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In my mail today I recieved a card from both canidates for District Judge. I suspect other regular primary voters got the same.

Heres what stood out for me.

 Standridge listed his qualifications for the job.

Casady draws on the endorsements from the same Good Old Boys who have been running things for years.

I got the feeling that these same good old boys have a vested interest in Casady, and a ton of money invested in her election.

Ask yourself this question, why would these elected officials endorse any canidate, especially one with so blatent a Conflict of interest?

Send a message, don't let them buy an election. Don't allow the Saline County Prosecutors wife to sit as Judge.

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Chris, ya'll, you,Marable, Hutto, Prickt, never adress the question. Do you support Stephanie Casady? Do you think there is a Conflict of Interest, if she were to win the District Judge seat, while her husband, Ken Casady is Saline County Prosecuting Attorney? A simple question.

I was never asked, and I said many, many weeks if not months ago that I won't vote for her as judge because of Ken.


You expected to catch me on something?

So yall usually means me too... you cant get it right Chris.We can see who the real jeenyus is around here

No, and my respect for you just increased 1000000% , Not because you said what I want to hear, but because you answered the querstion.

I wish people would look at the experience (or lack thereof) of these two candidates.  Brent has over 2 decades of relevant experience.  More importantly, he has no conflict of interest, perceived or otherwise and his temperment is exactly what is needed in a judge.  It is hard for lawyers and law enforcement in Saline County to voice their true opinions on judicial candidates.  We pay the price for doing so if we campaign for someone who doesn't win.  I paid that price by campaigning against a current circuit judge.  I no longer practice in Saline County and never intend to again.  So I am speaking from my heart: Vote for Brent Standridge.  He's the best candidate for the job.  He used to be the Chief Deputy Prosecutor in Saline County, a District Judge in NLR, a Special Justice on the Arkansas Court of Appeals, a parttime public defender, currently a Commissioner on the statewide Sentencing Guidelines Commission. His experience is relevant to what a District Judge does every day.  He has seen it from both sides of the bench and both sides of the aisle.  Vote for Brent!

Either way, this county has ALWAYS been a "good 'ole boys" county.  And until folks quit sitting around the breakfast table fussing about the issues and truley get off their rears, this will continue.  Too many of us expect that somebody else will make the changes; I talked to a woman that has quit voting, saying her vote doesn't count.  Every vote counts, just weigh the benefits against the risk.  And KNOW the facts. 

Ms. Casady's latest radio ad says there is no conflict because "the prosecutor's office is under no obligation to prosecute cases in District Court." That is true. But what it MEANS is that the citizens of Bryant (and Shannon Hills and Haskell and Alexander) will have to PAY for their OWN prosecutor to try the criminal cases heard in those courts. Is that what you want, citizens of Bryant? To pay for something you already get for free?

Stephanie falls into the " depends on what your definition of "is" is catagory with her No Obligation comment. Just another reason to not give her the job.


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