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I heard over a year ago that Bryant was getting a red lobster. I still havent seen any construction started yet though. Does anyone know anything about this or any other new restaurants or shopping we may be getting in Saline County?

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I did keep hearing the Red Lobster thing too, but always hearsay.

Wait a second. Bad food is the GOP's fault?   LOL   That is the second funnist thing I have heard all day.


Speaking of new business growth in Saline County, does anyone know what is going to be built at the corner of Hwy 5 and Alcoa Road?  This acreage had been for sale for quite some time and some time back it was rumored that a Sam's was going in there.  Then the economy went down so drastically and the Sam's project was said to have been tanked.  Now there is a sold sign on the corner.  Inquiring minds want to know:-)

its you     you blame the gop for food ...bow down to the altar of obama  for real    are you kidding?  wow!

Eric said:

Is it just me or do most chain restaurants completely stink nowadays?  You pay more and more for the same food and service, but it seems it's more hit and miss than ever....I blame the GOP....Try to kill unions, try to stomp on worker's rights and voila, no one gives a crud about their jobs anymore...Red Lobster would be a welcome addition, nothing like a giant Lobsterita to wash down your lobster pizza....


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