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I stopped by Leave it to Liz in downtown Benton this afternoon, and was REALLY surprised!  The food was amazing, and the service was great too.  I didn't even know this biz existed this morning, and I am going to make it a part of my regular routine now.  I HIGHLY recommend!

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Mr Publius sir, all I can say is I will pray for you. It is clear you do not care about anthing except for spreading hate with a comment like that. If you would like to inbox me sir we can meet and have a cup of coffee together. I will even buy your cup for you sir and we can have a positive discussion about God and what he can do for your life. I will shake your hand and look you right in the eye and say God Bless you sir. As you shake my hand you can notice that I only have 3 fingers on one hand. I can also bring my DD214 (Military discharge papers) with me sir for you look at as so you can confirm my statement. I have said in the past sir that I make fact based statements, and I can always provide evidence of such. I am sure you are a friendly abd kind gentlemen in real life sir. I have seen that annonymous post on the internet tend to bring out a side of people that is not seen in actual life.Abd yes kind sir, you have nailed it with that post, "dont believe everything you read". Trust me sir, I do not. Especially when it is filled with hate. I will continue my endeavor to bring happiness to this site and County! Thank you and God bless!

he's not even telling the truth i have gotten a wrap from there before and I did not hqve to tqke qny kind of test.

Do you have to shower before dining? Is it a community shower like in prison? Cause I don't like showering with other men.

Stephanie Duke said:

Everything I've ever eaten there has been GREAT..even things I don't generally like! She also provides a very nice shower and gathering facility.

For those  interested in getting back to the subject at hand, Liz's menu changes all the time.  She serves lunch in the shop, but also has meals to go.  The most important thing is on her meals to go, she prepares them specifically for you!  Don't like onions, no problem!  On low cal or low fat? No problem!  She also sells lots of cool gadgets and serving items for the foodie in your family.  I have attended one of her cooking classes and got a pressure cooker from her that is so helpful when feeding a crew.  Love her, love the shop, love the food!

I hope they are open on the weekends!

If you sign up for her email, you will get an email each week with the daily specials listed.  All food & desserts are wonderful!



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