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I read in the paper earlier this week that a 6 yr old boy was suspended from school for saying to a little girl "I'm sexy and I know it", words his mother said he learned from a song. She was outraged and said she had to try to explain to a 6 yr old what sexual harassment was. What are your thoughts on this? Are we taking sexual harassment too far? Do we need to do a better job of screening what our kids hear and see? And, i wonder, how did the child he said this to know enough about it to think he shouldn't say this?

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Was this here in Benton? Our schools love to mete out the harshest punishment available to them.

I know there has to be rules, but a 6 yr old singing is sexual harassment? I think we need to us a little common sense in doling out punishments.
No, it was in another state. I wonder where we draw the line in our punishment. Suspension of a 6 yr old for singing song lyrics seems harsh to me. Especially when he doesn't know what sexual harassment is. My 5 yr old grandson doesn't know what sexual anything is! Oh, if I could only keep it that way!!

I'm suprised they didn't charge him with bullying as well. He probably ripped the heart out of an "unsexy" 6 year old by claiming his own sexiness.


If this is a suspendable offense, then mothers who breast feed should be charged with rape.

Don't get me started on the Corporal punishment they dish out at the High School in Benton. They monitor the cameras in the cafeteria to make sure they punish the student who leaves their tray on the table. Does not matter if it is the first time in the 3 years that they have been there and forgotten by accident. Seriously....

What kind of "corporal punishment" do they do at Benton HS?

If they really have to watch a video camera to see if someone forgets to drop off their tray? That's taking it to the extreme. And.... whatever you do, DO NOT go to the locker room a few minutes early for lunch even if you are meeting with the coach's because that will get you Saturday school. But, when asked why is it okay for the band students to hang out in the band hall if the football players can't hang out in the coach's office?? They didn't have an answer for that, but Mr. Covington said if that was the case, then the 'nonathletes' would have nowhere to go. Not a very good answer.

I will tell you what happened to my son a few years ago while in 9th grade. A female classmate of his wanted to go out with him. He politely declined, the next thing you know the young lady in question tells the principal that my son touched her inapropriatly. My son was immediatly expelled. No questions,investigation,nothing. I asked my son, who swore he was innocent, if any of her friends knew the truth. He said yes, that she had bragged to her friends that she was going to lie to get my son in trouble,to get back at him for spurning her advances. We took this info to the authorities who then, after my wife and I insisted, questioned the girls friends. They all told the truth and my son was let back in school. Nothing was done to the girl who had lied. After my son was expelled from Benton schools forever, and criminal charges were pending, nothing was done to this young lady. And the school was not inclined to do anything with the information we had gathered until we threatened legal action.Tell me this isnt a lopsided system the public schools have instituted.

Yep! The Benton Schools in particular. They aren't concerned with the education of our kids, they are concerned with their image (i.e. zero tolerance for any mistake a kid makes) so they can attract people from Little Rock.

Maybe that principle should have been here when one of my children had her sweat pants pulled down by one of the boys who happened to be in athletics.  Luckily she had shorts on under them but he didn't know that and it was in front of a bunch of people.  If he had been an adult he could have been charged criminally but all he got was early morning detention for a day.  

All I'm saying is that there is a double standard. My son could have had his life ruined by a lie. The school should have investigated. If they would have taken the next step,it all could have been cleared up easily. But we had to rant and rave and threaten legal action just so they would ASK witnesses what really happened. I hope the boy who did that to your daughter has been punished, if not you should press the issue.

In the end the truth came out and my son was exonerated, the girl had no disiplinary action taken against her,she is free to make false accusations the rest of her life. My parents trusted any and everthing the school said as the gospel. Just think where my son might be today if my wife and I would have done the same.

This is beyond crazy for ANY school administration to do this to a SIX year old.  Pick and choose your battles people, this should have been a no brainer!


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