if you read what I wrote or not....I didn't even mention the Mayor, not saying if shes done a great job or a terrible one. The focus was that the 3 alderman/women arent doing the job they were elected to do. Since day 1 on the job they have been after her....its obvious. And now for them to bring forward this silly lawsuit is insane, and a desperate call for attention. I know a lot of people arent happy with the job the mayor is doing...but like in any other profesion when someone new takes over, there are going to be changes. If I were elected mayor, and got in there and saw that some changes, whether they be as simple as changing the color of a wall or a department head or other employee, I'd do it. It happens like that in everything...thats life. If the University of Arkansas fired Bobby Petrino and hired Houston Nutt think Nutt would keep Petrinos staff? No, he would bring in his own people. It is unfortunate that some people had to lose their jobs, but again...that happens. Its life. I wish them all the best...but that happens. Simple. I just wish the City of Bryant would take all of this negative energy and change it into positive energy and do something for the kids of this City. Something positive. Anything...whether you are for or against, no matter what side of this soap opera your on...we could all come together on something positve.

and you are 20 you go my friend ...oh sleeze can you say checkmate

Wow! You Sleel should be doing the educating yourself on the facts.  Mainly the Mayor didn't dismiss the previous Chief.  He resigned BEFORE she took office and he most definitely DID NOT have multitudes of experience more that Cheif Kizer. 


It's ok Justin.  You don't have to cut the Mayors grass or be on her payroll to support her.  Just rise above it dude. 

PROOF.  Provide it or be quiet.  (Actually, you cannot prove what isn't so, but it's an academic question to demand it.)

"Dabbs and Kizer have attempted to do anything they please since they've been elected regardless of legality."  NAME IT.

"Making your best friend's hubby chief of police by dismissing a man who many thing was doing a perfectly fine job."  FALSE.  The fact of a friendship with the chief's wife was a positional coincidence, not a motive for hiring.  FACT: The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and a majority of men on the force COMPLETELY approved and endorsed the choice of Kizer.  NO ONE WAS DISMISSED.  Coffman RESIGNED purportedly because a newly elected mayor WHO HAD BEEN SHUT OUT of city offices by a defiant outgoing mayor (Mitchell) wasn't returning Coffman's phone calls.  ALL FALSE.

PROOF.  Provide it or be quiet.

So where's your proof???

My guess is that this lawsuit will do far more damage to their re-election than it will to Dabbs. I'm also guessing the recall Dabbs effort is falling far below what it needs otherwise we'd all be hearing about it's progress rather than a lawsuit.


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