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We don't have any kiddlets yet, so I am not up on the activities available locally. We are having our 4 year old niece stay with us later this week while her parent's take an adult trip out of town. I plan on wearing out some of her energy at the local parks during the day and maybe an afternoon movie. What other pre-school age venues would you all suggest?

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The library - Benton & Bryant both have good stuff for little ones. You might also check their website at and see the schedule for a puppet show or similar.

The river - head up Hwy 5 to Lyle Park and get down the hill close enough to chuck rocks in the water. Swell stuff for a 4-year-old. Dress to climb & get dirty and maybe bring OFF.

Minigolf - the place beside/behind Home Depot is something like $7 per person and will kill a good 90 minutes or so with a little one. You might give up taking score though!

Honeysuckle hunting - there's usually some great stuff growing at the back of the playground at Howard Perrin Elem on Smithers Rd. Also at the edge of the back parking lot behind Popeye's Chicken on Military.
My grandkids love the library! Kids also love the playground at Brysnt Chik-filet, Bryant and Benton Burger King, and Benton McDonalds. A great place to hit and kill an hour or so after the library when it's hot outside. Be prepared to take lunch home, they would rather play than eat. :)

museum of discovery in the river market.  Playtime pizza over on col glenn.

Magic Springs is open.  Mid America museum in hot springs.. (museum of discovery is better). 

I agree on the Musem of Discovery in Little Rock. It's great.

Snow cones, of course  :D    I'd check and see what is going on at the Bryant Branch Library and Benton Main as they have a lot of different activities through the year.  Family Farm is a great place that many of the schools use for field trips; also the Boys and Girls Clubs may have something for pre school age children; take her to Bishop Park in Bryant's indoor pool to expel some of that energy; there is a party place on Alcoa road that has all the blow up/jumping items; I was surprised recently how much fun our 4 year old grandson had bowling at Enterprise Lanes in Benton; a trip to the zoo in Little Rock; ride on the Little Rock rail and ride over the river; Two Rivers Park and walk over the river on the new bridge to an island; or if it's warm enough - a fun time in the sprinkler in your yard; and BUBBLES  :D   If it's hard for them to use bubble liquid, get a small fan and let them put the 'wand' and put in front of the fan.  I was trying to mention things I didn't think others had already suggested

Thanks for all the ideas!

Today we played for nearly 3 hours at the park, had a nap on the car ride home, ate dinner at Chik-fil-a and enjoyed their indoor play area, and then had a low key night here at home. 

Tomorrow will be the park again since it was such a fun time, maybe some sprinkler play while I wash the cars, and of course snow cones. That should keep us busy until nap time. Then maybe a Little Rock trip tomorrow afternoon. We shall see.

I love being an Aunt!  :)


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