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So im thinking about taking the kids this year. Ive never floated the Saline. Im looking forward to it. Anybody been on the float with the company at Riverside?

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Our fam uses them every year. Pretty good folks, and not a bad float either... Just have to make sure and go when the water is good. Too high can be a bit tricky, and too low means you have to spend a great deal of your time carrying your canoe.

Michael Sacomani, the owner of Saline River Canoe is a member on MySaline.

They have an amateur race every year too. It's usually in May, but I haven't heard about a date for this year.

Thanks Shellie! Dont know if im reafy dor the race yet! Ill start off slow with the family.

Somebody please give a little more detail about the float.  Are there places to beach the canoes and play in the water or do most folks just float straight through.  I like to spend as much time on the bank as in the canoe when I go.  Canoes are hard on my back.

Just return from the Peeler Bend put-in myself and it's plenty shallow today so that you could stop in lots of spots. We walked across the river and it was barely to my knees. There were three boys playing there at Peeler Bend, ages 4, 6, and 10, and they had no problem walking around in it. There is a small current right now though that will scoot you a little but ut's fun to play with. We saw Saline River Canoe drop several people. It's juuuusthigh enough to float right now. And at 90 degrees today, was the perfect cooler-offer!

There are plenty of places to stop and play/swim.


If he still does it another great option during the heat would be the Ouachita River from Remmel Dam to th Mavern whitewater park (Rockport). Every weekend during the summer they release. Saline River Canoes may still rent boats for that section.


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