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 I understand that the Judge has overruled the Sheriff on the Felony Bonds and he is now sitting Felony Bonds to where the defendant can either pay cash to get out of jail or go through a Proffessional Bail Bond Company. I was told the reasoning behind this is something to do with the money from the Sheriff Bonds that the Sheriff has been collecting for the past 2 1/2 years is not coming up right. Looks like someone from the Sheriffs office has had their hand in the till again!

This is a good thing for the inmates if it is true as now they can bond out through a Professional Company and they don't have to worry about loosing their money or it taking 2 years to get their money back when their case is over plus now the Battered Womens Shelter can start receiving their money again to help the Battered Women and children.

It will also save the taxpayers money by the warrants not stacking up and deputys/ officers having to take time off the streets to go and find the ones that choose to not  go to court. When they bond out wuth a Professional Bail Bond company and miss court either the bond company finds them and brings them in or they pay the full amount of bond to the courts, even though they only charged the client 10% of the bond!

I wondered how long it would take the Judge to see that the courts was loosing money, as well as the county but as I hear it the county (Sheriff Office) has literally LOST the money.

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 I don't know but this has been told by several different people to several people so it is more than likely true, however it does look like there could be a audit done to confirm this and just how much is missing. What we do know is there has been alot of Felony arrest over the last 2 1/2 yrs. and the defendant had to give the Sheriff the full 10% to get out of jail so there's no telling how many 1000.00's of dollars he has had at his hands. I understand he over rules the Judge and even the PA sometimes and changes a Sheriff bond to a Professional Bond for a certain company to write and one in particular upset the Deputy prosecutor and the defendants bond, a very large bond got revoked and the defendant was placed back in jail with no refund of what money was put up and the bondsman still has her goods and demands the money that he claims she owes to him daily!


Surely this does not come as a surprise. Things becoming "lost" is the age old standby excuse in Saline County in numerous situations. It stands to reason, unless the Sheriff's Department stands to gain, they won't be doing it. They have gained big time under the current arrangement since they aren't really expending the time and effort to go after those inmates who have failed to appear in Court on the Sheriff's bonds. They simply sit back and wait for them to get picked up in a traffic stop or other charges since they aren't under a deadline to get them to the Court. Unlike a Professional Bail Bond Agent who is given a certain amount of time. And with this latest development it would seem their "capital gains" line just increased.

Guys, I realize it's a campaign year and there will be stories about this and that, but you're going to need some help with your story. The phrase "I understand ____________ happened," is not stating a reliable source and doesn't come anywhere near constituting proof. I am rather curious as to why you would single out James Ward as the person who should investigate your story. Where did you hear it in the first place? I'm certain I'm not the only one waiting to know.

I wondered about that myself and figuered it was because he is running for Sheriff and that might would be something interesting to point out. On the other hand if he makes Sheriff it could possibly create problems for him in some way or another. As far as who told this to who and who leaked it out the only thing I will say if names were given there would be jobs lost at the Sheriffs office but it has been told by more than 1 employee and to more than 1 outsider! Hoping that we will be hearing from someone that goes to court to see just how many felony bonds are sit that aren't Sheriff bonds.

Would you explain WHY you would think' that James Ward should NOT investigate anything?

You're right, it is "Campaign Year" and if myself was in his place, I would be ALL OVER checking resorces on this topic but thats just me!

Another thing... There are stories about many things, most you can find right here on this site and this just happens to be one topic that I find it odd shelli posted with mentioning James Wards name because it is Campaign year.


Alot of views but very few comments, I think we should vote Evan to investigate this!

Why is  "speaking on the terms of anonymity" now becoming an issue? 

I guess it would stem from who and what you are talking about, I don't recall seeing anything on this site requesting members to back up everything they post or comment on with factual evidence! God only knows there is enough unsolved cases in this county, we don't need to multiply the numbers by giving up names for everything that had leaked out.

I cant do the research on everything....there are to many people making "I heard this happened" and "I know this is right" claims. I truely believe that those on this site can see through the political aspects of these post and sort fact from fiction. That is just my humble opinion. Please refrain from telling me im blind, calling me a good old boy or whatever else you have said about me. Thank you and God bless.
Ms. Rodes, I did read your post, thank you for that. I did se that the case you refered me to was involving a civil matter and not a criminal case against any of the parties. I have never said a word about Chief Lane, I do not know enough information on that subject to make an educated post about it backed up with facts. I am at this point speaking of this current accusation against the Sheriffs office. It is not right to make such severe accusations without a referece. Just screams politocally motivated to the rest of us, just fyi. Thank you and God bless.

If what we are hearing is true, thank the Lord the judge interceded in this matter and given the job of writing the bonds to a professional bond agent instead of the sheriff.  When the bond agent writes the bond they are tasked with the responsibility of bringing the person in who does not appear.  As I understand it the deputies are taxed as it is on bringing in subjects on warrants let alone have to go after someone that the sheriff bonded out.  Why would the sheriff or his adviser or whomever came up with the idea of a Sheriff's Bond put this additional burden on the deputies that work hard every day by patrolling and responding to calls?  Just doesn't  make sense to me.

Last friday, feloney bonds were being signature bonds.


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