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discipline problems never really subsided with bobby p. It is likely to get much worse because from everything i have heard this guy is a real "players coach" i e no discipline... I hope they keeep the wheels on  up on the hill.

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Having two of our top receivers arrested is not a good sign at all. I really hope it doesn't hurt Wilson's NFL prospects b/c negatively impacting his numbers this year.

i was worried a little bit that we didnt go ahead and try to hire a permenant ansewer to head coach.  not just someone to hold all the assistant coaches together... which was what the players wishes were from what i read.

I think we did try to hire a permanent coach but there just weren't any quality takers due to the timing. I am glad we didn't settle for a sub-par coach just because we needed one in the Spring.

well not to be mean but i dont know how over par this guy is .  i just hope he can snap some folks into shape though they have been having what seems like serious discipline problems for what seems like a long time

Oh I don't disagree with that. We could have hired someone better but we would have had to have given a probably sub-par coach a long-term contract. At least now we have a sub-par coach for no longer than one season.

yeah but some of the names out there didnt seem subpar,,, gruden mariucci,,, i think to much weight was given to keeping the assistants together because that is what tyler wilson and the team wanted.


Who was arrested?

one of the ones arrested was the guy that took  such a cheap shot on the kickoff on that guy last year then acted like such an idiot when the refs threw him out of the game.  we all should have seen that one coming.


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